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It Won't Be long

George was walking along the beach in Florida in February of 1963 while the Beatles were on their first American tour. He was somewhat happy as he walked. The Beatles had just played on the Ed Sullivan show for the second time that week the day before, and they were loved world wide.

George smiled to himself as he watched Paul and John flirt with all the teenage girls on the beach. They were always good at girls and it nearly always made George slightly jealous. They constantly had birds around, and George was shy and never had the courage to talk to them. It frustrated him quite a bit sometimes.

As he walked he noticed every girl ran passed him to Paul and John. He didn't mind it at the moment because he could walk in peace for a few minutes. He sighed and looked around the beach as he passed and group of girls who were giggled and pointing at him. He grinned crookedly and wiggled his fingers at them in a wave. They giggled and waved back. He smirked and started to walk off.

He was stopped when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned to see and girl with light green eyes and curly auburn hair. She smiled shyly at him and he couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Hi," she said blushing slightly, "Um, my little sister really like you and she would get really upset if I didn't get your autograph for her."

George chuckled, "Sure," she handed him a photo of the band and he signed his name with the pen she'd handed him, "How old's your sister?" he asked handing the photo back to her.

"She's 11," the girl responded blushing again.

"Really?" George blushed himself, "That's gear."

the girl bit her lip as George thought about how stupid that line sounded. The girl awkwardly turned around and walked away from him.

George kicked himself for not at least trying to strike up a better conversation with her. He sighed and started to walk away again, but he stubbornly whipped around and looked for the girl again. He saw her sitting behind the group of girls from before reading a book. He walked over to the girls and was immediately engulfed by them. They all giggled and flaunted themselves at him. He tried to ignore them, but a few of them weren't to easily ignored.

It took a good struggle, but George made it to the back to the girl with a huff as he tried to regain his breath.

She shyly looked up from her book and blushed when she saw him.

"Uh...erm, Hi," she said putting her book down.

He couldn't help but grin stupidly at her, "Hi, um," he looked at all the girls surrounding them, watching the two intently, "Do you wanna go somewhere not so...crowded?"

Every girl around them gave the girl very jealous glares and the girl shyly looked between George and her group of 'friends'.

"Erm, sure." she said standing up from her seat on the ground, "I'm Emily by the way." George smiled at the pretty name as they started to walk.

"so," George shyly sitting down in the sand with Emily, "Do you live around here?"

Emily nodded and refused to meet the celebrity's gaze, "Yeah, I'm kinda forced to go to the beach with my cousin."

"Oh yeah?" George grinned crookedly at her, "Which one was your cousin?"

"The blonde in the purple bathing suit." Emily chuckled looking at her fidgeting fingers.

George giggled, "Oh well she was pretty," this got Emily to look up at him, "But she doesn't have anything on you." She blushed at the compliment and looked back at her hands. George thought he was doing good until John walked up and sat down next to Emily.

"Hello, I thought all the pretty girls were over with me and Paul." he said with a flirtatious wink, "But I've come to find I was wrong."

Emily blushed and glanced at George. she wanted John to go away, and so did George.

"What's your name, Love?" John asked with a grin.

"Emily Peters," she responded keeping her gaze on George's dark eyes. John continued to serenade the pretty auburn girl.

He didn't succeed until he mentioned Paul. Emily snapped her gaze to John with a grin.

"You know," John said noticing her sudden change in attitude, "I can take you to meet him."

"Really!?" Emily hopped up and off she went with John. George couldn't believe what had just happened.

He sat back in the sand and looked up at the clouds that floated into his line of sight in frustration. John had just taken his girl right out from under him. He groaned and was about to give up when Emily appeared standing over him shyly.

"Em?" he said shocked she'd come back.

"Listen George," she said shyly, "Um, Do you mind if I go with John and Paul?"

George did mind; he actually minded very much, but he couldn't tell her that, "No, do what you want, love."

She blushed at the name and went back to John and Paul. George sighed and ran his hands over his face in through his hair. He could never get a girl because John always felt the need to steal her away before he had a chance.

He gathered his things and went back to the hotel they were staying at early.

Hours later:

John and Paul finally got back tot he hotel and Paul seemed put out by something. George, however didn't care as he approached his band mates.

"You really can't let me have ONE girl!?" he asked furiously.

Paul and John looked at him blankly, "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Emily!"

"You mean that bird that barely let us touch her?" Paul asked waving a hand at George.

"Yes I mean her!" he said through gritted teeth, "I found her first! Why can't you two just leave me alone when I'm with a girl!?"

"Hey man," Paul said innocently, "It's not our fault you too shy to talk to birds!"

"But I did talk to her before Lennon came over and stole her for you!"

"I did NOT steal her for Paul," John protested loudly, "I stole her for meself! She just happened to like Paul more."

George scoffed at them, "Knowing you two, one of you've probably already shagged her!"

"What; NO!" Paul said defending himself. George rolled his dark eyes at them before turning away from them.

"George," John said warning, "I just wanna tell you Paul and I tried to get at her, but she kept talking about you. Every time we tried she flipped out and shied away!"

"So where is she now?" George asked, his anger gone, but it soon returned at John's response.

"I dunno, we dumped her on the beach."

George groaned and rushed out the hotel door and back down to the beach. He looked for Emily in the late afternoon heat. He found her reading her book with her friends like nothing had ever happened.

"Emily!" he called over to her. She looked up shyly and saw him coming. She put her book down and ran to him. She threw herself into him and Laughed as her friends sent her evil glares.

She pulled back and George saw her cheeks were deep red., "Sorry," she muttered.

He grinned and pulled her back.

"Thar's alright," he said pulling her away from the group of jealous girls, "C'mere."

She followed him into a small cove where he promptly pulled her into his arms. She gratefully snuggled into him and sighed.

"Did you have fun with John and Paul?" he asked, receiving another sigh.

"No" she said as he sat them down in the sand, "All they were trying to do was get me into their hotel room."

George sighed and sat back in the sand to look up at the ceiling of the cave like structure. She had her head on his shoulder and her had hos hand on her hip.

They stayed like this for a long time before either of them spoke again.

"Em?" George asked stroking her side. She answered with a hum, "I have to go soon."

She turned onto her stomach to look at his handsome features, "Will I ever see you again?" George didn't know and he said and stoked her cheek.

"I dunno," he said quietly, "We have to go back to Liverpool tomorrow."

Emily's expression fell, "Oh, well then..." she sat up and scooted her self closer to him. George continued to stroke her cheek as he met her in the middle.

Their lips met and they both felt the electric shock run through their body's. Emily shivered as the kiss became more and more passionate.

George was the one to break apart from her. He took her in his arms one last time before bidding his new love goodbye, knowing he'd never meet her again.

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