Weaver walks around a table that was being used as a military planning board. A worn out map with small army figurines were all laid out onto the table. Everyone huddle around the table and focus their attention at the captain.

"First I want to ask what's your name, stranger?" Weaver looks straight at the stranger who was busy admiring the interior of the tent. Anne clears her throat to get the stranger's attention. Then she points at Weaver signaling him give his attention to Weaver. He did what he was told. "Can you repeat what you said?" The stranger asks. Weaver repeats, "What's your name boy?"

"Arthur Sato" said the stranger. "Arthur. Now let's begin" stated Weaver.

Everyone patiently listens while Weaver quickly interviews Arthur with basic questions.

"Where are you from?" "Across the pond" Arthur responds. "Be specific" "England. Born and raised" Arthur added. Weaver went on asking about Arthur's past. He brings out questions about the aliens arrival and invasion.

Arthur looks down at the ground a bit, he was busy trying to remember those days. Its been a couple of years for being away from his family and friends. "I came here days before the attacks. I just moved in to my new apartment in New York to attend college in the city…" Arthur's story leads up to the arrival of aliens in the city. He added how the aliens were not friendly and they were just there to invade and disturb the peace. "When chaos broke out, I did what some people in city were dying to try. Escape the island."

Everyone went silent, except Anne. "Sorry captain" Anne interrupts Weaver's interview as she begins asking Arthur her own questions. "Your last name is Sato?" Arthur nods yes. "Are you related to a man named David Sato?"

"Yeah. He's my grandfather." Arthur and the rest are unsure where Anne is going with these questions. Then Tom steps into the interview. "Sorry. How is his grandfather relevant to Weaver's interview?" Anne replies, "His grandfather was one of my medical school professors. Arthur looks somewhat like his grandfather."

Both Anne and Tom look and studies Arthur's appearance and actions. Tom adds a comment, "Arthur doesn't look like healer." Everyone looks at Tom. "He's more like a fighter" Tom includes.

"He's both!" Matt becomes part of the interview. Hal and Maggie tries to prevent Matt from defending Arthur over the incident at the forest. But, Matt went on telling them about what happened at the forest, from the bear attack to Arthur helping him out with his injury. Anne and Tom was shocked at the bear attack, but, quite relief at the fact Arthur help the Matt and his friends out.

"That explains the fighting spirit" Anne commented. Tom and Weaver agreed. "I bet you got it from your grandfather." Arthur smiles at the compliment.

"A fighter and a healer. So what. Is he going to leave or not?" Maggie randomly asks. Hal backs her up "Is the interview over or there's more?" Weaver glares at the two.

"I will finish Arthur's interview later. Everyone go back to your duties. As for Arthur, you'll be working for our friend Pope." Hal questions Weaver. "Why Pope?" Weaver responses, "Pope needs another hand. His team can get crazy in the kitchen. Now off you all go."

Everyone starts to leave the tent. Lourdes gives a quick smile at Arthur. Arthur tries to say something to her, but, Hal went on telling him something. "Dodged a bullet there." Arthur chuckles at bit and thanks Hal for letting the 2nd Mass welcoming him. However, Maggie states something unwelcoming, "Remember you're still stranger here. Don't get to comfortable". Hal and Maggie purposely gives Arthur a little shove and leaves.

Arthur lets out a sigh, "Great. What did I get myself into? Here I go again" He was the last one to leave.