"Now remember to get these items. But, these two are most important" said Anne giving Lourdes a small shopping list. Lourdes looks over at the list and finds the words "Tree bark" circled. "What are you going to use tree bark for?" asked Lourdes as she went over to grab her small messenger bag, that was sleeping on her fold up cot. "Not 'use', eat" smiled Anne. "We're going to be in this camp site for awhile. So why not pack up some foods that are light weight and easy store whenever we're on the road again".

"A doctor. Now a survival junkie. What else can you put in your resume?" laughed Lourdes. Anne shrugs her shoulders and laughs at Lourdes' joke.

Lourdes swing her bag over her shoulder and put the list inside. She told Anne that she was heading out now as she exits the makeshift tent. Anne reminds Lourdes to be careful and not to go far into the woods.

The campsite was dirty, scattered with debris and trash, and unpleasantly smelly. Even though towering trees circled around the site, it smelled like the rear end of garbage truck. Lourdes walks pass the Berserkers' "chilling shack". The crazy and lazy daredevils happily joke around with each other. They were telling tales while enjoying an abandoned crate, that was filled with bottles of beer. We find their leader Pope passed out on fold-up beach chair, surround by empty beer bottles. His odor attracted bugs flying in and out of his opened alcoholic-smell mouth. Lourdes chuckles a bit as she finds Pope looking so stupid out in the blue.

Across the camp is where Weaver, Tom, and the rest of 2nd Mass fighters stands and meet for their missions. They huddled around under an open tent. Outside the tent, Matt Mason sat alone on a cut down tree stump while cradling his M1 Carbine to his chest.

"Hey Matt. What's up?" Lourdes stops for a quick chat with Matt.

"Same old. Guarding. Where you going?" asked Matt.

"Grocery shopping" smiled Lourdes as she shows him Anne's list.

"Awesome, can I come?" Matt gets up from his stump and looks directly up at Lourdes.

"Don't you have guard duty?"

"Not really. Plus I'm bored. I'm getting tired of counting how flies have flown in and out of Pope's mouth today" Matt points back at sleepy Pope.

Lourdes laughs at Matt's joke. "Sure why not". She puts her hand on Matt's shoulder and they both starts to walk towards the woods.

The two friends walks across a wide dirt road separating the campsite and the woods. Lourdes and Matt stops walking at the sound of dirt bikes roaring down the path. In the distance, two young teenagers each riding mud and dirt covered bikes. A rider with golden hair rides ahead of her dark-brown hair partner carrying a large backpack behind his back.

"Hal!" yelled Matt waving at his older brother.

Lourdes stands by Matt's side as she focuses her attention at the large backpack glued onto Hal's back. What's inside that bag? She thought.