This is my first fallen fanfic, so I hope you all like it. I wanted something to happen in Luce and Daniel's mortal lives that brought them back into the angelic world, and this was my idea. Hope you like it! Also, I named their daughter Penny after Penn :)

"Mom, shut up!" Penny Grigori laughed over her book, her mom continuing to tease her about her boyfriend, Leo. Penny had just come home a couple days ago from Shoreline, where she goes to boarding school. She was home for winter break, and she couldn't be happier. Although she loved Shoreline, she really did miss her parents.

"Yeah, Luce, shut up!" her father added, mocking Penny's high-pitched voice. Her dad walked into the kitchen, running a hand through his golden blonde hair. He leaned down to kiss his wife, Lucinda, on the cheek before taking a seat beside Penny at the table.

"Don't tell me you're not the least bit curious about Penn's boyfriend, Daniel?" her mother joked, smiling brightly. Leo was coming over for dinner tonight to meet the parents. Lucinda had arranged it with Leo's parents, all while Penny gestured furiously at her. Penny knew this night would be a huge embarrassment, but some part of her was still excited.

"I can't say I'm not," Daniel grinned, his violet eyes gleaming. Lucinda stood up and placed a fresh vase of white peonies on the center of the table, then proceeded to grabbing the plates. "So, what times is the BF coming?"

"BF? Dad, really?" Penny rolled her eyes.

"What? I'm just trying to stay hip," Daniel laughed, helping his wife with the plates.

"He'll be here in, like, 10 minutes, dad. And pleeeasseee don't embarrass me!" Penny pleaded. She stood up and fetched the silverware, joining in to help.

"I'll try not to," he said, taking the chicken out of the oven. Her father was more than handsome, with his tall figure and strong build. And his violet eyes were more than unusual. Her friends always gawked at him in awe, making Penny feel uncomfortable. And her mother, with her flawless face and etherel glow, always brought jealousy from their parents. Penny didn't understand why, but they just seemed so angelic. "Now, why don't you finish getting ready? We'll take care of dinner."

"Thanks," Penny said, then rushed upstairs to her room. She hadn't realized how nervous she'd been up until now. Her parents were meeting her boyfriend for the first time. And not just any boyfriend. Her true love. Well, she thought so anyway. She was only 17, but she felt as if her fate with Leo was sealed. After all, her own parents fell in love at the same age.

Her room was nearly empty, most of her belongings still at Shoreline. Her bed and a half-empty dresser were the only thing occupying the room. Her long, black hair, like her mother's, hung in loose curls over her shoulders. Her eyes were a mix of gray and purple, like her dad's. She was dressed in a simple black dress that clung to her skin, a necklace her only accessory. The necklace was a gift from her mother, a simple gold chain with an angel wing dangling from it. Her mother never told her why, but she had a weird fascination with angels. She said it was something about their eternalness.

She heard the doorbell ring and jumped.

Leo was here.

She fumbled to put on her heels, hoping she didn't look too done. She tossed her hair a couple times before she was satisfied and pinched her cheeks until some color appeared. After applying a quick coat of lipgloss, she was down the stairs and at the door. Penny had told her parents that she would be answering the door in advance.

"Leo," she whispered as she opened the door. He was standing on her doorstep, dressed in a nice shirt and black pants. His brown hair was brushed to the side and his smile was crooked. He leaned in and kissed Penny on the lips, a quick peck, before stepping inside.

"You look . . . beautiful," he murmured, taking her in. She only blushed.

Leo was a part of the honors program at Shoreline, which only allowed apparent geniuses in it. Penny had attempted the test, but didn't come close to making it in. She didn't care, though. She had 3 classes with Leo, anyways, along with every night.

Right as she was about to speak, Lucinda appeared and smiled at her boyfriend. "You must be Leo!"

When Leo didn't reply, Penny turned to him, nudging him to speak. But he just stood there, eyes wide, mouth agape. He was even shaking. "Leo? You okay?" Penny asked nervously.

"Uh-uh, yeah. Yeah, Penn. Everything's fine. I'm sorry," he said, shaking away the moment hastily. But Penny knew it was something more. He looked like he'd seen a ghost. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Grigori."

"Oh, please, call me Lucinda!" her mother grinned, beckoning him into the kitchen.

"Lucinda," he breathed, perplexed by the name. "Of course."

Penny looked at him worriedly, raising her eyebrows in question. "I'm just nervous, that's all," he replied, obviously lying. Penny would talk to him later.

"Um, Leo, this is my dad, Daniel," she said, hoping to ease his nerves, or whatever it was. Maybe once they started eating things would get better.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Leo nodded, shaking his hand. "Uh, thank you for having me over. It's really nice of you." Penny sat down on the right side of the table, across from her father. Leo slid into the seat beside her and quickly took a drink of water. Something was definitely off.

"Let's eat."

After the most awkward dinner of her entire life, Penny dragged her boyfriend up to her bare room to talk privately. "What is wrong with you? My parents probably think I'm in love with an alien!" she exclaimed, locking the door.

"Wouldn't be too far off," he mumbled under his breath. "I'm sorry, it's just. I need to tell you something. Something . . . important."

"What is it?" Penny asked, sitting down on the bed beside him, looking at him. Maybe something was seriously wrong. He took her hand in his, his strong fingers wrapping around her frail ones, and looked away nervously.

"I'm . . . I'm not completely human," he admitted, then waited for a laugh. But it didn't come. Penny just sat there, staring at him, in a calm state.

"Keep going."

"What? You don't, you know, think I'm crazy or something?" Leo asked, astonished. "I mean most people would. This doesn't happen to you everyday, does it? Or do you already know? I mean, about your parents?"

"My parents? What does this have to do with them? I want to know about you," Penny urged on.

"I . . . I'm Nephilim," he explained. "It means that I'm part angel. My grandfather was an angel, so I'm only about a quarter Nephilim. Mostly human."

Penny stood up, trying to grasp the idea. "Okay," she nodded. "Okay. Okay okay okay. You're part angel. That kind of makes sense, right? I mean, yeah, totally makes sense. Yeah," she babbled, trying to hide her confusion.

"Penn, please stop that. It's not that big of a deal. I don't, like, have wings or anything," he laughed, although a kid in his class actually did. "Calm. Down." He took her in his arms and sat her on his lap, stroking her face softly.

"You're part angel."


"That's incredible."

"A little," he laughed, kissing her cheek softly.

"Okay," Penny whispered, her eyes full and violet. She was finally wrapping her head around the idea. "But why did you tell me? Why now? Why tonight?"

"Well, that's the confusing part," he sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He cupped her face, nerves fluttering through his body, and took a deep breath. "I told you because of your parents."

"What about them?"

Another deep breath. "They once were angels."