Act One: Moon

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off as it did every morning, causing my blue eyes to blink open as a large yawn escaped my lips. With one hand I wiped the sleep out of my eyes as the other hand moved long golden locks of hair from my field of vision. My name is Tsukino Usagi, age 14, and I am in my second year at Minato Ward Jûban Public Middle School. I lost my mama, and papa when I was only five in an auto accident that took their lives, though somehow I lived. This is my first year away from the orphanage and living on my own in a very modest one bedroom/bathroom apartment, with a combination living room and kitchenette, that had been provided to me by the government. The conditions for me living alone where one, that I had kept a part time job. This I had at the Crown Juice Bar as a waitress on the weekends and two, that I stayed in school and kept up my grades, which I worked very hard on day to day.

After grabbing my school uniform from where I kept it hanging on the back of my bedroom door, I hopped in the shower and thought about my monthly meeting with my social worker; a young woman who had just graduated from collage by the name of Meioh Setsuna who had long flowing dark black hair, that in the right light seemed to have hints of a dark forest green within it and soft garnet colored eyes. Setsuna-san was someone I considered a friend and a confidant though I don't think I could ever admit that to her, I somehow felt she knew. I kept my hair just damp enough after toweling it that I could easily comb it in front of the vanity that my two best friends Osaku Naru who I had known sense kindergarten and Furuhate Unazuki who worked with me at the Juice Bar on the weekends and was Motoki-san's younger sister. (Motoki-san is a very cute senpai with short dusty blond hair and soft blue eyes, who works at Crown Juice Bar where me and Naru-chan often go to during our free time).

I put my hair up in two odango shaped buns allowing the rest to flow from it in a ponytail that fell to the back of my knees, Naru-chan often told me it made me look like sweet, while Unazuki-chan would tell me it made me look like a cute little white bunny (my name sake in a way), and though I had been at times called a "buns head," by bullies I never let the insult bother me, as the style truly seemed to suit me, though I never understood why. I grabbed my school bag, after eating a microwaveable breakfast and headed out the door. But because I needed to hurry in order to get to the bus stop by my home I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and ended up tripping over a small black feline. "Oh…" I said rubbing my knee before my attention when to the poor little kitten that I had tripped over.

"Ah, poor little kitty, I'm so sorry I tripped over you," I said reaching out to the friendly black feline to find that someone had placed two Band-Aids on her forehead in an X shape. "Did some bullies do this to you," I said reaching carefully for the adhesives to remove them so I wouldn't be scratched and took them off to reveal a golden patch of fur in the shape of a crescent moon upon the feline, that had deep red eyes that now that the adhesives where gone seemed to be staring at me with an almost human like knowledge. "Um…" I said nervously standing back up, "I have to go now little kitty, I hope you will be ok," I said once again rushing towards the bus stop. ["I've found her at last," the black feline thought to itself unknowingly following after the blond haired girl with kind blue eyes.] "Ah, oh no," I said coming to the bus stop only to see that the bus had already left. "I'm going to be late," I whispered but before I could think of what to do, the sound of a horn honking caused me to turn towards the noise.

"Ohayo pretty little keneko-chan," the tenor voice of Tenoh Haruka-sempai said causing me to turn red at the compliment. (Haruka is a very pretty upperclassman at my school who has sandy blond hair and greenish blue eyes. It seems if he is always with Kaioh Michiru-senpai and the two are preparing to enter a high school as this is the year they take the Entrance Exams for them). "Haruka," Michiru-senpai said in a serious tone elbowing her taller companion. (Michiru-sempai is very beautiful, in mine and many others eyes. She has long curly hair that is aquamarine in color that falls just past her shoulders and deep sea blue eyes). "Gomen nasai Usagi-san," Haruka said to me making me hide a giggle at how much influence Michiru-sempai had on him. "It is fine, really. Demo can you give me a ride to school I don't want to be late," I asked the two who after sharing a look both looked at me and nodded.

"So Usagi, you are in your second year right," Michiru asked me. "Hai, Michiru-san you are both in your last year before high school right," I asked not wanting to use the sempai honorific as I thought it would be too embarrassing as I was only two years younger than them; the two nodding their heads in agreement to what I had asked. "So koneko, tell us about yourself," Haruka-san said to me causing my cheeks to turn a pale shade of pink, so I did, actually telling them everything about my childhood; I didn't know why but for some strange reason, even though I didn't know the two very well, I trusted both Haruka-san and Michiru-san, it was almost as if I had known them….a very long time ago. "Oh Usagi, I am sorry I asked you such a question," Haruka-san said to me. "Iie, it is ok; Setsuna-san is always telling me it is good to talk about it." "Setsuna-san," Michiru asked me in a questioning manor. "Oh she is my social worker," I said and Michiru and Haruka shared a look that I didn't understand, so I simply dismissed it as I asked them about themselves.

Haruka was the one to answer. Haruka-san according to Michiru had a passion for cars, and racing; despite even being in school Haruka was still gaining quite a reputation in the Junior racing leagues. "Michiru you are forgetting that I share your love of classical music, she say's I am quite a talented pianist, though I always insist her violin skills are far superior." "Such a flatterer, though I wouldn't believe everything this one tells you Usagi," Michiru said to me with a wink as I did my best to hide my giggle at the look on Haruka-san's face as he had heard what Michiru had said. Besides being a violinist I also learned that Michiru had an extensive art collection, though this I had heard of, as I even complimented her on pictures I have seen taken of her work that seemed to center around the sea, beaches, lighthouses and the creatures of the deep.

"Usagi, would you like to join me and Haruka for lunch today," Michiru asked me seeming to surprise her taller companion for a moment though Haruka with a heart warming smile added, "that's a wonderful idea Michiru," making me blush though I still agreed my heart light in happiness that I seemed to be gaining two new friends. The rest of our journey to school was very light hearted in conversation, and I even joked about how Haruka already had a drivers license something that embarrassed her, but I didn't push the issue, and simply allowed it to drop. "See you at lunch time," I said to Haruka and Michiru once the later had found a parking spot. "See you then," Haruka said returning my wave as I ran into the building. ["Usagi reminds me so much of her," Michiru said looking up at me. "I know," I replied with a warm smile down to my smaller companion. "I'm glad we met Usagi, somehow she makes things…easier," Michiru said as I nodded. "Hai. Come on lets get inside," I said hearing the first bell ring and knowing we had only five minutes to get to our first class.]

~ Origins ~

"So you are having lunch with Haruka-san and Michiru-san," Naru-chan asked me as we moved into the school courtyard. "Hai, do you want to join us, I am sure they wouldn't mind," I asked of my oldest friend. (Naru was very pretty, and was part of the human doll trend popular with many kids our age. Using makeup she made herself appear pale and flawless like porcelain, and had shoulder length curly red hair that she admitted to me she died that color, and dark blue eyes, that she made appear larger using eyeliner and fake lashes, though she could never do the eye makeup when at school because of rules that had been established). "Iie, they invited you," Naru said with a mistivous twinkle in her eyes. "But I want all the details afterwords," she said gripping my arm, which made me giggle as she refused to let go until I agreed to her request.

"Konnichiwa Haruka-san, Michiru-san," I said in greeting the two upperclassman waving to them as they both smiled before sharing a look between them. "Konnichiwa koneko - Usagi," the two as one said the nickname that Haruka-san had given me no longer bothering me though Michiru did role her eyes at her taller companion. "Arigato for inviting me to lunch," I said as the two waved their hands saying it was nothing as we all set down on a bench located beneath an old oak tree in the small courtyard found outside the school where many of the older students often had lunch. We eat and just talked and somehow it was like I had known Haruka and Michiru for years, but as lunch was drawing to a close I asked a single question that would change what I knew of the two. "Haruka-san, Michiru-san, are you two a couple, you both seem so familiar with each other," I asked slightly pink in the cheeks at my own boldness.

"Me and Michiru," Haruka said seeming surprised while if it was possible Michiru seemed an even darker shade of pink than myself. "Oh, I'm so sorry I should have never asked something so personal," I said thinking to myself that I may have very well lost the two's friendship with my forwardness. "Oh, Usagi, don't cry," Michiru said taking my hand into her own. "You just surprised us is all koneko," Haruka added a warm smile playing across his lips. "You're the first person perceptive enough to tell," Michiru said as she and Haruka shared a look. "Koneko, I'm a girl," Haruka said as my eyes widened my mouth forming a perfect O. "She wears the male uniform because there aren't any female uniforms large enough to fit her," Michiru confessed to me. "It doesn't bother me," I said not sure why I had said it, it was almost as if I could feel how tense the two were.

"Love, in my eyes is simply that, I guess I could somehow see the way you two care for one another, you are a beautiful couple," I said whispering the last part though both of them still heard me. "You have a big heart koneko," Haruka said. "And are an even more wonderful friend," Michiru said making my heart feel warm that the two considered me a friend when he hadn't known each other for very long. Ding…ding…ding, the bell that sounded noting that lunch had ended rang throughout the courtyard. "Arigato, can-can we do this tomorrow," I asked finding a sudden interest in my shoes. "Of course," "we would be glad to," first Haruka than Michiru said as I looked back up at the two with a large smile. "Arigato, bye-bye," I said waving to them both of them doing the same as Haruka drew her arm around Haruka before moving back into the building at a much slower pace than my own. ["Hum, there is something odd about those two, I'll keep a closer eye on them from now on," a small black feline thought to herself before slipping back into the shadows of the bushes where she had been hiding watching over the young blond with a kind heart, that she knew to be the first of the senshi she was searching for.]

~ Origins ~

Taking off my shoes at the door I looked to a picture I kept hanging on the wall of my mama and papa, whispering "I'm home," before closing and locking my door glad that I didn't have any homework today so I could take my time getting changed out of my school uniform and into my pajama's before beginning dinner. With a smile I headed upstairs, and opened the door to my room only to pause at seeing a familiar black feline setting on my bed looking at me with those intelegent ruby red eyes that it possessed. "Oh, you scared me little one, how did you get in here," I asked before looking at my bedroom window to see that it opened just enough for the young kitten to come in through it. "Ah that is how you did it," I said kneeling by my bed and extending my hand slowly until I was running my hand gently through her fur. "Konnichiwa Usagi-chan," I heard a voice whisper and with wide eyes looked down to see the kitten smiling at me.

"Nani," I said falling backwards my rear stinging from hitting the floor. "Gomen nasai, perhaps this will help," the small kitten said as the golden cresent patch of fur on its forhead glowed and in a flash of soft silver light a young woman who by appearance looked no older than myself was setting on my bed barefoot wearing a yellow sundress with black trim, cat ears setting on top of her head and a black tail layed curled behind her on the bed. "My name is Luna, royal advisor to her majesty Queen Serenity, and you Usagi-chan, are a member of the Royal Guard sworn to protect her daughter, you are a Sailor Senshi," Luna said as I slowly shook my head. "It, this is a dream, it can't be real, you can't be…I can't be," I said so many thoughts racing through my head that it was hard to form complete sentences.

"I know this is all very strange, but you can feel the truth of my words within your heart can't you," Luna said taking my hands into her own helping me stand upon my feet. "I, hai I can," I said resting a hand on my heart that felt warm as if I had somehow met Luna before, in a life long ago. "My own memories are fractured, but let me tell you what I can remember of you, the other Senshi and the princess you were sworn to protect in a time of peace known as the Silver Millennium," Luna said telling me that besides myself there would be four other Senshi that must be gathered together once again. "Then once that is done we must find and protect the princess. Her power is the only one powerful enough to combat the darkness I can feel coming, the reason why I was fully awakened today for the first time sense my rebirth on this Earth.

"I have felt uneasy lately, is that the darkness you speak of Luna," I asked of the young woman setting before me who nodded her head. "Ah, before I forget," she said closing her eyes causing the same soft silver light that had changed her from a feline into a huminode figure there in the palm of her hand was a small broach connected to a thin yet still somewhat elegant golden chain. The broach was beautiful. It was round with a cresent moon design in the center a large pink round gem resting above it, while four other smaller gems decorated the outer rim: red at the top, orange on the right, blue at the bottom and green on the left. "That is your henshin broach. With the words Moon Prism Power, Make-up, it shall transform you into the guardian of love and justice Sailor Moon." "Sailor Moon, and you said that Serenity and her daughter ruled on the moon. Was I the leader of the Sailor Senshi," I asked Luna. "Perhaps, but my memories of that time are little better than your own Usagi-chan," Luna said as I nodded knowing Luna was speaking the truth.

"Luna, I feel something…," I said tightening my grip upon my henshin broach. "Trust your insticts Usagi-chan. Henshin and if there is something wrong your senshi insticts will lead us to where we need to go." "Hai," I replied holding the broach in the air. "Moon Prism Power, Make-up," I yelled as my cloths vanished as pink ribbons wrapped around my body forming a dark blue and white sailor fuku on my body, red knee length boots on my feet with white tops. Long elbow length white gloves on my hands with red pads at the end, a golden tiara rested on my forehead with a pink jewel in the center and gold rimmed round ruby hairpins held my buns in place, my hair now silver instead of blond, while a beautiful white domino mask covered my eyes. "Wow," I whispered catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror as Luna simply smiled. "You were right Luna that feeling, it is…dark is the only word I can think to describe it." "Let's go," Luna said suprising me by jumping out my bedroom window but when I heard her yelling to hurry from below I quickly dashed after her.

As we moved from roof top to roof top I couldn't help but smile and laugh at the enhanced speed, and strength I seemed to now possess, though Luna was just as quick as I was if not more so, and simply watching me with a serene look in her ruby red eyes. "-lp," I heard I voice causing me to stop. "Onegai, help me," the same voice that had stopped me said again causing me to gasp as I recognized that the voice calling for help was that of my best friend Naru-chan. I rushed towards Osaku Jewelry with Luna hot on my heals the two of us jumping through an open window to find Naru in tears as a grotesch creature hovered over her its clawed hand raised as if ready to strike her. "Yuma," I heard Luna hiss as I yelled out, "Stop right their," thankfully drawing the Yuma's attention towards me and away from my friend. "Who are you," the creature asked in a high scratchy voice. "I am the pretty soldier in a sailor suit, guardian of love and justice. I am Sailor Moon," I said drawing into a pose that was more deceptive than it appeared as my insticst told me that I would easily be able to slip into a defensive possision if the creature lunged at me.

"Die," the Yuma cried out lunging at me with its razor sharp claws as I pieroted out of the way. "Sailor Moon, your tiara," Luna yelled out to me as she rushed over to Naru-chan in order to get her somewhere that was more safe. "Right," I said reaching for the tiara on my forhead feeling the words come to me I yelled out, "Moon Tiara Action," as my tiara seemed to become a glowing disk that flew out of my hand and into the Yuma causing it to scream out in pain as it was reduced to nothing more than ash. "Impressive," a soft femine voice said causing me to look up at the open window and gasp to see a young woman sillowetted by the lights of the city standing their in a sailor fuku much like my own her long beautiful curly hair that I could not tell the collor of fluttering in the wind behind her. "It would seem we found something interesting after all," a deeper tenor voice said as I glanced at her side to see a figure dressed in a tuxedo wearing a mask wink at me as the two vanished into the night.

"Luna," I said glancing at her; though she seemed just as confused as I felt. "I, have no idea, but Naru-san says that her mama and some of the employes are downstairs, come help me with them," she said and I nodded smiling at Naru-chan as I offered her my hand glad for the changes to my physical appearance as she didn't seem to recognize me at all. Later that night, Luna would explain to me that the appearance of a Yuma most likely meant the return of the Moon Kingdom's greatest threat the one that had ended the time of peace that had been known as the Silver Millennium, the Dark Kingdom had returned. But the main thought on mine and Luna's mind had been the mysterious senshi we had seen silloeted in the window and the man in the tuxedo by her side, were they friends, or foe, only time would tell as Luna had admitted to me she hadn't recognized either one . . .

Author's Note

And so ends Act 1 of my Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon project: Origins. One act in and I am sure you have already seen some major differences from this story and that which was established in the original Anime were I have decided to set this work of fiction. I hope to use the best aspects of the original Anime and mix it perfectly with a blend of not only the Manga (my thanks to Kodansha Comics for re-releasing it) but add just a hint of the Live Action Drama as well (hense Luna's human form). It is my intetion to write something unique and one of a kind, and place it into the world of a show that personally introduced me to Japanese Anime in the first place. This isn't about money, and no copyright infringements are intended, this story to me, is written simply out of love, and I hope that come across not only in this but every act I write.

So until our next meeting,

I humbly remain a . . . .