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Lilly's P.O.V:

I can't believe Zane caught on to my plan already, and it was full proof too! I better inform Master Garmadon. I walked into a quiet room, which I believe is where prisoners were kept back then in the pirate ages. I pressed the small red button located in my ear piece.

"Yes Lillian?" Garmadon asked. Ugh, I hate when people call me Lillian, don't they get it, it's Lilly!

"The white ninja, Zane, he knows about our plans sir." I informed.

"What did you do with him?" My sensei asked me.

"Well I'm in the Prisoners cell right now, it's unlocked. But inside is a door. I locked him away in there. He has no way to communicate nor move. You see I turned off his muscle and movement, so he can no longer escape And to speak, well there's muscles in your mouth. If you catch my drift." I stated firmly, being direct with my sentences to avoid confusion.

"Good work Lillian, I knew you were and are my top ninja for a reason. Now do you-" Garmadon tried asking but was cut off by a familiar voice to both of us.



"Is that my son?" Garmadon asked.

"Yes, he's looking for me." I answered.

"Remember, don't reveal the plan. I'll see you in two weeks or less." Garmadon added, and hung up. I walked outside to find Lloyd.

"Hey Lloyd! You needed me?" I asked, my voice sounding sweet and innocent.

"Uh yeah... Uh I know we just met and all. But... I... Was wondering... If you'd like to... go to breakfast... with... me?" Lloyd stuttered. Really? He wants to go out with me? Wow, but should I? I mean in a month or two, I'll be breaking his heart? But Garmadon told me not to hurt him on my mission. So if I say no, would that hurt him? Maybe, but it'll save me the heart ache if I say no now.

"Sure, I'd love to Lloyd." I answered. Oh my lord, why did I say that? It's as if my brain and mouth were saying two different commands, but my heart over through the brain! Wait, do I maybe like Lloyd back? No I can't. We will never be able to be together. He's good and I'm evil. He's the legendary green ninja, and I'm the ninja of darkness.

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