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the rest of the trip in Florida went by rather fast after that. They were going home before they knew it, and Leslie was sitting next to Paul on the plane. She had her head on his shoulder and was nearly asleep when she felt his lips press to the top of her head. She looked up at him and smiled. He giggled at her and she cuddled up to him. He sighed and she put her hand over his. He turned his hand over and lace hims fingers with hers. She smiled as she watched his fingers move against hers.

She and Paul didn't spend alot of time a part for the rest of the trip and she found she took lots of pictures of him during this time. He stole her camera every now and then and took pictures of her, and she'd giggled and smile for him before he'd pulled her into his arms and give her a nice long kiss.

Paul glanced around the plane and saw George giving him a glare. That was becoming a normal think with him whenever Paul touch Leslie in any way at all. Emily didn't mind it, but George looked like he wanted to beat Paul to a pulp. He sighed and looked away from George before Leslie looked up at him and kissed his chin. Paul giggled and kissed her lips softly before she yawned and cuddled up to him and went to sleep.

Paul fell asleep soon after that, and was woken up my Leslie when they landed back in London. They walked hand in hand through the airport while Emily and George did the same next to them. George kissed Emily goodbye before Grabbing Paul and pulling him away so the girls could go home.

Leslie's shoulders slumped and she made a face at George. Emily giggled and put her arm over Leslie's shoulders.

"He'll get over it soon, Les," she said with a sigh, "Don't worry, you and Paul can kiss each other goodbye soon." Leslie giggled as they walked and Emily called them a cab and they went back home. Leslie ran up to her room and threw her bags into her floor before running back down.

"EM!" she called as she headed for the door, "I'm gonna go see Paulie!" she said. Emily walked into the room and crossed her arms over her chest.

"He's coming over here for dinner, Les," she said with a sigh, "And You said you were gonna develop your photos."

Leslie bit her lip in thought, "Alright I'll develop my photos, and then I'll see Paulie when he gets here."

Emily nodded at her as she went back upstairs to get her camera. She turned the music room into a dark room and started on her pictures.

Emily was in the kitchen making dinner when George got there. He kissed her cheek and she smiled at him.

"How you doin', Love?" he asked with a grin.

"I'm alright," she responded, "But Les is not gonna wanna talk to you all that much." George's face fell and he gave her a questioning look.

"You pulled Paul away before he could say goodbye to her." she said sternly.

"But he was gonna kiss her!" George said making a face. Emily laughed.

"I know that, Geo, but she's 16, and she's aloud to do what she wants. Paul's her boyfriend and you can't do anything about it." Emily said wagging a finger at him. George sighed and pulled himself up onto the counter.

"But Paul's older than I am." he said still making a face. "He's older than you even!"

Emily sighed and shook her head, "I don't care, Leslie likes him, and I'm gonna let you mess up what they've got together."

George sighed in defeat and hopped off the counter when Leslie came back and Emily smiled.

"What's for dinner?" she asked peering over her sister's shoulder.

"Chicken and mashed potatoes." Emily said in response. Leslie nodded then smiled at George when the doorbell rang. She ran to answer it and smiled at who it was.

"Hi, Paulie," she said putting her arms around him. He kissed her lips and she giggled, "That was for when George pulled ma away too soon." he said before kissing her again for his hello.

"Who was at the door, Les?" Emily called from the kitchen, already knowing who it really was.

"It's me!" Paul called before Leslie enveloped him in another kiss. He laughed before she pulled him into the living room to sit down. He thew his arm around her and she snuggled up to him as George walked in the room. He narrowed his eyes at Paul, then took a deep breath before walking back out of the room.

Paul sighed and Leslie nuzzled into his chest.

"He doesn't like that we're together." he said biting his lip.

"I don't care what he thinks," Leslie said looking up at him almost pleadingly. Paul kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

"Me either." he said. Leslie giggled and put her head back against his chest.

"I started developing my photos from the trip." she said from the fold of his shirt.

"Great, I can't wait to see them, love." Paul said smiling. Emily called them to the table to eat, and Paul pulled Leslie behind him.

When they sat at the table, George was staring daggers at Paul. Emily kicked him under the table and he whimpered and rubbed his shin.

"You didn't have to do that, Em." he said making a face. Leslie giggled and Paul tried not to smirk, but it happened anyway.

After dinner, Leslie announced her photos were close to being done, so she brought them out so every one could see them.

Emily's favorite picture was the one of Leslie with the scarf and hat on when she went shopping with Annie. George's favorite was of Emily as she danced around on the beach to the music he and Paul played one evening. Paul favorite was on that Emily took of him and Leslie. Paul was giving her a kiss on the cheek and George was in the background with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. Leslie's favorite was one of John and Julian playing together and Paul pretended to be hurt because it wasn't one of him. She kissed him and he was over it.

The night went well and Emily was happy with he way her life was going.

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