Chapter 1

It all began to unfold inside my mind. Again.

"...Perfect. We're perfect. That's what I care about. And you, too, Twin. I care about you and

you care about our stuff. You always have." Erin's tirade ran out, leaving her looking kinda

sad and confused. She wiped her eyes and her MAC Wonder Woman blue mascara smeared.

"No," Shaunee said slowly. "And, Twin, nobody's perfect. Especially not you and me."

"What the hell is it? How could Rephaim's dad change everything?" Erin shouted.

"It's been bothering me for a while, but I didn't say anything."

"Rephaim's dad or you dad?"Erin said.

"Neither, Erin. I'm not talking about either one. I'm talking about either one. I'm talking

about stuff in general. Like Jack dying."

"I cared about Jack dying! We cried and stuff."

"No, we cried, and then you got and e-mail from Danielle that had a link to a Ru-La La and we

shopped," I said.

"So? I bought black shoes. Wait, no. We bought black shoes. Platforms. With pink bows and

Swarovski crystals on the heels. We said that it was apropriate mourning attire and Jack

would appreciate it. Then we cried some more. We did it. Both of us. How are you so much

better than me if you did the same thing?"

I wondered how Erin could look like she was pleading and pissed at the same time.

"I'm not better than you. I didn't say that. Actually, you're better than me 'cause you're fine

and I'm not. That's the bottom line. I'm not fine anymore. Not with myself and I think that

means not with us, either, but I don't really know-"

"I'll tell you what, Twin," Erin butted in, wiping angrily at the tears that were smearing blue

across her cheeks. "When you're fine again come and see me. Until then find your own room

and your own stuff. I don't want a roomate, or a twin, who's not fine with me."

Silent tears ran down my cheeks as I remembered how I'd broken friends with her. I stared at

my phone, scrolling up and down the text message before me.

Hey Shaunee,

I get it tht u don't relly wnt 2 be my BFF anymre and I gess I ovrreactd. I shudn't hav kckd u

out but I dnt really wnt 2 hav 2 deal wth ur prblms if u dnt wnt me 2. Im nt gnna make it

hrder for u so I'm leavin. C ya twin xx

Shit. She must have really been upset if she'd sent kisses instead of smileys. I cried some