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My body, I can feel the cold breeze circling through my body. I can feel the soft and cold grass surrounding me. The melodies that I can hear are fading away, I know, I know…

I slowly opened my eyes, it was dark, and there were just trees surrounding me. I felt like the world was spinning when I had started getting up.

"Urghh, what a headache" My head felt heavy. I looked around the area, "Where am I?" I wondered. I then tried to recollect my thoughts before I ended up here. "I… I… I can't remember anything, even my name" I panicked, but I knew that I myself is a kind of guy that could calm down in such situations.

I can't remember any events that have happened before, but I do remember Japan. Maybe if I ask someone, I'll know where I am

Wild cries began to echo from the trees. I thought, for a second, about myself being inside a forest. Even an elementary kid knew how dangerous it was going in the forest at night. My body began to tremble, I raised my hand and,
"Wha! What, what is this?" These are not human hands, I hurriedly checked my entire body, and found out that I have big ears and a blue skin. "But, but" I became silent for a moment

Then out of nowhere I said, "This is just a dream, just a dream" I was trying to force myself in believing that this was just a dream.

I ran faster and faster through the woods hoping to get out from this nightmare, and because of my aimless running, I tripped and my head smacked into the ground. "Ow, Ouch!" I screamed from the pain.

I sat down near a tree to rest for a while. I began to worry because I felt tired, and most of all, that hit into the ground was really painful. If this was a dream, I should never had felt that pain. "But, but I am a human, if look like this, what does that mean?" I said to myself

Even though I couldn't remember my name and any events that happened to me before this, I could remember clearly that I am a human. I could remember clearly many information that made me a human like chemistry, physics, math, etc., how did I learned these things? I don't know and it felt weird.

I stood up and decided to find my way out from this forest. I followed the path where I hear no strange cries. Trying to avoid them is my best strategy since it's too dark.

After a while, I arrived at some kind of small lake. I was disappointed because I thought that I was out of the forest. The moon shone brightly that enabled me to see the small lake that was surrounded by thick trees. I was a little thirsty so I decided to drink from there.

"What, this is impossible, how?" upon seeing my reflection from the water. I can somehow remember what this image of mine is.

"Riolu, I am, I am a pokemon?"

It was so hard for me to believe what I just saw, real pokemon doesn't exist even outside Japan. I've turned into a riolu, this was unbelievable, and creepy too.

"What's happening, where am I?" I said to my confused reflection. In a split of a second, a large amount of water gushed from the surface of the lake and hit me. I was thrown upwards, away from the lake, and fell, bouncing and sliding into the ground.

"That hurts" I cried

I hurriedly stood and faced the lake, two creatures jumped from the water to the grounds near me. I can't believe my eyes, those creatures are actually a poliwag, a pokemon.

The two poliwag looked so vicious, so I started running away from them, but then, my body started to flinch from the pain earlier. The two poliwag used water gun aimed at me. I tried to shield it with my arms, but the strong current carried me away crashing into the nearby tree. My back was inflicted with so much pain.

"I won't die in this place" I whispered to myself

I stood up, my legs were shaking, and I couldn't run anymore.
The two poliwag, again, were attempting another water gun, there was nothing I could do besides watching them. The time suddenly stopped, the motion of their water gun rushed into my memory. The two poliwag unleashed their water gun attack to finish me, but I couldn't just accept dying here so I followed my involuntary reflex and, suddenly, I saw myself using water gun too.

My water gun collided with theirs, and dispersed their water gun. My water gun, then, hit the two poliwag directly. I was amazed that I managed to do that, even though I don't know what I just did.

After the water particles had dispersed, to my horror, the two poliwag were unaffected like it was nothing. They attacked with another water gun aimed at me. My body was in pain, and can't move well, I was helplessly hit, carried by the water gun, and crashed again to the tree. My vision began to blur as I was falling down into the ground, my hearing was getting fainter as I approached the ground, and finally, the hit into the ground left me unconscious.

-End of Prologue-

Notes: To enlighten some points in the story

Riolu in pokemon have the move called mirror move which can copy the opponents' last attack that's why riolu was able to use water gun

Poliwag in pokemon can have the ability Water Absorb which can nullify water attacks and use it to heal itself.