CHAPTER 1- A Glimmer of Adventure in a Tunnel of Darkness- Literally
"Susan, how can you stand to read all these?" I asked, shoving the fashion magazine back on its shelf.

"Well, I actually am a girl!" she retorted, returning to her latest tabloid. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. We always say that I'm more guy than girl. It's not even a joke anymore, it's a fact!

"We", of course, meant our little family. Benjamin is my little brother through thick and thin. He's fourteen now, along with Lucy, his childhood sweetheart, and a sweetheart all around. She was the little sister I never had. Edmund was Lucy's older brother. He's my partner in crime, should we need to disturb the waters with a little hi-jinx. Susan's my best friend and Edmund and Lucy's older sister, who helps a lot with girl stuff. Lucy, Edmund, and Susan have an older brother, one whom I have pledged myself to until the end of time, whom has loved me for nearly eleven years. Peter Pevensie.

My hand crawled up my neck and idly played with the silver chain that hung there. Little did my mother know, my wedding ring hung beneath my school uniform. It was kind of sad that we have to go to separate schools, just because one of them isn't co-ed. Yeah, Sue, Lu and I were going to one, Ben, Ed, and Pete to another. Luckily, they were right next to each other, and we'd see each other often. The six of us had grown inseparable when we ruled Narnia, and we're not growing apart, no matter what. Those days were the best, when I was Warrior Queen Sophie the Strong. But honestly, so long as I'm with my family, I'm happy.

Getting bored of just standing around and looking at celebrities, I walked back to the metro to see everyone else. I quickly crossed the road, ran down the stairs, and started to make my way to our platform. When I saw Pete's yellow head, I raised my hand in greeting, but it was seized by another guy around my age.

"'ello, lass. Why don't you come along wiv me? I can show you a good time!" I tried to wrench my wrist from his, but he was too strong, and I was pretty sure his grip was giving me a bruise. His putrid breath clogged my nostrils as he said, "Don't struggle, love. It'll on'y be worse for you."

"Let go of me!" I yelled, finally stomping on his foot to get free. Before I could actually use a few good punches, a strong hand turned his shoulder around, and an accompanying fist slammed into his face, Peter looking mad as a provoked bull. My attacker was sent reeling back, but a few of his scumbag buddies were soon upon us. I was cornered by both him and his second-in-command, who backed me into a wall. He socked me in the stomach, and I doubled over in pain, Peter's worried shouts ringing in my ears. I tried to fight back, but without a weapon, I couldn't fight two meatheads at once! He grabbed my arm and threateningly whispered, "Now that your little boyfriend is out of the way, why don't we try again? And this time, make sure you answer right."

Deciding that now wasn't the time to hold back, I pulled out all the stops. I brought my kneecap right to where the sun won't shine, and he doubled over. I thrust my elbow into his forehead, and I'm pretty sure I heard an echo. His buddy decided to take action, but I knocked the breath out of him with a few quick, powerful punches to the chest. Suddenly, the first guy was back up, and he pinned me to the dirty tiled wall. I couldn't do anything.

"One more chance, love. One more, and then I won't give you a choice. Now love, is it yes, or is it no?"

"Get your hands off my girlfriend!" Peter shouted. He tore the guy off me, and continued to fight the maybe three other guys. As he punched in front of me, I tried to help from behind him, kicking and hitting where I could. Pete had slammed into me, and I was forced to the ground. Just when I thought we were done for, shrill whistling pierced the air, and two uniformed constables pushed their way through the scuffle and broke it up.

"Act your age!" one snarled to them. The other quickly helped me up from where I had slumped against the floor and asked if I was okay. After profuse assurances I was, I limped back to where the others sat on a low bench. Pete was pacing back and forth, pounding the wall with his fist. His face grew horrified when he saw me, arms bruised, twisted ankle, short of breath. I collapsed into his arms, gladly accepting the support. He gingerly held me, as if I was a fragile porcelain doll. We held each other like we couldn't bear to ever be separated. We stood in the middle of the station and stayed silent, clinging to each other for support.

"I-I'm so sorry," he whispered, and I heard the regret in his voice.

I looked up at him, wondering what he meant. "Pete, you saved me from getting raped. Why are you sorry?"

"I was a High King once, I should have been able to protect you better!" Angry, he let go of me and began pacing again.

Susan said, "I think it's time to accept that we live here now. We haven't gone back for a year."

Now, I was getting angry. "Sue, we're going to go back! We have to!" I angrily stood up and pounded the wall, as if it would let us through. I sat down, because my ankle sent shooting pains up my leg. Concerned, Peter sat by me and threw an arm around me, where I leaned into his shoulder.

Suddenly, Ben stood up. "Hey, who poked me?"

"Ow! Someone pinched me!" Lucy exclaimed, standing up. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pinch, and I shot up in alarm.

"Who did that?" I interrogated, trying to feel if it was still there.

"It's magic!" Lucy yelped, and Ed, Pete, and Sue quickly stood. Suddenly, a gale picked up in the tunnel, even though the train was only crawling by. Could this be...?