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Bella's POV

Tanya and I were still sitting on the couch, but neither of us were talking. The house was extremely quiet. Carlisle and the others hadn't returned from their hunt yet.

I was pulling at a loose thread on my sweater when I felt Tanya lay her hand on my arm. When I turned to her, I noticed that she was looking determined and resolute.

"What's wrong, Tanya?" I queried.

"Nothing, but...I'm ready, Bella. I want to tell my family about what happened," she announced.

I pursed my lips, but regretted doing so instantly. It was still sore from yesterday, when Edward had busted it. "Are you sure? I'm not saying that I'm not glad that you want to, but I just don't want you to do anything that you aren't prepared to do," I remarked.

"Yes. I am very certain that I want to," she responded without hesitation. "But there is just one thing."

"And what is that?"

She gave me an imploring look. "Could you sit next to me while I tell them? I would feel much braver if you did."

Embracing her, I whispered, "Sure, if that's what you want. And I'm proud of you for having the courage to do this. I really am."

Tanya moved away a second later and smiled for the first time since before we left Newton Mearns. "Thank you, Bella. I don't know what I would do without you."

I grinned back. "You're welcome. Do you want to call your sisters and Eleazar, or should I call Carlisle to let them know that they can come back?"

"I'll call Carmen and ask her to return with the others. I will ask Kate if she could come too, without bringing your father over. I know that you probably want to tell him about what happened to you yourself," she pointed out.

"Yeah." I had actually planned on telling both Charlie and JC everything after Christmas. I didn't want to ruin the holiday for them. Perhaps I would be able to convince Kate not to tell Charlie about what happened to Tanya until then as well.

She wiped her eyes before taking out her cell phone. After pressing a few buttons, she put it to her ear.

"Hi Carmen. Are you finished hunting?...I need you to come back here...I'm going to tell you what has been wrong with me. Ask Carlisle and his children to come too, please...All right, then. Thank you. I'll see you soon."

Then she hung up before calling Kate.

"Yes, it's me. Listen, are you and Charlie busy with anything?...Well, could you come here to Carlisle's please...alone?...Because I have to talk to you and the others...Yes, it is about that...I will see you in a few seconds, then...Bye..."

After putting her phone away, Tanya sighed deeply. "I hope that I can to do this," she mumbled.

I squeezed her arm. "You can, trust me. If you were strong enough to tell me about what Edward and his pack of rapists did, then you are strong enough to tell our family."

Before I could say anything else, Tanya's head jerked up. "We're in Carlisle's bedroom, Kate! She can come up, right?" she inquired of me.

"Yeah, but it would be better if we went to the living room. There's more space for everyone to sit down. Let's go."

We stood up and headed downstairs. Kate met us in the aforementioned room.

She smiled a little. "Hi Tanya. Hi Bella," she greeted. She hugged her first, then me.

"Hi Kate. Is Dad okay?" I queried.

"Charlie is fine, sweetie. Where's Little Jacob? I don't hear him."

"He's with Leah at La Push. Speaking of which, could you two hold on for a minute?"

Kate and Tanya nodded.

I took out my phone and called Leah. It rang twice before she answered.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hi Leah, it's Bella. Is everything going all right? How's JC and your mom?"

"Oh, they're fine. We are just sitting here having fun. Why? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just needed you to do something for me, if you don't mind," I stated.

"Yeah, sure. What is it?"

"Could you keep JC with you for a while longer, about three more hours?"

When Tanya tells everyone about what Edward did to her, they would need time to digest the information and settle down.

Leah chuckled. "Of course I can. What for, though?" she questioned in concern.

I sighed. "I can't tell you that right now. Maybe I will another time."

"Does it have something to do with you? Are you in pain? Is that why you want him to stay here? If it is, we can talk..."

"Relax, Leah. It's not me...it's someone else. I'm fine for now. Thank you for offering to talk to me, though. I appreciate it."

"You're welcome. I'll let you know when I'm about to bring your son home."

"Okay, thanks again. See you, Leah. Tell JC that I said hi."

"I will. Good-bye, Bella."

I ended the call and slid the phone in my pocket. After that, I waited for others to arrive with Tanya and Kate. None of us spoke much except to ask a few unimportant questions.

The front door opened several minutes later. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Tanya was biting her lip nervously. I patted her arm.

"Don't worry. Everything will be okay," I assured her.

Kate stared at us in confusion, but didn't ask questions. She just turned to watch as our family entered the room. It was easy to tell that Alice already knew what Tanya was going to reveal. Tears were in her eyes. However, no one else looked upset. She obviously didn't say anything to them about it.

After everyone had said hello to each other, they sat down. I grinned as Carlisle perched on the sofa next to me and kissed me on the lips.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Better since you gave me that medicine," I replied.

He beamed. "That's wonderful."

Carmen leaned forward then. "So what did you want to speak to us about, Tanya?"

Tanya peered at the floor and did not answer her right away. It was obvious that she was trying to think of a way to do so. Finally, she exhaled deeply.

"I suppose that I should tell all of you why I have been so despondent ever since we had left Scotland now. I have left you wondering why long enough. It's...It's just going to be so hard to explain everything," she whispered.

"Well, try as much as you can to. We are listening," Irina murmured in a soft voice.

Everyone else bobbed their heads in agreement.

Tanya turned to look at me, and I squeezed her hand. She told another deep breath and faced the others again.

"Let me tell you about what happened after I left with Edward in June, first of all..." she began.

So she did. All of us paid close attention to her as she told us about everything that she and Edward did together. How Edward had met his friends while they were in Montana. How he had convinced Victor to mail the love letters to me from Michigan. (So, that was how he did it! I thought to myself.)

After a while, Edward had told Victor to stop sending the letters, and they traveled to Winnipeg. They only stayed there for a short time before he made them go to Newton Mearns. During their first three days there, they built the mansion that I would eventually be taken to. Tanya had built her own cottage while helping them out.

Edward had explained that the reason why he was doing all of this was because he planned to take me away from Carlisle. Tanya said that she didn't even try to reason with him. She and Edward had had arguments about this before. He would not listen to her when she told him that he was being stupid. That I wouldn't want him anymore after he had cheated on me with her.

"I helped him prepare for when he would bring Bella there. All Edward wanted me to do was buy clothes for her. I did not want to, but I did it out of reluctance. I didn't know that he was going to kidnap her. If I had, I would have warned Carlisle immediately," she remarked.

It wasn't until after I arrived when she found out that I had indeed been kidnapped. This shocked her to the core, but it would be nothing compared to how much more she was after she learned that Edward and his friends had raped me.

She definitely didn't believe it when she heard that Edward had actually forced himself on me three times either. Not at first. And when she had, it devastated her. She knew then that he couldn't have been my soul mate if he could hurt me in such a terrible way.

To make matters worse, Edward passed me around to his friends later that morning. Tanya explained that she had begged him to stop and leave me alone, but he told her to stay out of our business and called her bitch. When she tried to find a way to help me, Edward had threatened to hurt her too. Because of that, she didn't do anything out of fear that he would. It was no doubt that he would have done anything if he could rape me, and have me gang-raped, without feeling any remorse.

"I had to wait until he left to go for a run in the afternoon. The first thing that came to mind was to call Carlisle. Bella had mentioned that they were together, so I knew that it would be better to contact him. I knew that he could also inform Charlie about where she was.

"But while I was dialing his number, Edward busted into my cottage and destroyed my phone. After that, he pulled me over to him by my hair, grabbed my wrists in his other hand, and told me that he would bring harm to me a second time if I tried to call Carlisle or anyone else again. He also told me to keep out of his and Bella's affairs again.

"So there was nothing that I could do anymore. My cell phone was my only form of communication, and Edward took that from me. I had never returned to Denali to get my laptop. I know that I could have gone to Newton Mearns to use a public telephone, but he was watching me closely at this point.

"I felt so ashamed, but it was nothing compared to how I felt earlier that day...when...when they were h-hurting Bella. I believed that I had failed her, that I had betrayed her by allowing Edward to let his friends rape her. That it was all my fault because of...what I did in June. And I still do. I should never have let Edward have sex with me!" she wailed as tears ran down her cheeks.

Kate hugged her tightly. "No, baby. This is not your fault at all. No matter what you two did together, it had nothing to do with that bastard's decision to hurt Bella. He made up his mind to do that on his own. You didn't ask him to hurt her," she pointed out.

Tanya settled down eventually and continued with her story. Everyone (except for me) threw a fit when she told them that Edward had ripped off her limbs after she had tried to run away from Scotland and take me with her.

Carmen knelt before her. "What else did he do? Did he harm you in any other way?" she demanded in an urgent, enraged voice.

"No. He just told me to lay there and think about what I had done, and that he would reattach my arms and legs when he thought that I had learned my lesson," Tanya responded with a sob.

"You can't be serious!" Irina yelled in fury. "So that was the reason why Carmen and I found you like that?!"

Shaking her head, Tanya said no. "He put me back together on Bella's birthday. He wanted me to curl her hair for the party/barbeque that he was having for her. But let me finish the rest of my story."

We listened as she told us everything that happened during my birthday until the day that Edward and I found out that I was pregnant. Things began to get better at that point. He and his friends had stopped abusing and raping me. Edward did not want to hurt me or JC. Besides that, we were all too occupied in preparing for his birth.

After I had JC, Tanya believed that Edward would choose not to hurt me anymore altogether. And up until JC turned one month old, he didn't. However, everything took a turn for the worse when JC did.

"I know that I don't have to tell you that Edward had beaten and raped Bella in front of him. I'm sure that she must have told you that already," she murmured.

Everyone inclined their heads.

Like me, Tanya had screamed at him allowing JC to witness him abusing me. But Edward was truly sorry about that, so she thought that he would just decide not to hurt me at all again.

However, she was wrong. Edward continued to rape me and allowed his friends to for more than a month as well. He just had to make sure that they had gotten what they wanted from me when JC was napping or in bed at night. She had tried to get Edward to stop, but he reminded her about what he had done before when she had "meddled in our affairs." There was nothing that she could do after that. She had no phone, no laptop, and Edward refused to listen to her.

Tanya started to cry harder than ever when she came to the part about the shopping trip in Glasgow. Of course, just about everybody was crying at that point. So was I. The only ones who weren't were the guys, although Carlisle and Jasper had tears in their eyes. Emmett and Eleazar looked as somber and distraught as we did, however.

She told us about all of the things that happened during our shopping expedition. It amazed her that Edward did not say anything about her buying a laptop. When he had broken her phone, he had forbidden her to get another one.

"It wasn't until we had left the mall that everything went horribly wrong," she said. "While we were all taking a tour of the city, JC asked to go to an airport. He had always wanted to see planes landing and taking off. Edward didn't want to let him at first because we would be going back to Newton Mearns soon. But Bella told him that she could take him there herself. He was unsure about that because he wasn't sure if they would be safe, but she told him that they would be all right.

"He let them go in the end, but only five or ten minutes passed before he decided to go after them. He told me and his friends that he was just going to make sure that nothing happened to them. Then he asked us to meet him in front of the café that we were going to have lunch at before leaving.

"A half an hour later, he came back with them. I noticed right away that there was a change in him. He seemed furious about something even though his face didn't show it, but I didn't know why until we were back in Newton Mearns.

"Edward had told Bella that he wanted to speak to her in private when we did. Bella asked him if he could bring JC to my cottage, and he said that she could, so she brought him there. I noticed that Bella looked nervous when she asked me to watch him. I knew at that point that Edward must have been upset with her. I had even asked her if anything was wrong twice.

"At first she said that nothing was, but she then just told me that Edward was mad about something. She just wasn't sure about what. But I knew that Bella would not have brought JC to the cottage if he was only angry at 'something'. I didn't say anything about it, though, but I promised to look after JC for her. She left after I did."

She then explained what happened during the argument that led to Edward whipping me with the belt. How she had tried to keep JC from leaving the cottage when he heard that Edward was. How JC struggled as she held onto him, then bit her before running to house. That all she able to do was listen as JC pleaded for Edward to stop hurting me.

"I would have gone after him, but I was so shocked about what he did that I could only stand there. I never thought that he would do that to me. But I believed him when he told me that he didn't mean to hurt me later, after Edward had abused and raped her in his presence the second time. I already knew that he didn't.

"Truthfully, I was very proud of him for caring about his mother enough to try to help her. Still, I didn't want him witness what Edward had done to Bella," she remarked tearfully.

Tanya became quiet after saying this. I noticed that she had grown more agitated now that she had reached the point when Edward and his friends had hurt her.

When she had pulled herself together, she continued with her story. Her eyes welled with unshed tears.

"I gained the courage to help Bella and JC then. I was still terrified to do so in the beginning because I knew that Edward would hurt me again. But I couldn't let what he did go. He had already gone too far the first time he had beaten and raped Bella in front of her son, and to do it twice...I just couldn't let him get away with it. I had my laptop, so I had a way to get in contact with Carlisle.

"Edward left the house to go on a run or to hunt after Bella and JC had went to bed that night, so I had the opportunity to email Carlisle. I waited until I didn't hear Edward's footsteps to follow through with my plan. The internet was already connected to my laptop, so I just had to wait for it to boot up to get in touch with Carlisle.

"I tried to keep my thoughts blocked, but it didn't work. Edward returned almost immediately and busted into my cottage like he did that other time. He snatched me up by my collar and shouted, 'You just don't listen, do you? Whenever I tell you to do or not do something, you are to obey and do or not do it!' Then he punched me in the face so hard that I flew out of my chair, and then he destroyed my laptop."

She paused for a moment to brush the tears off of her cheeks, then went on.

"After that, he walked over to me and grabbed me when I had attempted run away from him. I tried to fight him off, but he fought back, and then he incapacitated me like he did the last time. Suddenly, he was behind me, and he pushed me to the floor and t-tore off my limbs again.

"I wanted to scream so much because of the pain, but I knew that if I did, Bella and JC would wake up. Edward's friends were awake, but I knew that they wouldn't care if Edward was hurting me.

"Edward put my limbs in a closet so that they couldn't reattach themselves to me. Then he...he..."

Tanya abruptly threw her arms around me and buried her face in my neck. I hugged her as she wept stormily.

Kate took one of her hands. "Then he what? What did he do?" she queried in distress.

She did not answer her at first, only cried harder. Everybody gazed at her with worry and concern except for Alice, whose face was hidden in her knees. Jasper was patting her back.

When Tanya had finally composed herself minutes later, she sat up. But as she gave Kate her reply, she continued to sob.

"Edward l-leaned over me and whispered, 'Now, you will learn. You will learn that my word is law, and that you will obey me at all costs if you value yourself.' After that, he...he ripped off what little bit of clothes were still on me, and then he...he...he raped me."

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, Irina bolted out of her seat and roared, "HE WHAT?!" The men growled so loudly that I had to cover my ears. Eleazar actually ghosted out of the room, he was so furious. Jasper threw the coffee table at the wall as Emmett smashed his fist into a window. Carlisle pinched the bridge of his nose and bowed his head. Alice cried even harder, and so did Rosalie. Truthfully, her (Rosalie's) state was worse than Alice's. Carmen had an expression of horrified shock on her face; she looked as if she had been stunned. Kate was covering her mouth with her hand as tears ran down her face.

It took a while for them to settle down. Eleazar returned. He still looked angry, but there was also misery in his expression.

Carmen unfroze and embraced Tanya. "I am so sorry that that happened to you. It makes me glad that he's dead. Did he ever...do it again?" she inquired in a low, broken voice.

She nodded slowly. "Yes...and he also allowed his friends to...more than once. The first time he did was after he f-forced himself on me that night. He thought that I hadn't completely learned my lesson, so he made his friends come to my house. After they did, Edward told them that I needed to be punished for attempting to email Carlisle. Then he let them r-r-rape me, and they were more than happy to do it.

"I had hoped that Edward would put me back together after they were finished with me, but he told me that I was to think about what I had done, just like he did when I tried to help Bella the first time. In the meantime, he and his friends would punish me every day until I had learned the "lesson" than he wanted me to learn.

"And that was what they did for the rest of the week until you came to get Bella. That was why you and Irina found me the way you did. They gang-raped me every day, sometimes twice. Edward made it hurt every time. I don't know how he was able to, but he did. He did," she concluded before she broke down.

None of us spoke as Carmen rocked Tanya back and forth. Kate joined them a minute later, followed by Irina. I laid my hand on Tanya's shoulder. Alice and Rosalie came over to hug her as well.

Tanya sniffed. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you this before. And Carlisle, I'm sorry that I didn't get in touch with you when Edward was a bit more distracted. Or when he planned to bring Bella to Scotland. I never knew that he was going to make her go through all of that undeserved torture. You must hate me, and if you did, I wouldn't blame you a single bit. Everything is all my fault," she wept.

Carlisle motioned for us to move aside before kneeling in front of her. "Tanya, I could never hate you for that. I am not upset with you either. If anything, I am happy and proud that you were brave enough to try to contact me even though that monster had threatened you several times. You will never know how grateful I shall always be to you for attempting to save Isabella. I just wish that your plans had worked, and that Edward hadn't chosen to harm you in such terrible, unimaginable ways. You did not deserve it any more than Isabella did.

"I am going to put you through therapy, just as I will with Isabella and JC. Recovering from the sexual abuse that Edward and his friends made you endure will be difficult, but I know that you shall in the end. I know that you are not going to believe me if I tell you that you are strong enough to get through this, but you are. You wouldn't have been able to survive what Edward and his friends had done to you if you weren't," he pointed out.

Tanya wrapped her arms around Carlisle as embraced her. "Thank you for those kind words," she murmured. "And thank you for helping me. I am indebted to you."

"No problem, sweetheart."

Kate pecked her on the cheek. "You did not have to apologize for not telling us this right away. We are just glad that you did. We were all beginning to feel scared when we noticed how depressed you were. You normally aren't unless you are thinking about our mother. And I will help you too."

"So will I," Carmen added.

"Me too," Irina piped in.

Eleazar squeezed Tanya's hand. "All of us will. We love you, mi corazón."

She wiped her eyes. "Thank you. I love you all too."

The rest of us hugged her too, and when we let her go, I noticed that everybody had red eyes. Yes, even Emmett and Eleazar. I was sure that I did as well.


Leah came back with JC at three thirty. We were all feeling a little better at this point, so neither of them suspected anything. JC might have, but if he did, he chose not to mention it. He just ran over to me with a smile.

"Hey, Mama!" he exclaimed.

"Hi baby. Are you okay? Did you have fun with Leah?" I asked while kissing his temple.

"Yeah! She introduced me to Miss Sue and I really like her. She's very nice to me. She baked cookies for me and hugged me a lot. We stayed at Leah's house for a while, then Leah gave me a tour of La Push. She even took me out for a ride."

I grinned. "Sounds like you had a very good time. Thank you for taking care of him for us," I added to Leah.

She nodded once. "You're welcome, Bella. It was not a problem."

JC turned to Carlisle next. "Hi."

"Hello there, son," Carlisle beamed, ruffling his hair.

They embraced each other, then JC greeted the others. Everybody waved to him with halfhearted cheerfulness.

Well, everyone but Emmett, who was particularly glad to see him.

"Hey there, little buddy! Aren't you the ugliest thing that I've seen today!" he joked.

"Then you must not have looked in the mirror yet," JC retorted as he made his way to the kitchen.

We howled with laughter, including Tanya! Even JC snickered at his own comeback. It filled me with joy to know that all three of us could still find things amusing and enjoy life. It proved that we were not as far gone as we had believed ourselves to be.

Not yet, anyway. And hopefully, we never would be.

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