Kapitel 1

The Start of Everything

Regular POV:

"Ah, I'm so tired..." Mikage yawned. "Did you get enough sleep?"

"I did, but I'm still a bit tired." Teito stated while rubbing his eyes.

Today was the graduation exam. Teito and Mikage stood side by side comfortably in silence. The blond boy yawned as the teacher explained the requirements of passing.

"To pass, you will need to kill your target. You will fail if you fail to overpower your target, abandon you comrades, or die." Shigure-sensei said.

Teito and Mikage made their way towards their team. They entered a glass dome through a door. As soon as they entered the door closed itself and locked.

"Why do I have to be in the same team with a sklave? Shuuri announced. "He will only hold us back from graduating."

"Just ignore them Teito. I'm sure that bastard is all talk," Mikage reasured the brunette.

"Hn," Teito said with a slight frown.

"Since this is different from practice, you may go all out. Remember that if you don't kill the target, the target will kill you. We provided some weapons just in case." Shigure-sensei advised. As soon as he finished talking, a gate was released.

"Everytime I kill one of you ants, my jail time is decreased," the troll said as he walked out.

Everyone was cowering in fear seeing how menacing their target was. Everyone except Teito. He crossed his arms around his body with his eyes closed. He had already stopped listening to the teacher as soon as he said "you may go all out".

He slowly licked his lips in ecstacy. His heart rate was steadily beating faster with every second. The brunette smiled.


Everyone outside the dome bowed. Miroku turned around. "Greetings Ayanami. I take it that you wanted to take a look at the students?" Miroku asked.

"I heard that one student was exceptional and I had to see it for myself." The man replied.

Miroku laughed. "I guess your talking about my favorite student, Teito Klein. He is inside the dome right now fighting the criminal. Shall we take a look?"

Miroku and Ayanami both walked towards the dome, only to see Shuuri Oak begging for help.

"Disgusting," the lavander eyed man said.

"During battle, it does not matter what your status is," the old man replied.

"So, what's so special about Teito Klein that he's your favorite? Does he have some sort of special ability?" Ayanami replied.

All the Black Hawks were standing behind Ayanami watching every single movement within the dome.


The troll had already started his attack. He knocked out half of the students already. Shuuri ran towards the wall and started pounding it.

"Someone... anyone... help us! He's going to kill us!" He begged. He looked so disgraceful.

From the inside, you could see a man with white hair and lavander eyes glare in disgust.

The troll was about to punch Shuuri when all of a sudden, someone's zaiphon lashed out.

"Argh! M-my fingers!" He yelled. He turned over to Teito. "L-look at what you did to me boy!" His voice was full of anger.

Teito, with an unchanging face, licked his lips. "Sorry, I missed."

The brunette grabbed a sword and used it as a conducter for his zaiphon. He cut off the troll's fingers in a split second. Teito looked at Mikage and nodded. The blonde, nodding back, stepped away from the target while dragging the shocked Oak away from harm.

Teito looked around. No one was in his way. Mikage was in a safe place and so was the stupid Oak. 'It's been such a long time' he thought to himself.

Teito's POV:

I looked around and saw no one was in my way. I gripped my sword tighter.

'It's been such a long time' I thought.

I faced the troll and licked my lips. At this, everyone was blushing.

"Shall we begin?" I asked.

"You're going to pay for this!" With that, the troll ran towards me.

With a swift movement, I jumped over him and landed behind him.

"Someone's being naughty, I guess you need a little bit of punishment," I began.

I ran up to him and stabbed the middle of his right shoulder. He screamed in pain as I pushed it in, and pulled it out. He fell over as I ripped his arm off with my zaiphon. Blood was splattered all over my uniform and glove.

"Such a pretty color. Your blood is so pretty despite you being so ugly on the inside and out." I started. By then, he was begging for me to spare him. But of coarse, that was fake. The moment I averted my eyes, he grabbed my body with his arm and tried to squeeze me to death.

"I guess someone hasn't learned their lesson, have they?" I say mockingly and I let go of my sword. I pull a dagger hidden within my uniform and stab his hand twice. He lets go and starts coughing up blood.

"Nee, Teito, isn't that enough?" Mikage suggested.

I glared at him and smiled. "He hasn't learned his lesson yet..."

The troll, fallen on the ground, already lost conciousness. I slap his face. He still doesn't seem to wake up. I grab the sword and slowly run it across his face. Ever so slowly, I cut off his ear with the simplest of movements. He wakes up instantly and agonizes in pain. He starts crying hysterically,begging for mercy. I run my hand across his eye, wiping away his tears in the process.

I give him a faint smile as I slowly gouge out his eyes with my fingers. Both his eyes are in my hand as he screams in pain. I use my sword and stab his neck. He can no longer see, nor can he speak.

I jump ontop of his stomach and pull my dagger out once more, leaving the sword lodged into his throat. I can see him agonizing in pain as I thrust the dagger into his stomach, leaving a wide hole. I grab his intestines and slowly rip them out. By the time they are all out, he was unconcious.

Normal POV:

Everyone in the room shuddered. Was this really the sklave they all knew?

The brunette's uniform and glove were all stained with blood. Having noticed this, he brought his hand to his face and licked the bloodstained glove seductively. This action made everyone inside and outside the dome blush madly. All except The Chief of Staff, Ayanami.

Ayanami's POV:


"What's so special about Teito Klein?" I asked.

"Well, you'll just have to see for yourself. Teito is the brunette with emerald eyes." Miroku stated.

I looked inside the dome and spotted Teito Klein. *Ba-dump* *Ba-dump* 'Eve...' I thought to myself. No, it couldn't be her. I know that because I kileed her with my own hands. But their resemblance... His silky untouched tan skin, pure of imperfections. His deep aluring eyes pulling everyone within grasp in. His brown silky hair and cute face. Curves that should only be on a girl (AN: He does not have any breasts like Eve though -_-). He looked so much like... her.

But he was different. I don't know why, but he just seemed too different to be her.

"Aya-tan, is something wrong?" Hyuuga asked.

I glare at him and he backs off. I stare at Teito Klein. I see him thrust the dagger and rip out the enemy's intestines. He throws it to the side with an unchanging face. I look at the target. He was unconcious. He was missing his right arm, insides, and his eyes were on the ground. Looking at the students, I could see fear in their eyes. I'm guessing that Teito Klein did not act like this during school...

I could hear the brunette speaking.

"Your not as fun as I thought you were. Shall we end this?" the brunette asked innocently.

He lashed his zaiphon around the criminal's neck. The target was clawing at his throat trying to save himself, though, he knew it was futile.

I could see Teito Klein's clothes. He wasn't even sweating , but most of his clothes were bloodstained. He brought his hand to his face and slowly licked the blood off in ecstacy with an erotic blushing face.

"Hn~" the brunette moaned. I could see everyone blushing madly.

"Ayanami, I think you should go interupt their exam. I think this might end badly," Miroku stated.

"Yes," I said.

I walked towards the door and unleashed my zaiphon towards the criminals neck.

Normal POV:

As soon as the targets head was ripped off by Ayanami's zaiphon, the room went silent. Teito turned around and looked at Ayanami.

The brunette's eyes widened, but quickly reverted back to normal. 'I've finally found you...' he wispered to himself. He glared at the lavander eyed man. The man blinked feeling the imense killing intent that was directed towards him.

"You. Stole. My. Prey." the brunette noted.

Ayanami, feeling the blood lust in the air, replied, "I was asked to interupt this by Miroku-sama."

Teito turned around and faced Mikage. "Hmph!"

The blonde left the cowaring Oak and ran towards Teito.

"Congradulations, we passed," he said as he patted Teito's head.

"Hn," was all he said. "I'm tired, can we go back now?"

"Whatever you say, my lady," the blonde spoke.

"Don't call me my lady, I'm a guy. Or... do you want proof?" joked as they walked pass Ayanami.

That sentence made everyone blush.

"Sorry, but, I already know your a guy." Mikage said.

"Whatever," Teito pouted.

This time, the brunette gave a genuine smile. Not a blood stained smile, but a genuine smile that could make anyone fall for him. Though, it quickly dissapeared as he walked out the door.

Ayanami's POV:

Later that Night:

"So Ayanami, what do you think about Teito Klein? I was thinking of making him your begleiter," Miroku stated.

"He seems a little... stranger and more violent than most students," I begin.

"Well, he normally isn't like that. His past is what led him to being like this. Though, he is only like this occasionaly. Most of the time, he is an awkward, kind, and friendly boy. He will be able to do his own share of work and keep up with the rest of the black hawks. And do you want to know a secret?" Miroku added.

"Hmm?" I wonder what his great secret could be.

"He is actually the Raggs heir. His real name is Wahrheit Taishe Raggs, the prince of the Raggs Kingdom. Though he survived the war, he was made into a slave. I adopted him and sent him to this school." Miroku explained.

I just stared at him with an unchanging face. "I see, is that why you wanted him to be my begleiter?"

"Yes, and because I'm sure he will help you with your work." he noted. "He holds the eye of Mikhael and does know how to use it, just incase you need to know. You are excused now."

I walk through the silent hallway and smirked. "What an interesting person. Teito Klein, who are you exactly?" I think to myself.

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