M: First all of, I didn't know where to put this, so I put it in the Tales of the World section. But be noted that this isn't a Tales of the World story, I just put here due to this being a bit of a crossover.

Tales of Changes:

Episode one:

Another Mistake

This is Cross High School, a private school, design to tutor the best and brightest minds in the state. Cross High is also know for one other thing, it not like your typical private school. For starters, there isn't a dress code, so most students are seen in casual wear. Another odd fact is that the students of Cross High are given near freedom. They still have to go to regular classes, but beyond that, they are pretty much free to do as they wish during their free time. They don't even have a curfew, as long as their as keep their grades up, and go to class, the student body was free.

Suddenly, a small explosion was heard by several of the students on the second floor. Once they saw that the explosion came from the science lab/computer room, they resume their normal activities. It's a wall known fact that there always some sort of ruckus coming from that room, during some part of the day. This happens so regularly that most of the student body and even half of the teaching stuff have gotten use to it.

Inside the room, however, was a different matter all together. A young man, about sixteen, raised an eyebrow as he looked to the right of the room, where most of the science equipment is located. More accurately, he was looking at a small square box, located at the right corner in the room. The box was connected to the ceiling where a small ceiling fan was currently venting the smoke from whatever caused the explosion. As the smoke thinned, he could see a person in the box, busy with whatever project which probably cause the explosion.

It's a wonder why he hasn't blow himself up yet, the young man thought offhandedly.

This person is Jasper Rollin, and is currently sitting at one of the many computers on the left side of the room, feet up on the desk, and ball-like device in his hands. The young man was dressed somewhat formally; he wore a pair of black kakis, and button up red dress shirt. The last two buttons were undone, showing a small silver pendent nearly hidden under his shirt. About the only thing out of place with this young man's outfit is his footwear; he wore tatter white high tops.

Jasper's skin was a little pale, but it was healthy-looking. He was also noticeable shorter then most teens his age, he stood about 5 feet, two and half inches. Jasper isn't to worried about his height though, he's just waiting for one growth sprout to put him over the top, as he's likes to say when someone asks about his height. He's also thin for his age, but not underweight. His face was also a little narrow, with his jaw bone sticking out. He's also has Heterochromia, his right eye is a navy blue, while his left is forest green. Probably the thing that stands out most about Jasper is his hair. His hair was mostly a strawberry blonde, styled into small spikes. Interestingly, the tips of each spike are colored a hot pink. Whenever he was asked about his hairstyle choice, he would just scowl and quickly changed the subject.

Jasper looked away from the box where the other guy was busy working, and turned to the device in his hand. He placed the device on the desk, opposite of his legs, and pressed a small button on the top. He watched as the side folded out, reveling a mirror on each panel, and a lamp on the center. The opened panels began moving, the two top rotating clockwise, and the bottom rotating counterclockwise. The lamp lit up, and shot out a thin neon green beam. He watched as beam bounce off the mirrors, creating a small rhythm and soon covered all the mirrors on the device.

Jasper frowned lightly as he turned off his device and moved his legs from the desk. He took out a small charging plate from his backpack, located on his right, and put on the table as he plugged an UBS cable into the computer's UBS port. He closed his device and put on the charger, and looked at the computer.

"Now, let's see here," Jasper muttered as he began looking over the data he was getting from the machine. "I design the device so the light would cycle through seven different colors in seven seconds, so the light should create a rainbow effect on the eight second."

He looked over the program for his device, looking for anything that might shed some light on his current problem. His face lit up as he noticed something in the software code.

"So that's it. This section of code has somehow become corrupted. This is no doubt is causing the light to constantly loop over to the green setting," Jasper said, and began typing on his computer. "All I should need to do is create a software patch to overwrite the corrupted code."

The young man worked for about 1 minute and half, creating his patch, and then appealed it to his device. Once that was finished, he took the ball off the charging plate, and put into the table, where his turned his device on. He watched as the panel open, and began spinning. Soon, different colors began to shot from the lamp, bouncing off the mirrors. Jasper grinned slightly as the rainbow effect he wanted took place, and then on the tenth second the top panel folded up, causing the rainbow effect to spread out. Then on the 12 second, the small machine turned off, closing back into a ball.

Oh yeah, that would be a show stopper, Jasper thought proudly.

A sudden noise got the young man's attention and he looked at the box, as a young man about his age emerged with a large device in hand. Jasper frowned as he slightly studied the young man coming toward him.

He was taller then Jasper by a nearly a foot, and was wider, though this was mainly because he was big boned. His skin was also darker, nearly red. His face, surprisingly, was just as narrow as Jasper's face, though the chin didn't stand out as nearly as much as Jasper's did. Like Jasper, this young man had mismatch eyes, exact the colors were revealed. This person's hair was long, reaching down to his neck, and tied back. Strangely, this man's hair was a hot pink with strawberry blonde highlights.

The outfit the man was wearing was a gray mechanic suit, with many holes in it and covered in grease stains. The right sleeve of the suit was noticeable torn up to the shoulder. This person is Michael Rollins, Jasper's cousin, and private pain in the butt. The young man nodded as he joined Jasper, and put his project on a spot where a computer should be.

"You know, it saying something if entire school holds a fun-raiser just so they could build a private lab for one of their more troublesome students and classmates," Jasper said offhandedly.

Michael looked over at his cousin, a big energetic smile blossoming on his face. "Because they all realized that I'm a true genius who deserves to have his own place so their inferior minds wouldn't corrupt me," he said in a proud, knowing voice.

Or they just got tired of cleaning up after you on a daily basis, Jasper thought sarcastically.

It's a well known fact in the school that Michael is an ego-manic. He even once said that Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein together wouldn't have ¼ the brain power that he processes. In fact, Michael believe he's so smart that every other known geniuses is nothing more then an inferior copy of what was to come.

This ego-tripping doesn't set well with most of the student body either. Because he believes himself superior to others, Michael often does stuff that robs others the wrong way, like cutting in the lunch line. He sometimes doesn't even show up for classes, believing that the teachers have nothing to teach him. He probably would have been expelled a long time ago, if not for Jasper, and a secret method he uses to keep his cousin under control. In fact, the school board had made it so that the Rollins cousins had all classes together so Jasper can keep Michael in line.

"…You know, after I show this off at that mess the masses call a science Fair, the wings in all museums who housed those inferior copy inventors would be changed to my name. After all, I am the-blah, blah."

Jasper tuned out his cousin as he began his usual ego-tripping speech, and instead look at Michael invention. It was a pyramid, about the size of a scale-model volcano. The pyramid was most a pale blue with a black frame. The body of the pyramid was covered in a mess of mazes, a design that Jasper just couldn't figure out. Finally, the top of the device was flat, and Jasper knew that the top can open up, where a small pole was located. He looked at the device he has been working earlier, and knew that it was meant to fit into the larger machine, but what it was going to do, he was clueless.

Jasper looked at his cousin and noticed that he was half way through his usual speech. He let out a light sigh, and grabbed his project. He showed it to Michael, who face lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw it. He greedily took it from his cousin's hand, almost tearing Jasper's arm out of it socket.

"…So you're finally fixed that software glitch, do you?" Michael asked ungratefully.

Jasper gave his cousin a small glare but kept his commits to himself. Michael ignored his cousin's glare as he turned to his device. He opened the top of the pyramid, and with skillful hands, added the ball into the pole, connecting some wires in the process. He then closed the device and connected to a nearby computer. He began to work, only to frown immediately.

"…Stupid computer doesn't have enough RAM," Michael said in slight anger, and then snapped his fingers, "I know, I will network all the computers together, that would give just enough RAM."

Michael then got up, and began moving around the room, connecting all the computers together. Jasper watched his cousin half-heartedly, and then sighed lightly.

"…You do remember that networking all the computers are against the school rules, right?" the young man asked flatly.

"If those inferior minds would let me upgrade these relics, then I wouldn't have to do this," Michael replied, without looking at his cousin.

Jasper just sighed quietly, and picked up his backpack. He did a quick check, and was please to see his was fully loaded with aspirin, bandage, and other medical supplies. He put the pack down as Michael returned to his side, and began working. Jasper, slightly curiously, looked over his cousin's shoulder. He frowned lightly when he noticed that the information that Michael was inputting, was going to fast for him to read.

"…So, mind filling me in on what we're working on?" Jasper asked casually.

Michael paused in his work, and looked at his cousin, ready to say something. His face suddenly pales, and he let out a small, near mute gasp as he saw his cousin's "Better tell me or else" look. It took him a split of a second to recover and let out a fake cough. He turned to his computer and resumed his work.

"…If you must know, I'm working on a cold fusion reactor," Michael said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Jasper looked at his cousin skeptically. "You're saying that you're trying to do what some of the greatest minds had tried and failed to doe for decades?" he asked skeptically.

Michael let out a short laugh, and though Jasper couldn't see his face well, he knew that his cousin had a cocky smile on his face. Jasper nearly groaned, as he realized he said something he shouldn't have.

"Please, those inferior minds couldn't even play hangman without help. And for your information, all of those inferior mind wish they had the processing power of my mind. What took them years to fail, it only took me three mouths to succeed," Michael said proudly.

Jasper just groaned and took out a smart-phone from his pack. He booted up a game review site, and began reading as he let his cousin continue on with his ego-tripping, figuring it would be easier to let him work instead of enduring long winded speeches.

Sometimes, I wish I could do what the other members of this group could do and leave, Jasper thought bitterly.


"Move it, move it, you slugs!" screamed a bearded couch as he drilled the football team.

The Cross High Football team was busy being drilled into the ground for the championship game coming up. However, one member of the team was setting on a bunch, dressed in some normal clothing, and reading a play book. A point of interest is his left leg, which was bandage.

This is Jerry Gale, age 16, and consider by most to be the most coordinated and level-headed person in the entire school. Most students come to him when they have problems. His skills also had earned him the quarterback spot on the football team. He also considered an all around nice guy, but no pushover either. Despite all of these amazing talents, he's not immune to accident, like the one that injured his foot. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious, and as long as he doesn't do anything to it, it should be fine before the big game.

Jerry stand about as tall as any teenager, about 5' 11", and he was lean with just a hint of muscle due to all of his practicing. His skin was a light tan, due to having a black father, and French mother. His chin was a little square, and had a small but noticeable triangle shape scar under his right eye. His eyes were a deep shade of green, and his hair, which was kept short, was a whitish blonde.

Today, the young star was wearing a pair of black jeans, a single white high top and white sweater. Noticeable, he wore a medical bracelet on his right wrist.

"Hey, Gale!" Jerry looked up and saw his two friends coming toward him.

Julian Kane, age 16, is considered the near opposite of his friend in everyway. He rude, disrespectful to everyone he meets, and talks back to a lot of people. It's also these traits that make him an excellent blocker on the football team. Despite this, he has, at time, show to have a small soft spot, but this only come out when small children and animals are around.

Julian is also tall, about 6 feet, nine inches, which helps with his football playing. Though he was wearing his practice uniform at the moment, Julian's normal attire usual consents of a pair of camouflage pants, army boots, muscle shirts, and a sleeveless jacket. His face is bit round, giving him a babyish face, made worse by his shaved head. His eyes were a bright red, and his eyebrows were also red.

"You know man, have you even wonder if pee can be white?" Lance Burns, age16, asked in a mellow tone, causing his two friends to gave him awkward stares.

Most students and even teachers consider Lance a true mystery. He's always smiling and say what's on his mind, even if doesn't make sense. One of his most annoy traits is his strange ability to know what going on at any given time, no matter where he is. Another trait that drives most of his friends' nuts is his habit to talk about strange and often gross things. But, he's also known to be good listen, and is willing to help, no matter how odd the fashion he does them in.

Lance is the shortest kid in the entire high school, standing at five feet even. He also thin, so thin that some students claim to have seen his ribcage, though those are just rumors. His skin is a milky white, and he bleached his massy hair to match his skin. His face was narrow, but beside a nose ring on the left side of his nose, he looked firmly normal, with a pair of blue eyes.

Outside of his training outfit, Lance is known to dress very unusual. He usually wears denim shorts with hole around the pockets, and a pair of working boots. He wears a shirt with mismatch sleeves and two watches. The most noticeable thing about his usual outfit is a big star pendent he wears.

"…Whatever you say, weird-o," Julian said rudely, and turned to Jerry. "So, you know anything about those two jerks we were settled with for that lame science project?"

Jerry sighed and put his play book down and looked at his friends. "Well, I know Jasper, we both work part time at the local burger place in the mall. He's an okay guy, very laid back. He normally doesn't let much get to him, unless it involves his cousin."

Suddenly, Lance jumped into the bench that Jerry was sitting on, and got close to his friend, to close in fact that Jerry could smell the garlic on his friend's breath, making him feel a little uncomfortable.

"Yeah, what dirt do you have on the freaky twins?" Lance asked, wiggling his fingers in a menacing fashion. "One's a mad scientist and the other a mad mind-controller. We not save I tell you, not SAVE!"

Jerry and Julian just gave their friend an awkward stare before Jerry gently pushed Lance away. The injured quarterback took a moment to compose himself and looked at his teammate.

"Well, I don't know about Michael, but Jasper has promise to get in touch when things are sort out," Jerry said reassuringly. Suddenly the sound of a door chimp filled the air, and Jerry took a smart phone from his pack. He smiled as he read the text he just got. "Well, speak of the devil. He said to meat him early tomorrow so we can see the project."

"…About time," Julian said impatiently.

"Well, I don't want my brain suck through my ears with a straw," Lance suddenly said, once more drawing awkward stare from his friends.

Jerry looked away from his friend, feeling a little uncomfortable, and grabbed a cane near his pack. He stood up, careful not to put to much weight onto his injure foot, and grab his stuff.

"Well, guys, I have an appointment tonight, so I will see you two tomorrow," Jerry said kindly.

Lance and Julian watched as their friend walked away before retreating to the lockers room to get clean up.

(That Night)

Cross Town is a small community, nestled near a mountain. It not known for much, say for the strange cross-like shape edge into the mountain that the town faces. No one knows how it got there or if someone somehow curved it into the mountain. All they know is that the thing is there, and most could care less about it.

The Lonely Cross, a small tavern where the normal person goes to unwind after a hard day of work. It was currently empty, say for a few stragglers who just refuse to leave. The doorbell chimed, drawing the bartender's attention as a stranger entered. The newcomer was clearly from out of town, with his fancy white suit, a pair of new leather loafer, a white fedora that look fresh off a store rack, and a black silk scarf hanging around his neck. The fedora was angle in such a way that his face was covered from view. A trench coat was tucked smugly under the guy's right arm as he looked around the tavern. When he didn't find whoever he was seeking, he walked up, and took a seat at the bar.

"I will have a whiskery with a shot of lemon in it," the man said politely in a small southern accent.

The bartender looked at the newcomer, feeling something not quite right about him. Still, he went about fixing the guy's drink, as he was a paying costumer.

"My dad always said that if someone asked for lemon with their drinks, shouldn't drink at all."

The man looked to his right, and saw another man, dressed in black jeans, black high tops, a black hooded sweatshirt, and a featureless, black ball cap. Like the man in white, the man in black's cap was angle so that most of his face was hidden from preying eyes.

"Well, maybe it your dad who can't hold his drink and should keep his nose out of other's business," the man in white replied in a cold voice.

The two fell into a silence as the bartender brought the white man his drink. For the next five minutes, the two oddly dressed men just set there, sipping on their drinks. Soon, however, the black man slipped his bar-mate a small piece of paper. The white man gave it a belief glaze before grabbing it and pocketing it.

"Everything's set for tomorrow," the white man said his voice barely upon a whisper. "The men are ready to move once the time is right."

The black man nodded slightly and finished off his beer. He silently asked for another, and looked at his bar-mate slightly.

"Good, and what about the equipment?" the black man asked calmly, matching the white man's tune.

"In place, and ready when the operation begins," the white man replied. "Though I still don't understand why we need to capture two students. Wouldn't that put the entire operation at risk?"

The black man let out a faint sigh and looked away, as the bartender returned with his drink. "Those two are of special interest, and the higher up as would like for them to be part of something bigger."

The white man turned slightly to look at his bar-mate, and though his face was covered, the confusion was plain as day. If the black man saw it, he didn't acknowledge it. He just calmly sipped his beer. Finally, he spoke, though he didn't look at the man in white.

"…Those orders came from the ones in charge, and shouldn't be questioned. Once the operation begins, you are to retrieve the targets, and bring them to our employer."

The man in white continue to look at his bar-mate for about another 30 seconds, before looking away, and finishing off his own drink. He then paid for the drink, and left without another word. The man in black stayed at the tavern for a little while longer, to insure that no one made the connection between the two.

(The Next day)

Julian let out big yawn as he half dragged himself across the school grounds. He scowled as he looked at the school. He then looked at his watch on his right wrist, and his scowl grew when it saw that it was 7:45 AM. He looked at Jasper, who was leading himself, and his football player classmates, to the school.

"We don't have to be at this place for over a half a hour, so tell me why we're here now?" the tall player asked rudely.

"Well…Michael doesn't like others to see his work," Jasper replied with a light shrug. "You wouldn't believe how long it took me just to convince him to let you all see it."

Suddenly Lance got in front of the young man with the mismatch hair, so close that Jasper could smell cinnamon and garlic on his breath. The smell so powerful, it made the mellow man a bit light headed.

"So, what kind of mad science is that freaky brother of yours doing this time?" Lance asked, rolling his tongue with each other word. "Some sort of mind switcher? A thingy to makes you smell incredibly good?"

"If that was the case, I would have let you use it first, to clean up that mouth of yours," Jasper said causally, as he gently pushed the odd teenager away. "Listen, we can just get going? Michael has been in the school since five, and I don't like leaving him alone longer then needed."

He then turned around and began walking towards the school. He stopped when he realized that no one was following him. He turned around, and frowned when he saw the three football players were wearing mildly shocked expression on their faces. Jasper sighs heavily and robbed his left temple. It was clear that the same thought was running through the three heads, and he decided to defuse the satiation before it could start.

"Listen, I know what you're thinking, but trust me, it better if you don't know. I know, and I wish I didn't know, so we can please just go?" Jasper asked in a tone flat.

He then turned around, and began walking toward the school again. The three football players exchange worried looks, once more feeling uneasy about this assignment and the partner they were given. Still, they hurried after Jasper, really having no other choice if they want a good grade. The group walked up to the front door, where they were meant with a small surprise.

"…Principle Morrison, what are you doing here?" Jerry asked curiously.

Principle Hugh Morrison smiled warmly as the students approach him. "Well, since Michael was here, I figure I better keep an eye on him. We don't want a repeat of what happened last time."

The man, age 46, was dressed quite causally. He wore a pair of worn-in brown loafers and gray slacks. The sleeves of his light tan dress shirt were rolled up to the elbows, and the last two buttons of the shirt was undone. Morrison's face betrayed his age. His face didn't have a wrinkle on it, and his red hair, which he kept short and styled to the right, didn't have a gray hair in it. His green eyes, however, had great experience behind them and a sense of warmth not find in many.

Again, the football players were left confuse, and turned to Jasper for answer. And like before, the mellow teen chooses to remain silent, giving the principle a massage from his stare. Morrison's smile faltered for a belief moment, and then looked at Jerry, his smile returning.

"Jerry, how's the leg doing?" he asked kindly.

The quarterback smiled and patted his left leg. "The doctor said it good to go, but I still keep weight off of it for a few more days, just in case."

Morrison smiled a little more, and nodded. "That's good to know. We will need you for the big game coming up soon."

"…Principle," Jerry said shyly, his cheeks redden a bit. "There's a bunch of good players on the team, I'm just one part of that team."

Morrison opened his mouth to say something, when a distant explosion caught everyone's attention. Jasper and Morrison's faces paled to a matching white and before someone could ask about the explosion, Jasper took off running. He would have run straight into the door, if not for the principle being near the object, and thereby was able to open it in time. The three football players watched, with confusion, as their lab partner disappear into the barely lit hall of the school. They looked to their principle for answers. Morrison just gave them a nervous smile.

"I kept him to long," the principle replied sheepishly. "You all go on ahead, and tell Jasper I will be by later to review the damage."

And with that, Morrison entered into the school, leaving behind three very concern and confused football players. Again, all were debuting if they really wanted venture into the mess that was no doubt the science lab. And like before they all realized that they needed this grade to pass, and reluctantly walked into the school. The faint smell of smoke litter the air as the three made their way up to the second floor. They could see a thin line of black smoke coming from the open door of the science/computer room. With one more exchange of doubtful glares, the three enter into the room, and saw something that truly chilled them to the bone.

"And why weren't you using your special room?" Jasper asked through clinch teeth.

The normally calm and mellow teen's entire body was tense up, and his hands were so tightly balled that it was a surprise that bleed wasn't coming out of them. His face was red around eyes, no doubt from the intense anger he was feeling. In fact, if someone would to look really close, they would see that Jasper was shacking slightly.

"…Didn't think about it," Michael replied offhandedly.

The egoistical genius was to busy gathering parts of some kind to notice his cousin behavior. In fact, he didn't seem like he notice anything expect for the project he was currently working on. It didn't matter that he was cover in black soot or breathing in smoke. All that matter was the project he was working on.

The three football players looked around noticing the device that was part of their project in the computer section, and noticed something else in the science section of the room. They move closer to investigate the area, and were a little bewildered by what they saw. Different parts litter the area, some even broken and tore apart. And in the center was no doubt the project that Michael was working on. At first glaze, it looked like a biplane without a frame. But what its purpose was, they didn't know, nor did they care.

With their curiosity settle, the players looked toward the cousins and were once seeing another side to the usually mellow teen. Jasper had seemed to calm down considerably, his body was relax, and his hand shoved into his pocket. His face had also returned to it normal coloring. And though he looked at ease, the football players could see the anger clearly in his eyes. Jasper also seems to be sending his cousin a silent message, one that Michael was getting loud and clear. The brain with an ego was shaking slightly, with the part he was holding, barely staying within his grip. His face was a little pale, and his eyes were darting around, looking making sure no one was in earshot.

"…So, mind telling me what doing here?" Jasper asked in an eerily calm voice, one that sent shiver down the others' spines. "I thought you said that the project for the science fair was finished?"

Hearing his cousin spoke seemed to snap Michael back to normal. He stopped shaking and straightened up, looking Jasper in the eyes. Though he looked calm, the three players could tell by his body language that he was still being cautious around his cousin.

"While waiting for you, in-," Michael nearly gaps when he saw his cousin give him a warning glare, but quickly regain his composure. "-waiting for you, I decided to begin a new project. The world's first ever food maker!"

The room fell into an awkward silence as the players looked back the item they were just looking over a minute ago. How that misshapen piece of junk was support to make food, was beyond them. The turn their attention back to the cousins and found Jasper robbing his right temple. He let out a heavy sigh and looked at his cousin in the face, his expression somewhat tired.

"…Look, we have about 40 minute tops before school starts. So let get this over so I can find some place to cool off," Jasper said, his voice flat.

Michael simply nodded, and gestured everyone to gather around him. The group did as they were told and immediately notice something. All the computers had been linked up to the computer that Michael device was plugged into. When Jasper saw this, his face started to turn red again.

"You networked the computer again?" he asked, the anger clear in his voice. "I TOLD YOU THAT WERE AGAINST SCHOOL RULE!"

Jerry Julian, and even Lance all took two steps back, slightly disturb as Jasper let into his cousin with ever single rule that Cross High had ever created. They were even more disturbed when Michael didn't seem phased by his cousin outburst, he just waited patiently for him to finish. Julian leaned in close, curious about something.

"Why aren't we allowed to network the computers?" he asked curiously.

Jerry thought it over for a moment and shrugged, looking at his friend from the corner of his right eye. "No one really knows. I heard once that someone ripped off another student's invention, and made a cool mill on it. The school was sued and nearly went bankrupt."

Suddenly, Lance appeared between the two, with a creepy smile on his face. "I heard someone stole a muffin recipe." He then returned to Jerry's left side before anyone could say a thing.

The others just ignored their odd friend and returned their attention to the cousins. Jasper had once more calm down, and has his eyes close, holding the bridge of his nose. The usually mellow teenager was taking several calming breathes as he tried collect himself. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked at his cousin.

"…Okay, just get on with this before I loose it again," Jasper said, his voice flat once more. "And. Keep. It. Short."

Michael gulp slightly and then turned to the others. He took a second to collect himself before addressing the players. "Now, you inferior-"

"…Michael," Jasper said with a slight warning to his voice.

The brain with an ego looked at his cousin, his face paling slightly before turning his attention back to the others.

"…Well, as I was about to say, with my latest masterpiece, the entire shape of the world will change," Michael said boastfully, gesturing to the pyramid. "This is the world's first fully working cold fusion reactor. Note that the only plug to this device is a computer USB cable. Once I unplug it from the computer it will be able power itself. And for showcase reason, there's a small ball in the center of the device. Once activated, it light up the room with rainbow colors. Now, behold the marvel that is a true genius."

Michael then unplugged the cable and pressed a button, near the right corner of the machine. To everyone's surprise, the machine started up with a faint hum. Everyone watched as the top of the machine opened, and the ball lifted up. They watched as the ball open, and light began bouncing off the mirrors. When the time came, the ball opened all the way, and the room was bathed in rainbow colors.

The three football player crowd around the device, trying to find any sigh that they were somehow being fooled. Behind them, Michael grinned in satisfaction, knowing that they wouldn't find anything. The only one not fuming over the device was Jasper. He was leaning against the wall near the door, like expecting something bad to happen at any second.

A fear that soon was proven to be all to true.

The pyramid's humming suddenly got louder and nosier. Jerry and the others back away as the rainbow light was replaced with strange rainbow color bolts of electricity. Worried, Jasper ran up to his cousin, and grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Michael! Something wrong! Turn that thing off before it blows!" jasper said hastily.

Michael looked at his cousin and gave him a confident smile. "Don't worry you're inferior little head off. I programmed a self-correcting feature into the reactor's software. It should take care of any glitches in no time."

Jasper opened to say something, only to gasp when a green bolt of electricity zoom between the cousins. They looked at the machine and Michael gasp when he saw that the problem had gotten worse, not better. The rainbow electricity was now covering the entire machine, and to make matter worse, the ever air was starting to become electrified, no doubt due to that earlier explosion drying out the air. It was clear to Jasper that something bad was about to happen.

"Everyone, move!" No sooner did those word leave the young man's mouth, did a blue bolt strike him right in the chest.

Jasper let out a faint gasp as he fell to his knees, right hand clinching the area in his chest where the bolt hit him. The others looked at him, shocked into stillness. Unfortunately this proved to be a very stupid move. Bolts of green, red, yellow and orange shot from the machine, each hitting one of the stun teens. The red bolt strike Jerry in his recovering feet, the green bolt got Julian in his right shoulder, the yellow bolt hit Lance in right hip, and the orange bolt got Michael right behind his right ear. They all gasp, as they fell to their knees, their entire bodies strangely numb. Thankfully, for some odd reason, the machine shut down.

For the next five minutes, the guys just kneeled there, allowing their bodies to regain feeling. Jasper was the first to recover, which shouldn't be surprising, since he's often at the end of his cousin failed experiments. He slowly got to his feet, stilling hold his chest, and breathing a little irregular, but otherwise, looked unharmed. He looked at the pyramid and sigh in relief when he saw that it was off.

Good thing I sneaked that kill switch failsafe into the device when Michael wasn't looking, Jasper thought in relief.

He then checked on the rest, starting with Jerry. He gave the quarterback a quick shake that snapped him back to his senses, and he looked at Jasper.

"…You doing okay? How's the foot?" Jasper asked kindly.

Jerry nodded, and robbed his foot. "Yeah, doesn't seem like it broken again."


Startled, the two looked behind Jasper and saw Julian lunged for Michael and grabbed him by the collar. In a fit of rage, he been shaking the still rattle teen fiercely.

"What's wrong you with you? You could have seriously hurt me!" Jerry spitted angrily. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Michael, however, didn't seem to notice anything around him. He had a far away look to his eyes and he mattered something that could be barely made out.

"I don't understand it. I did the math perfectly, so why did it happen again?"

This just confused Julian, and made him that much madder. Jasper, seeing where this was going, sighed and walked over to the enraged player. He pulled Michael free, and get in between him and Julian.

"Listen, I know from experience how frustrating my cousin's inventions can be. I also know that it best not to get to hang on them either," Jasper said, his voice sounding causal. "So how about we just let it be…for now."

"Beside, we don't appear to be hurt," Jerry added. "But I would like to get check out, just to be sure.

Julian glared dagger at Jasper, but the young man stood firm. After moment, the enrage let out a frustrated sigh, and looked at Michael, with "we'll finish this later" glare. He then stormed out before anything else could be said. Jerry frown a little as he joined Jasper.

"…Sorry about that," the quarterback said, apologizing for his friend's action.

Jasper just shrug and said," Nothing I'm not use to. What about him? Is here ok?"

Jasper pointed behind Jerry and the young man looked behind him, frowning slightly when he noticed that Lance hadn't moved yet. Jerry groan slightly, and walked up to the odd ball, whispering something into his ear. Suddenly, Lance spring to his feet, and with a light drool coming from his mouth, he ran out the room with such speed, it kick up a small dust trail. Jasper give Jerry a questioning look as he rejoin him.

"I told him the school was serving muffins for breakfast, and he wanted to be first in line," the quarterback answered causally and pointed at Michael. "And what about him?"

Jasper sigh faintly as he looked at his cousin. "Don't worry about him. He gets that way when his stuff fails. He would usually pick himself up after he realized that it wasn't "his" fault why his invention didn't work out. Say, before you go, can you help me unplug all of these computers?"

Jerry nodded, and together both began to unplug all the network cables. Both fail to notice one of the screens at the far end was flashing. On the screen, were the words "download complete" in bold, red letters. Both teens fail to notice this as they finish unplugging the computers, and put them into sleep mood.

(Later that day)

It was past ten, and every student was in class at the moment, including the five that endure the accident early this morning. Unfortunately, one certain teen wasn't feeling all that good. Jasper groaned lightly as he held his chest with his right hand. Thick drops of sweat ran down his face, soaking his shirt. His vision was also blurring, and he felt light headed.

And here I thought I was fine, jasper thought through the pain he was feeling.

After the regular school day had started, he had taken Jerry's advice and went to the nurse. Unsurprisingly, the nurse's office had more equipment then one would find in a high school nurse's office. Again, this was due to Michael and all the accidents he causes. Even less surprising was that Jasper was a regular there due to being in those accidents he cousin creates. It has gotten to the point that he's on a first name basis with the 20 plus year nurse.

The nurse had given Jasper his usual check-up and give him a clean bill of health, though she did note that Jasper's chest muscles were a little tight. He figure that it was due to the bolt he took to his chest, but was glad that he was otherwise fine. After being sent off by the nurse, he had a light breakfast and went to class.

That's when the pains had started.

It started out small, a couple of ping of chest pain here and there. It continue to get worse, progressing until it was to the point where it was almost unbearable. It almost felt like he was going to faint at any moment from the pain. He was barely aware when the teacher came up to his and gently shook his right shoulder

"Rollin, are you ok?" asked the concern teacher.

Jasper weakly looked up and force a smile onto his lips. "I-I fine, j-just something in the breakfast I had this morning," he replied, straggling to get the words out.

Unfortunately, the teacher wasn't buying it. He frown a little more, and cross his arms over his chest. "Sorry Jasper, most of the teachers know of the accident this morning. And if the state you're in is any sort of indication, I think you should go see the nurse again. And took you're cousin with you; he's in just as bad as you."

This cause bells to ring in Jasper head, and look to his right, where his cousin was current seated. He's eyes snapped open when he realized that Michael was just as bad as he was. He was sweating and appear to be in pain, holding the spot where the bolt hit him. He looked at the teacher and realized he was right.

So, with a faint sigh, Jasper stood up, maybe little to quickly, he realized. A massive rush of light-headedness and nausea suddenly over took him, and he would have fallen if not for the teacher, catching him.

"Do you need someone to accompany you two?" the teacher asked in concern.

Jasper manage a weak smile as he said," No, I think we can make it. Just hold our stuff. Come on, Michael, let's go."

The brain with an ego looked at his cousin weakly and nodded, unable to put up a fight. Jasper then lightly grabbed his cousin by the arm and gently help him to his feet. Together, the Rollin cousins slowly but surely made their way out of the classroom, leaving behind their stuff and a bunch of concern classmates.

The two made their way slowly to the nurse's office, careful not to upset their condition any farther. Thankfully, since class was still going on, there wasn't much resistance, and it looks like they would make it. Unfortunately, luck wasn't with Jasper at that moment, as he felt a rather powerful pain exploded in his chest, and quickly reached his stomach. Jasper could feel the content in his stomach coming up quickly, and in a rare moment, forget about everything else as he hurried off to the nearest bathroom.

Luck was with the young teen as there was a nearby restroom, and he entered it without a moment's hesitation. He made it to the nearest still just as his breakfast came back up. For this next three minutes, he kneeled there, vomiting up anything he had. Finally, after everything was out of him, he at least felt a little better, and exited the stall after flushing. He then went to a sink and slash some cold water on his face.

He looked at his reflection and frown slightly when he noticed something odd with his hair. The hot pink tips looked different. Maybe it was the pain, making him a little delusional, but Jasper could have sworn the pink in his hair look a little brownish. He got a little close, and continue to watch as the pink was completely over taken by brown hair. Once the tips were cover, the brown began to move down the rest of Jasper's hair.

Speaking of hair, Jasper notice that it was starting to grow, at an alarming rate, and the spikes were flattening themselves out. The confuse teen suddenly gasp as he realized something. This wasn't some sort of delusion, this was actually happening, his hair was growing, changing color and restyling itself all on its own. Once he realized what happening, he felt like cursing.

"…Michael, what have you done to me this time?" Jasper asked dryly.

He suddenly cried out in pain and grip his chest. A terrible amount of pain was surging through his chest, but was somehow different then the pain he experience before. It almost felt like pure electricity was surging inside of his chest, quickly making it way through the rest of his body. In fact, he could see blue sparks flying around the expose parts of his body.

Suddenly the pain was gone, and he could clearly see the changes that was occurring with his body. The confuse teen watched as the rest of his body start to shift and reshape itself.

Jasper became transfix on the mirror, watching as changes began to happen faster. As his hair continue to grow, he saw his skin brighten every so slightly, giving a more healthy glow, but still retaining it pale coloring. He watched as his mismatch eyes faded into a matching light blue. His jaw shrunk, becoming smaller as his face narrowed a bit more.

Jasper was so fixated on his face, he fail to realize that changes was still continuing, quickly working down his neck. He suddenly gasped as he felt something quickly grow onto his chest, putting awkward pressure on his shirt. Gasping for air, he grabbed his shirt, and tore it open, causing some of the buttons to fly into the air. His face turned a bright red as watched a pair of "melons" grow onto his chest.

"…Oh man, this is one hell of mistake," Jasper said, not noticing that his voice was starting to change as well.

He watched as his stomach smooth out slightly, and his waist narrowed. He almost felt like crying as his hips widen, and he felt a very precious part of him retract into his body. His legs thin out and began slightly longer, and his feet become smaller. In a bit of surprise, Jasper's transformation ended with him becoming taller by inches instead of becoming shorter.

With his strange transformation over, the now female Jasper just stared at himself, eh, herself in the mirror. He, eh, she studied her new face considerable. She couldn't put her slender finger on it, but she knew seen her new face somewhere. She knew she had seen the light brown hair that went down past her back and breast, and the small section that nearly cover her right eye, somewhere.

"…But where have I seen this face before," Jasper asked, her new voice still not reaching her mind.

Unfortunately, the weirdness wasn't over just yet. Jasper let out a soft gasp as she watched the blue electricity appeared again, only this time it was surging around his clothes. She watched, feeling awe and a bit disturb as her clothes started to move, and change shape.

The shoulders of the shirt came undone, and travel downwards. As the material travel down, the rest of the sleeve thin slightly and turned into a dark brown. The last of the shirt sleeve material settle around the wrists, and wrapped around the entire hand. The material formed into tight, white gloves that fitted the female Jasper, like, well, a glove. Finally, gold trimming appear around the top of the sleeves.

Jasper flexes her fingers slightly, noticing how well the gloves fit. She then turned her attention to her shirt as she felt it began to change. The shirt melded around her closing around her new "items" and thicken slightly as a red collar grow around her neck. She watched as the ram of the shirt quickly grew, forming into skirting, with section of the pants merging with the skirt. The skirt was divided into three sections, with the outer sections being longer then the inner section. Finally, the new piece of clothing faded into a dark brown with new gold trimming.

Next, the remaining pieces of her pants meld with her socks to form into red leggings. The odd clothing transformation completed itself with her shoes turning into long brown boots, with pointy tips and gold trimmings. A white heel-like shoe form around the bottom of jasper's feet, which cause the transformed boy to nearly fall felt on her face.

Jasper looked over her new outfit, once more feeling she has seen it somewhere before. And like before, she was drawing a blink. And to add to her frustration, it was on the tip of her mind, she couldn't grab it. She sigh after a moment and decided to let it go for the time being.

"…But I have to say, Michael's inventions never did anything like this before," Jasper suddenly gasped as she realized something. "MICHAEL!"

She realized not only did she leave him due to her little vomit episode, but she also realized something much worse. Michael was also hit with one of these bolts from his machine. That probably meant he suffer a similar transformation. And like a kick in the pants, err, skirt, she realized that Jerry and her friends were also hit.

Scowling, Jasper turned to leave, and fetch her cousin so she could be fixed. "Michael, this time you're going to-Gaah!" She nearly tripped due to the added weight to on her chest and unfamiliarity with her new shoes.

Luckily she was able to catch herself on the sink before she fell onto her face. She looked down at her shoes, cursing them as she slowly stood up.

"Why women like these things, I would never know," she muttered dryly.

She slowly made her way to the exit, trying to learn how to walk on the accursed items, and also trying to adjust to the extra weight. She made it to the exit, and slowly opened the door, cautiously sticking her head out. She did a quick search and was very happy to see that the cost was clear. She wasn't in the mood to try and think up an excuse as to why there was a strangely dressed girl in a boys' restroom. She then stepped out and did a more thorough search. She sighed when she didn't see her cousin anywhere.

"…Great, I wonder if he went somewhere when he started to change?" she asked herself.

The former boy turned to leave when she saw something from the corner of her eyes. She looked at the door, and blushed heavily when saw that she was has been in a girls' restroom the entire time.

"…I thought something was missing from that restroom," Jasper muttered awkwardly.

She then tried to put the entire restroom awkwardness behind her as she left to search for her cousin. The former boy decided to check the computer/science room first, as that was the only place she could think that he would head.

"I just hope this day doesn't get any stranger, Jasper thought with a mental sigh.


Outside of Cross high, a very curious sight was taking place. Construction crews and a dozen city dump trucks were piling around the area, blocking off every exits. Probably even more curious was the fact that some of the construction crews were climbing up the pole, and appears to be checking the phone line. Once they reach the top, one of the crewmembers cut the line open, and put on a strange device on to it.

"The line is source. Repeat, the line is source," one of the linemen said into a speaker on his shirt collar.

"Good, stay there and keep an eye on things for next ten minutes," Spoke a familiar figure.

The white man didn't wait for a reply as he turned to his men. While he was still wearing a white shirt, he now has on a pair of green cargo pants, army boots, and an equipment vest. Tied around his left arm was a black band, with the letters ULA on it. His face was still hidden but this time under a pair of glasses, and a bandana. His men were dressed in similar attires, only they were mostly dressed in black. Most of White's men also was taking semi-auto machine guns, and hand guns strip on their waists.

"The operation would begin in t-minus 10 seconds. Your jobs are to secure the students and faculty, insure that no one escapes. We can't afford any mess up here, understood?" White said in a cold voice.

The nearly the entire group remained silent. White frown slightly as looked at his watch, counting down the time in his mind. Once his watch struck 10:30, he once again turned to his men, his frown replaced with a cold expression.


White's men suddenly came to life, and began matching out of the truck as the back opened up. White calmly stepped out of the truck, and watched as many troops began filing out the dump trucks in a near single file line. He frown a little at this as he calmly made his way to the school.

If wasn't for the payoff that procedure brings, making these soldiers would be wrong, White thought calmly.

"What's going on here?"

White looked to his right and saw a middle-age security guard coming towards him. He acted quickly, taking something out of his right vest pocket, and with a snap of his wrist, sent a small dart at the guard. The middle-age man let out a small groan as he grabbed the spot on his neck where the dart entered, and fell towards the ground. With burst of superhuman speed, White close the gap and caught the guard, easily lowering him to the ground.

"That should keep him down for about six hours," White said to himself and then turned to some of his troops. "...You two! Take him someplace and watch him."

Two soldiers then came over, and wordless picked up the unconscious security guard. White watched as the two soldier walked away and stood up. He then walked into the school, calmly observing all that was going on around him. His men were busy rounding up the students and teachers. He stopped when he notice a group of girls, running down a hall. He frown a little when he notice something add about them. They were all dressed in strange outfits, and two even unnatural hair colors. White just shrugged it off, and filed it under "things he didn't understand about this generation" before proceeding to the second floor. Once he reached the second floor, he head over to the principle office. He entered to find that two of his men had already secured the room. The principle was against a corner with his unconscious aid, in his arms. Surprisingly, the principle look calm for someone held at gun point.

"What's the meaning of this?" Principle Morrison asked calmly.

White looked at the principle, and replied calmly," We are the United Libration Alliance, sworn to free the people from the towering corruption of the world's leaders. Recently, some of our top level officers were wrongly arrested by your police, and until they're released, this school is now under our control."

White got closer, and removed his sunglasses, showing his icy white eyes to world and staring directly into the principle's eyes.

"Know this, we don't intent to hurt anyone, but if we are meant with force, we will be forced to act, and I can insure you that blood will be shed," the mysterious man said in such an eerie calm voice that it sent shivers down the principle's back. "If you value the lives of those youths, I deeply suggest that you stay here, and try not to do anything that will provoke our hand."

(To be continued)