* Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Origins *

~ The Special Act ~

I stood upon the ancient dais that lay within the ruins of the ancient ruins of the Moon Kingdom's castle. My spirit would forever be connected with this place, for I am Selene she who was considered a goddess by the Greek in times long ago. Yet here I stood and so it was that the very hands of time moved themselves back, for that was the power of the Illusion Silver Crystal and the Silent Glaive. My beautiful daughter, Serenity's final prayer had been granted. Her sisters in all but blood, her soul mate eternal, all where granted another chance at life, free of the cross that all senshi must bare, no longer bound by the red string of fate. It was the sweet and shy genius Panacea….no Mizuno Ami who brought the greatest number of those who were once senshi back together. Her mother had just allowed for her to go to public school for the first time in her life, instead of having to stay at home, where she had been tutored since birth.

Ami had been walking to Juban Junior High, her nose in one of her new school's texts and not paying attention to the street lights changing from red to green. A young driver, who had just gotten his license had come flying around the corner, and it was only thanks too the vigilance and quick acting of a tall brunette named Kino Makoto that Ami was saved as Makoto grabbed the smaller girl in her arms and threw both of them out of the way of the vehicle. The driver stopped and made sure the two where ok, and a friendship was instantly formed; saving someone's life, and having your life saved, tends to lead to such things. Ami learned that Makoto was going to the same school as her, but because the Junior High didn't have a uniform large enough for her Makoto was allowed to wear the uniform of her old school.

It was during lunch that the two first met the upperclassmen Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru when the two defended the younger duo from a group of bullies who called them derogatory things simply because of how close the two had grown to each other in such a short amount of time. It was not love, at least not a romantic love that the two shared but as they grew closer to Haruka and Michiru they learned the truth about the two, and as Usagi had done before them did not judge and promised to keep their secrets; which is how the quartet became close. As time passed Makoto, who knew of Ami's love of sakura trees in the spring that have just bloomed took Ami to see the tree's around Hikawa Shrine; and Haruka and Michiru had come along simply because of how enthusiastic the usually shy genius had been about the trip.

And so it was the quartet from Juban Junior High, met the young miko from T.A. Girls Academy Hino Rei for the first time. Ami and Makoto by this time had began dating, though not each other. Ami was dating a young man named Shirai, who had feminine features, long dirty blond hair that he kept tied in a ponytail with a green ribbon, and jade like eyes with a love of the piano, he had even written a balled for Ami to celebrate their time together that he called Ami's Lullaby; Zoicite had been reborn and the two strategists had found each other once again. Makoto had found Nephrite as well, though he was now named Akai, the two though both strong willed balanced each other well, and Rei felt that the couples complemented each other well, it was when she complemented Haruka and Michiru, on their bravery, and telling them of her own preferences that brought them all together, Rei preferred the company of girls to boys, and from that day on she would often go to the older same sex couple for advise.

It was Rei who found Aino Minako and her boyfriend Hirose; Kunzite reborn, when the young couple had come to her shrine to pray for the strength to tell Minako's parents about the two of them. It turned out that Minako's mother in particular was very protective of her little girl; Rei when she approached the two learned that Minako's relationship with her mom had always been strained but Hirose had only added to that stress. Rei sympathized with Minako, her own relationship with her father had always been strained, so she agreed to help the two in any way that she could and so it was that Rei introduced Minako and Hirose to Ami, Shirai, Makoto, Akai, Haruka and Michiru; all of them so easily becoming friends, they would say later it was if they had known each other in a previous life, none of them knew just how true those words truly where.

While helping Minako and Hirose, Minako introduced Rei to one of her closest friends from her school; a young woman with short curly blond hair and blue eyes named Hanako; Jadeite reborn, not as a male but a female; the red string of fate seeming to know a thing or two about irony.

Hanako and Rei grew close, and when the group had helped Minako and Hirose to finally find the strength and courage to tell Minako's mother about the two of them, the former princess of Mars found her own strength and asked Hanako on what would become their first date. Hanako even went with Rei on a monthly visit to her father, the politician surprising her daughter, by saying that he truly didn't care about Rei's preferences; going so far as to say that as long as she was happy then so was he, it helped the two begin rebuilding their relationship one step at a time. I am sure you are wondering though what became of the prince and Pluto; well the two being years older than the other girls never did meet in person, without my daughter Serenity to bring them together their paths never crossed. But Mamoru and Setsuna met in the same way they had before, Setsuna being a social worker met Mamoru who was an orphan; and the two became close friends.

Their friendship never went passed that point though, both simply had a strange feeling that becoming more than just friends would not be right. Neither could ever truly explain the feeling, Mamoru once said he felt as if he would be dishonoring someone, something, Setsuna had agreed, the two would often laugh about it; over a cup of coffee the two would share once a week at the Crown Juice Bar. As for Luna and Artemis, the two former advisors where the only ones who truly remembered all that had happened their memories of the senshi and the battle with the Dark Kingdom intact both in the past in and a forgotten present. Luna easily found Ami, just as Artemis once again found Minako, the two kept their eyes upon all the girls; and would meet secretly once a week at the Crown Fun Center in their more humanoid forms, growing closer during the time their friendship slowly becoming something more, even if neither was willing to admit it.

~ Origins: The Special Act ~

"You ok Luna," Artemis asked placing his hand gently on the other advisors shoulder startling her, as she had been deep in thought. "Hai, I'm fine really….its just, I miss her," Luna said barely even whispering the last part though with his keen hearing Artemis heard her anyway. "I know, the world seems empty without her, and yet all of the girls found each other all by themselves," Artemis said with a hint of amusement in his tone. "Except for Setsuna and Mamoru, but being older than the other girls…." "I know," Artemis gently said interrupting her. "So, do your truly think Usagi was able to do it, to end their burden as the guardians forever," Luna asked. "The Ginzuishou is gone, shattered with the princess' last wish upon it. Without Usagi….there is no need for the senshi," Artemis said the last part so softly just to keep his voice from breaking.

"Still it is hard to believe sometimes," "How the Shitennou were reborn and found the senshi once again, hai," Artemis said chuckling as Luna pouted. "Why do you always interrupt me," she asked. "Because you look cute when your mad," Artemis said with a wink that caused Luna to turn a pretty shade of pink. "Oh, a flatterer; I will have to remember that," Luna said with a mischievous little grin as she planted one soft tender kiss upon Artemis' cheek before walking away; making sure to sway her hips with each step she took. "Touché," Artemis whispered once Luna had left the room raising a hand to his flaming red cheeks, that were so red out of embarrassment.

~ Origins: The Special Act ~

"Mama," I heard my daughter Ami's voice said so light so carefree as she came into the hospital room where I was just checking up on our hospital's mysterious Jane Doe; smiling to see her practically dragging Shirai behind her, the young feminine man bowing his head slightly in my direction his cheeks a pale pink. "Ami, what brings you here," I asked tucking my clipboard under my arm. "I just wanted to come visit, we don't get to see each other all that often, so…." and here my daughter's cheeks turned pink as she took a sudden interest in her shoes. "It's ok, I understand," I said stepping forward and drawing her into my arms softly smiling when she wrapped her arms around my middle as well. "Who is she," Shirai asked me looking towards the bed where the young Jane Doe who lay in a coma rested peacefully.

"We don't know, they found her laying in the local graveyard by the Tsukino memorial," I said as Ami too looked at the young woman. She had fair, flawless skin and long golden blond hair, and though her eyes were closed I told the two that we had opened her eyes and learned that they were blue, but a very soft shade almost like the sky on a cloudless day. "I remember reading about the Tsukino's," Shirai said. "That poor family, they only found the mother and father; their five year old daughter was never found," Ami said sadly shaking her head. "Hai, this poor girl was like this when we found her, and despite being in a coma she is perfectly healthy. "Who is paying for her upkeep mama," Ami asked me. "Well that is the strange thing, we don't know who she is, or who is paying for her to stay here at the hospital. In our files they are called Mr. and Mrs. Mau, no first names are given but the two have the money, so she remains on life support because of it," I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

"How strange," my daughter said looking at the young woman for a moment, a look of I wasn't sure sadness crossing her feature's before Shirai softly squeezed her hand. "Come on lets go, lunch is on me," I said leading the way out of the room looking back at the young woman the same age as my daughter one last time before closing the door….

~ Origins: The Special Act ~

That night two cats one midnight black with soft ruby colored eyes the other snow white with gentle blue set outside of the window of a hospital room smiling softly at the young blond who lay within, even if she was in a coma. "It's her Artemis, I can't believe it is truly her," Luna said tears falling from her eyes as Artemis leaned against her in comfort. "I know, it would seem that despite her wish the senshi still remember her," Artemis said. "If they should ever begin to remember…." Luna said softly. "Then our princess may indeed reawaken," Artemis said as the two felines looked up at the moon a silver crescent in the sky this night; and softly smiled when it seemed to pulsate with a warm gentle light as if Selene herself was telling them everything would be alright.

"So, ready to go back home to Ami Mrs. Mau," Artemis said teasingly. "Of course, are you ready to go back home so soon to Minako, Mr. Mau," Luna said as the white feline could only chuckle. "Fair enough, fair enough, I can't tease you as easily now it seems," he said as Luna simply shrugged. "Perhaps I am getting used to your charms," Luna said as Artemis faked a gasp. "Parish the thought," Artemis said as Luna giggled and the two brushed their nosed together before leaping off of the hospital window seal and back towards their home, the night concealing them both.

~ Origins: The Special Act ~

My daughter, my precious Serenity; it would seem that you have come back to this world as well, your memory still exists within each of your senshi, and so do you. Yet with their memories taken from them, you sleep, and as long as you sleep the Illusion Silver Crystal shall remained shattered, the darkness of Chaos never having a need to seek it out as it did through Metalia and her slave Beryl. Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Senshi, nothing but lost memories; and that way they shall remain as long as my daughter sleeps. Will a day ever come when this world will need my daughter once more, need the aid of all the senshi of this Sol System to protect it as guardians once more. I do not know, but for now I shall rest as well I think…."Be safe my precious Serenity, and know I always shall love you," Selene whispered as she allowed her spirit to fall at rest once again within the stone dies of within the ruins of the Moon Kingdom's royal palace.

"So long as your soul is parted from your body my dearest Serenity, I shall rest as you do. Until the day the senshi awaken, and seek to find and reawken you their princess once again, until your Return until that day shall I rest….until that day I too shall sleep," where Selene's last thoughts as she allowed the moon to hold her completely once again, for she would always and forever be the goddess of the moon, even if the world had forgotten her, and thought her nothing more than a part of ancient Greek mythos.

~*~ Moonlight Densetsu ~*~

Gomen ne sunao janakute

Yume no naka nara ieru

Shikou kairo wa shooto sunzen

Ima sugu aitai yo

I'm sorry I'm not honest

I can say it in my dreams

My thoughts are about to short circuit

I want to be with you right now

Nakitaku naru you na moonlight

Denwa mo dekinai midnight

Datta junjou doushiyou

Haato wa mangekyou

The moonlight makes me want to cry

I can't even call, it's midnight

But I'm so innocent, what should I do

My heart's a kaleidoscope

Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare

Nando mo meguriau

Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue

Onaji kuni ni umareto no

Mirakuru romansu

We are lead by the light of the moon

We meet by chance again and again

The countless shining stars above us foretell love's whereabouts

Born on the same Earth

A miracle romance

Moichido futari de weekend

Kamisama kanaete happy-end

Genzai kako mirai mo

Anata ni kubittake

Just one more weekend together

God, please give us a happy end

In the present, past and future

I'll always be in love with you

Deatta toki no natsukashii

Manazashi wasurenai

Ikusenman no hoshi kara anata wo mitsukerareru

Guuzen mo chansu ni kaeru ikikata ga suki yo

When we first met, that so very dear

Glance you gave, I'll never forget

From the millions of stars in the sky, I can find you

Changing coincidences into chances, I love this way of life

Fushigi na kiseki kurosu shite

Nando mo meguri au

Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue

Onaji kuni ni umareta no

Mirakuru romansu

Shinjite iru no mirakuru romansu

A wondrous miracle approaches us

We meet by chance again and again

The countless shining stars above us foretell love's whereabouts

Born on the same Earth

A miracle romance

I do believe in that, a miracle romance

Authors Note

And so ends this work of dedication, known as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Origins. I truly do not know if I will ever write a sequel to this story or leave it as it is, to stand on its own; as I honestly do not know if I could ever improve upon this world that I created. Yet I left myself an opportunity, if my muse should ever inspire me to do so. But for this day I shall be proud of this story, and allow it to stand alone as one of my greatest works to date.

Until a time when our paths cross once again;

My Dearest Readers,

I shall forever and humbly remain a . . . .