Disclaimer: The characters belong to the Doctor Who scriptwriters and to BBC. I am not gaining any financial profit from this story.

Title: The River Chronicles

Description: short drabbles about River's adventures with the Doctor

This is set after 6.13: The wedding of River Song

Birthday Wonder

"Hello there, Doctor Song! Happy birthday! Today we are meeting Stevie Wonder! Or have already done this?"

"No, indeed we haven't. sweetie…but really…I'm not travelling to 20th century Earth to go to a concert."

"Oh, I forgot to mention the cool part! I have him here! In the TARDIS! Isn't that cool? We can have a concert! In Stormcage!"

"Oh, but it would be so much nicer if we took him to another planet, don't you think? Or get him to sing in the past! He won't notice, he's blind!.. I suppose that's how you got him here?"
"Yeah, I told him that the stage was that way. Too bad that the people who paid to see him won't get any music…"

River laughed. "You'll always find a problem, sweetie! Come on, let's enjoy this. I present: Stevie Wonder on Earth, year 1814!"

It was snowing. Carriages made noise when they passed through the cobble stone pavement. The moonlight was reflected on the Thames

"This is lasting really long, you know? When does the show start?" Stevie Wonder complained.

"Um… just a couple more minutes, you know? The instruments haven't been brought to the stage yet..."

Luckily, there was a stage nearby. "Welcome, dear people, to the annual frost fair!" a man exclaimed. "Our first performer will be…"

"Him!" the Doctor shouted, pointing to Stevie. "He has come especially to this city to perform for you. And for my wife," he pointed to River, "whose birthday is today."
"Oh well then, come on up, mister."

The Doctor led Stevie up the stairs. "Now you can start to sing," he told him.

And he started to sing. The crowd was surprised. Never had they heard that kind of music, and they wouldn't again.

"Bit too early for them," River commented. "They seem to think he is a madman."

"No, that's not fair. The madman role is mine!"

River laughed. "Thanks. I had a wonderful birthday."