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Rumor Has It


The music was taking over Grace's limbs as she danced. She could feel it carrying her in mid air, like she was flying. This is how she felt when she danced – like she could fly. It didn't feel like she was flying today. Around the room, she could spot all the perfect ballerinas and the guys. She didn't understand how she wasn't blending in with them today.

In the painfully pink, grey and black sight before her, she was seeing double of a person. Her heart was beating all funny. She really couldn't breathe. The pain from all over was becoming worse; she couldn't hold on and carry on anymore. As the aching in her ankle and in the bridge of her foot became worse, she collapsed.

Instead of flying, she fell.

When her body hit the ground, she looked at the wood underneath her flat palms, and the music had stopped. She blinked a few times before looking up at everyone surrounding her through her brown locks that had fallen from her tight bun. She gulped when their ballet coach, Joan, stepped before her.

She wasn't a really nice lady, to say the east. Her ballet coaches ever nice? The only person she seemed to favor was Donna, because she was a pro. She had a shot of making it. Grace always doubted herself about making it. She knew she couldn't because she was slightly different.

"What's the matter, Ms. Wexler?" Joan said, her voice sharp and loud it started Grace.

The brunette who was lying on the floor cleared her throat and said, "I was just feeling a little light headed, Joan. I'm sorry." There was a silence between them as Joan leaned down and peered into Grace's soul through her eyes. She didn't know what the coach was doing, but she felt extremely nervous. If looks could kill, she would be long gone.

"You feed yourself before you enter my classroom, Grace," Joan said in her forever mean tone. Grace nearly gasped but she resisted the urge. She just continued to silently gasp for air. "I don't want fainting in my class – or dying, for that matter. You're being disrespectful towards the peers among you. People here, they want to learn, Ms. Wexler."

Grace didn't know how she really knew about her not eating as much as she used to but it wasn't just that. "I am eating, ma'am," Grace defended herself. "But my feet aren't feeling strong today. I really apologize for the disruption." Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to say. It just slipped.

"What kind of excuse is that?" Joan spat.

"I'm different," Grace said in a tiny voice.

"Different how, dear?"

"I have extremely flat feet and it hurts sometimes, ma'am."

There was another silence and Joan was just looking at her. She smiled and she started laughing. She might as well have ripped Grace's heart right out of her chest. The girl was so terrified; she didn't know what to do. The students around her didn't say a thing, didn't laugh along. Donna smirked, however, had her arms folded and she was smiling. "They hurt, do they?" Joan said.

Grace nodded, mute.

"What do you want me to do, Grace? Give you a kissy? Pat you on the back? Get up!" She shrieked, and Grace struggled to her feet. It was only once she was on her feet that she realized how sore her ankle was.

She nearly tripped right off of her feet again trying to stand straight, but arms had caught her. Grace looked at whom the arms belonged to and they had belonged to Jerry. She didn't know where he had come from but then it struck her he had always been in this class. Either way, she was really glad he was there. Grace gave him a nod and he nodded back, but held her there because if he let go, she'd fall.

Joan smiled. "How kind of you, Mr. Martinez."

"No problem," Jerry said, but he knew she was speaking with great sarcasm.

Joan looked Grace up and down. "Are you expected special treatment in my studio, Ms. Wexler because it sure sounds like you are." Grace shook her head. She didn't know what scared her most: the fact that her voice was cold and low or that her breath smelt like hell. "Every heard of Margot Fonteyn?"

"Yes ma'am," Grace said, her head held high.

"One of the greatest classical ballerinas in all of history," Joan said, nodding, and her feet started to circle around Grace. "She danced as one of the leads ion Swan Lake, Sylvia, The Firebird, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker … I could go on but that would take says. She was superior and conquered whatever came in her way. She had flaw like you, Grace. She too had flat feet. But she shined. You remind me of a rotting rat."

Grace nearly choked on air.

"You're depressing, disrespectful, backchatty and you bring no stage presence. You are no Margot Fonteyn. You are pathetic and if it were up to me, I would not have you in my class." She whipped her head to the Latino who was giving Grace balance and smiled again, Grace's hand snaking up to her neck, hoping it would prevent her from vomiting. "Take her to the cafeteria and get the lunch ladies to get her an ice pack. I'm pretty sure the injury is not fatal."

Jerry nodded, looking down at Grace's feet and looking back at her. She snaked her arm around him and cooperated with him as he helped her limp right out of the studio, two-dozen pairs of eyes staring back at them. When they were outside the studio, the door was closed and the music had been put back on. The atmosphere was gone in there by now. People knew not to play with Joan's buttons now.

While they were walking out of the building several minutes later, after getting there in silence, the brunette stopped for a moment and sighed, gulping a few times to catch her breath. Jerry shook his head and chuckled. He wasn't amused by the fact that Grace was inhaling her last breaths. He was very impressed. "You're a tough cookie. Most girls would have cried. Joan's a bitch."

"Well, as you can see, I'm not most girls," Grace almost laughed at herself and shook her head. Her voice wasn't choked up at all. Like she kept on reminding herself, she was different. She wasn't like the others. "I'm not upset. I actually really want to slaughter her right now."

"Oh really?" Jerry laughed.

"Yup," Grace said, sighing and then limped on beside Jerry. "At least it got me away from her terrible face, right?"

Donna's eyes were on Jack while she was in the studio, stuffing her pointe shoes into her duffel bag after the ballet class. The bell have rung for lunch, but Jack still had to gather up all of his equipment and take it back to his dorm – like he always doe during lunch time, unless he has tutoring the period before.

Her heart aches when she stared and his eyes never came up to meet hers. She was sure that even if his eyes did meet hers, his lips wouldn't curve into that little cheeky smile that she loved. It upset her that after everything that happened, Jack still didn't make the effort to stay friends with Donna, because having him out of her life for good was really depressing. It was like losing a brother or a best friend. It was torturous. She didn't show it on the outside because it would ruin her reputation.

She got out her cellphone from her bag and saw that she had a text message from Claire, telling her that she had something to tell me and that it was something pretty saucy. She couldn't imagine what her best friend would want to tell her on a Monday, because the week hadn't even started yet. It was only lunch after all.

The auburn blonde's ponytail shot up with her head when she heard other footsteps in the room other than Jack's. Her nose twitched when she saw Kim standing beside the mixing set up which was almost packed away, squeezing something miniscule in her balled up fist. "Hey," she said.

Jack lifts his head up from the mixing machine, his headphones still over his ears. Donna knew there was no music playing, since she knew Jack couldn't control himself when he heard beats of any kind. He would tap his foot, bob his head or at least drum his fingers on something. She figured that he didn't want to be rude but he didn't want to talk to Donna. She told her self that she didn't want to either, but that would be a lie. She really missed him.

"Hey," he said, a little surprised. "How's it going?"

Donna looked down back at her phone, texting Claire that she would be in the cafeteria in a second as she eavesdropped on their little conversation.

"I'm good and what about you?" said Kim.

"Good, I guess," Jack said. Donna could hear him smiling. "What's up?"

Kim sighed before she spilled it. "I found a song for my showcase piece, and I was wondering if maybe, you know since I like dancing to such obscurity, if it was possible you could mix it. I don't know if that's allowed but I just –"

"I'll do it," Jack said, stopping Kim before she entered the unstoppable train of her babbling – Donna knew this because they were dorm mates. "It's never really been asked before because I'm under the assumption I'm pretty intimidating but uh, yeah. I guess I could do it. Showcase is billions of years away still, so it gives me time to perfect it."

Donna looked up right that the moment her dorm mate threw her arms around Jack's neck, jumping up and down just a little, saying, "Thank you!" repetitively. Something inside the girl snapped and she forced herself up from the bench near the door, unable to just sit here while they tried to ignore her existence.

She clawed through her ponytail to check for knots, discovering none and threw her bag over her shoulder, shoving the iPhone into her blazer pocket. She took one more look at the two she was running away from, and saw they had paused their hug and were looking at Jack's ex. They were surprised, as if they didn't know at all that she was in the room before.

Kim waved, plastering a big fat smile onto her face. It nearly made Donna vomit; she was disgusted. "Howdy there, Donna." Jack's mouth was set in a line, his face contorted and even at the distance Donna was at, she could see his jaw clench and unclench.

She shook her head and sighed. She looked at the door then back at the two. She saw how Jack's eyes were burning holes into her skin and they were never leaving her. The beating of her heart had sped up times three, sighing only to catch her breath. "I was just leaving." The lump that had developed startled her in her throat and she swallowed, trying to get rid of it, but it wouldn't go. She could feel her eyes starting to water and how she just had the urge to crawl up into a ball and die.

She didn't realize how much she missed Jack until seeing how much he was moving on and how he seemed to be just fine. "See you guys later," she said after clearing her throat. Before she could show any visible vulnerability, she started the door, covering her hand over her mouth to trap in her sobs.

She couldn't breathe. It was like Jack had taken a piece of her heart with her when she left. The stomp back to her dorm was a difficult one, since along the way, people were staring when they saw that the queen bee of the Bobby Wasabi Academy of Dance was in tears. A few freshmen tried stopping her and asking her what was wrong, and she had dodged all the guys who tried to hit on her. She couldn't hold the water in, but she could save the heavy crying until later. She decided she wasn't hungry anymore and she just wanted to be alone.

When she had got to the dorm, she crashed onto her bed, curling into a little ball and she let the tears fall without hesitance. Not once since the break up was she able to cry without the worry of people starting to watch. She didn't know why seeing him with another girl was such a big deal. Maybe it was the fact that it was Kim.

Who was she kidding? Kim was taking this place by a storm. Everyone seemed to love her. She was pretty, she was funny, and she could really dance. There was nothing she couldn't do.

People only loved Donna because of her popularity and her money. But Jack was the only person who saw this different light in her, not some hot dancer to place as a target for a hit and run. And now that he was gone, she felt like she had nobody left.

Donna didn't care if her sobs were loud, she just needed to cry. She may be the queen of ice but a heart of stone is still a heart no less, right?

She was still in love with Jack. After all, he broke up with her, not the other way around.

Why was getting over him so hard?

After a few minutes of sobbing and wiping her tears with the sleeve of her blazer, there was a knock on the door. "Leave me alone!" Donna sobbed, and put her pillow over her head, hoping it would make her disappear into thin air.

"It's me," Donna heard and then she removed the pillow from her face. She exhaled before getting up from the bed and making her way to the door, a scowl on her face. She really didn't feel like seeing anyone right now. The fact that she was still living and breathing was annoying.

Opening it, she saw a fresh face that always cheered her up. The girl had flowing orange locks, her eyes brown and always smiling. She had the cute rosy cheeks and the heart shaped face. She had the kind of lips that always seemed humored when they were supposed to be as straight as a line. It was her best friend.

Claire smiled sadly at Donna, and saw she was holding a packet of marshmallows in her hands. Donna laughed because it stopped her from crying. Reluctantly, Donna let her in the door and closed it behind her. Claire sat on Donna's bed and opened her arms. "You don't have to tell me what happened if you don't want to."

Donna smiled, but Claire didn't mention how much her face at the moment resembled to a clown. The blonde sat down next to her friend with the luscious orange locks and wrapped her arms around her, crying onto her shoulder. This was all new to the ginger girl, because she hadn't seen her friend like this in a long time, not since her first few days at Bobby Wasabi. Donna's best friend rubbed her back, telling her that it was going to be okay.

"No, it isn't," Donna said, forcing herself to stop sobbing, just to tell her best friend why she was suddenly crying. She looked down at Claire's shoulder and cringed when she saw how her mascara and her eyeliner had landed up onto her uniform. "I am so sorry about the stain. I can wash the dress if you want to. I could always also buy you another one if you're too revolted."

Claire shook her head. "Don't worry about it."

"It's just really hard," Donna said, looking down at her hands, seeing how they were shaking. Claire opened up the packet of marshmallows and offered them out to the blonde. Donna took a few and stuffed them into her mouth. "I didn't know it was going to be so hard, you know?" She said with her mouth full and chewing in between words. Claire nodded like she understood. "I thought that like the rest, he'd be easy. I just had to make out with someone else. Brody, he's great and he has abs and he dances and his eyes are … they're green."

"Brody is sexy," Claire said, taking a marshmallow for herself after Donna grabbed some more.

Donna nodded. "Brody is sexy and making out with him was awesome. Brody's awesome. Why aren't I in love with him?" Claire shrugged because she didn't know what to say. "Jack was boring and he didn't dance. All he talked about half the time was music. His eyes were a horrible yuck poo kind of color. Making out with him was not so interesting. He was a horrible boyfriend. I don't understand why I'm still in love with him and not Brody."

Claire frowned and Donna started crying some more because she was lying. Claire couldn't resist rolling her eyes. She stood up in front of Donna and placed her hands on her hips. She looked down at the clown in front of her and shook her head in dismay because it wasn't he best friend sitting in front of her.

"Can I give you some touch love, doll?" Donna didn't say anything but Claire continued. "You are being pathetic, okay? Donna wouldn't be sitting here and crying her eyeballs out because of a dude. She would cry a little, yeah, but not like this. Donna would stand up and she would march right to Jack and take him before any one else can get a whiff of him. Donna is superior and no way is she going to let one little heart break take it all away from her."

Donna smiled and nodded. "I am."

Claire bent over and put her hands on the shoulders of her best friend. "Now, repeat after me: I am Donna Tobin …"

"I am Donna Tobin," Donna repeated.

"I have an amazing bod …"

"I have an amazing bod …"

"And I am a kickass dancer and I will not let Jack Brewer of all people take away my amazing bod by forcing me to eat marshmallows because of my crying and take away all my dignity and get me off the ball right before the showcase. I'm going to show him who is boss and I'm going to murder who ever tries to get in the way of my master plan."

Donna giggled and shook her head. "Whatever you just said. You're a freak but I love it. Thank you."

Claire smiled, satisfied that she had cheered up her best friend. She took her by the hand and forced her up onto her feet. Donna sighed and turned around to look into the mirror by her bed and gasped. "Oh sweet mother of God, Claire!"

The ginger was already headed to Donna's make up bag. "Don't worry, babe, I'm on it."

Donna sighed and sat back down onto her bed. "How am I going to get Jack to realize that he's still in love with me?"

"You don't have to get him to realize anything babe," Claire said, placing the make up bag next to the blonde and zipping it open, taking out a packet of wet wipes. "You just have to jog his memory." She pulled a wipe from the pack and folded it into a neat little square, taking Donna's chin. She started to dab away the mascara marks and the smudged lipstick.

Then she smirked. "I have an idea."

Donna widened her eyes. "Well?"

Claire giggled before saying, "We can jog his memory the Wasabi way."

Donna caught Claire smirked and asked, "Okay. I actually really like where this is going. Please do continue."

"I don't know if you know about the little dorm party that Jack and a few of his mates are planning to have, but apparently, it's going to be huge. And that is where we can make our mark …"

Kim took a look at her closet and frowned. She didn't have anything to wear to the party tonight, which had started a few minutes ago right after they were all let out of assembly. Everyone knew to never go to a party early so Kim really didn't mind about getting there fashionably late. She could already hear the music booming from inside her dorm, though, and it got her really pumped.

All the girls decided it would be a good idea to get ready together in Kim's dorm because it belonged to both Julie and her, and getting ready seemed a little bit easier. A few minutes ago, Grace had arrived with her suitcase of possible things to wear and told up she'd just be borrowing our make up. Julie had brought a few really nice outfits from home just in case something like this happened. Kim wasn't prepared. Her plan had been to come for dance and that was it.

She cringed and turned around to see what the girls were wearing. Grace was wearing a really short figure hugging skirt that was a dark purple and her top was loose and plain in the front, but at the back it was pretty lacy. She had heels on as well, high black pumps with red bottoms, and she'd curled her head just at the ends. She looked really pretty, like she was going out to a club. Kim was just slightly envious.

Julie really cleaned up good as well. Her jeans were a light blue, and she was wearing a pretty red top that was a little cropped at the bottom but longer at the sides. It exposed her belly button, which she really had a problem with but Grace said if she weren't to wear it, she was not leaving. Grace had also forced Julie into wearing beige peep toe heels, which she could only just walk in and her hair was straight. She looked too different.

Kim wondered what Milton would think.

The blonde sighed and slumped down onto her bed. "I've sweat in everything that I brought. I have absolutely nothing to wear. I don't know if I'm going to go."

Grace stomped her foot. "Don't give me that attitude, young lady. Where's your closet? I wanna see."

"No," Kim said, embarrassed by what she had brought. The only thing she had besides leotards, crop tops, leggings, stockings and a few jeans was a bathing suit and a bikini. She didn't even have heels. "I just don't have anything, okay? I would look like a total fool next to your guys. You two look really ready to party."

A door opened and all the girls' eyes shot towards the one that had opened. It was Donna in her PJ's, not looking like she was ready to go out. Now this really didn't make any sense. When Donna saw people were looking at her, she just shrugged. "What?"

"You not going to the party?" Grace asked.

Donna half smiled. "I don't know, Grace. Would you go to a party if it was hosted by your heartless ex boyfriend?" That silenced them. "Hm. I think not. But I couldn't help but overhear how you," Donna raised a finger at Kim, "have nothing to wear and I figured that maybe I should be generous, since I have nothing else to live for."

The girls remained quiet as Donna walked across the room, going to her closet. She was there for a fairly long time, fishing through clothes and looking down at the shoes that she had balanced. She looked back at Kim and asked, "What size shoe are you?"

"I'm an eight," Kim said, looking down, a little embarrassed by her shoe size.

Donna looked Kim up and down before saying, "You look about my size. You're not fat or anything. Can you squeeze into size seven heels?"

Kim shrugged. "I'll give it a try."

The girl in her PJ's took out a black dress and threw it onto her bed, along with a few bangles and she bent down to reach down to the shoes, throwing two red heels onto the bed. She closed her closet and sighed, eyeing the outfit that she had assembled on her bed. "Be careful with it. It's a prized possession. I got it in the Bahamas. I think I may just be a tad smaller than you, but I guess it's okay. I mean, the smaller the dress is, the tighter it is, which means you can really show off that cleavage nicely – I think I could lend you a push up bra as well – and when it's smaller, its shorter. Bonus, Jerry likes girls who wear less."

Grace smirked. "I like this girl," she said quietly to Julie, and she rolled her eyes because she still thought, no matter what happened, that Donna was not to be trusted. She thought there was something behind her trying to help Kim out, like a plot twist.

Donna opened her closet again and threw out a bra next onto the bed.

Kim gulped because she was nervous, but then she smiled at Donna because she was really happy that she was opening up to her. Sharing clothes was a little … intimate. "Thank you, Donna. You're a lifesaver."

"Ugh, shut up with the sappiness. Just promise me you're going to be breaking hearts tonight," Donna winked with her arms folded and she made her way back into the bathroom.

Julie's brow furrowed. "What is she doing in there, anyways?"

"Who knows?" Grace sighed.

Kim looked down at the outfit and bit on her lip. She didn't know if it was really a wise choice doing this, because maybe there was an ugly twist to it all. But then again, maybe this was the real Donna. The kind who was generous and who talked to you at all.

Then she thought, what the hell? You only live once.

The party was in full swing.

The thing about parties at Bobby Wasabi was that they absolutely went all out. One the guys' side of the building, all the doors to dorms were open (but closed) and prepared for any prying eyes and the hallways were full of partying people. There were a few food tables and more open spaces, where people could mingle and dance. The DJ set up was in front of the whole operation, Jack having set up a lot of amps and speakers around so the music reached every inch of the place. He had also been kind enough to get out his second set up of equipment and use it for the party, anyone welcome to dabble and ruin his one thousand dollars. Nothing bad had happened yet because the only people that had been up to his set up just changed the song to one of their choice on Jack's laptop and Jerry had only mixed for a little bit, but it was rubbish.

Eddie brought drinks out of nowhere, and then when people were starting to drink, things were getting crazy. Fortunately, there were a few smart people around 9including Jack) who didn't bother with the alcohol, but within the first five minutes of the party, Jerry was already crapping bubbles.

Jack was over with Jerry, Ricky and other guys, settled in the few of many beanbag chairs that had been scattered across the wide hallways. They were laughing at things that didn't make sense, and Ricky had emerged into a very inappropriate and descriptive story about what he and his girlfriend who lived in England got up to over the Christmas break.

Because Eddie had offered, he and a few others were in charge of keeping watch for where Bobby Wasabi and the rest of the staff were. He slept in a separate building with the cafeteria ladies, a few guards outside on watch but other then that, all the instructors went home after school hours, which was after eight. Lights out was at nine, which had already passed. Now Eddie was just seeing if Bobby could hear the noise.

Two hours into the party, and it was after eleven. No Bobby and no crazy, even though there were loads of drunken people around.

Ricky took his bottle of alcohol and bumped Jack's shoulder, causing the brunet to look back at him. "Dude, dude, I heard about you and Donna and I'm so sorry. I haven't had a chance to tell you, have I?"

"Nope, you haven't," Jack chuckled, shaking his head because Ricky's face looked drowsy but he sounded sober.

Jerry put an arm around Jack and kissed his cheek, which made the brunet cringed as if he had just had a sip of lemon juice. His best friend reeked of beer. "I don't know why he would do such a thing!" Jerry shouted, or rather slur shouted, as if he wanted everyone in the whole world to hear what he was saying. "I swear, you'd think he'd been drunk doing it, man! Have you seen Donna? She's a freaking … wow, her tits are awesome."

"Yes, you are very drunk Jerry," Jack said to him while the others surrounding him started to laugh at what Jerry had said.

Jerry started giggling. "I'm serious! Like … wow! They're like perfect little, psh, little, HUGE rounded mangos. You could just cup them in your hands like a balloon." He made big cups with his hands and starting eating the imaginary mangos. Everyone was laughing because it was hilarious to see how much funnier Jerry was when he was drunk. Jack shook his head, a little weirded out in what really went on in his friend's mind.

He removed his arm from around him and got onto his feet. He offered out a hand to his friend to assist him to getting up but instead of taking the hand, Jerry gave him his bottle of beer. "Drink, brother! I promise it will set you free!" Jack rejected Jerry's offering and pushed it right back towards him. Then everyone started chanting for him to drink. He rolled his eyes.

Because he was choking under the pressure, he brought the bottle to his lips and chugged the whole thing down whole, just to shut everyone up. Everyone started to cheer, even if they weren't apart of Jerry's little circle. Jack never drinks. When the bottle was empty, he looked at it and smiled. He was proud of himself for some reason, while everyone cheered because he had finished it.

"Don't have too much, big boy," Jack heard from next to him and turned his head. His eyes bulged right out his head. It was Grace who had said that, to his surprise. It wasn't only her who was standing where Jack's eyes were directed.

It was the whole crew – Grace, Julie and Kim. They all looked really good, really, really good. Not even just good, foxy. That was a Jerry word; only Jerry used such words. Jack couldn't help but draw his eyes to Kim because he was so fascinated by her and how he felt in her presence. He didn't mean to look her up and down. She was just so and that dress so …

Jack dropped the glass bottle out his hand, snapped out from his trance and looked at the floor, blinking and trying to force the really weird thoughts that had just entered his head out. He licked his lips, trying to recover. "Uh, that was not supposed to happen." He didn't know what else to say. He did, but such thoughts shouldn't really be said out loud.

"You all look stunning," Jerry said in a slurred British accent. "Rather dashing, should I say? Why don't us four head up to my room and have some fun?"

The girls looked really disgusted by Jerry's response. Jack felt the need to explain. "As you can see, he doesn't have any more dignity and neither do I because I just dropped a bottle after seeing how good you all look tonight," he said over Jerry's continuous tiger sounds from behind him, trying to grab at Julie's legs, but she kicked him off.

The girl with glasses looked up from Jerry. "I should really go and find Milton before things spiral out of control, shouldn't I?"

"Maybe you should," Kim nodded, and Julie was off as quickly as she came. She looked at Jack. "We just came to see what all the fuss was about. And plus, I had to get away from a guy who didn't seem to get the message that I didn't want to see his dorm. And Grace was nearly kidnapped."

Jack nodded, looking the girls up and down. "I can honestly see why."

Kim's facial features faltered, like she didn't know whether to be flattered or offended. She didn't know why she would be. The brunette next to her was soaking all of this right in. She smiled, slapping a hand onto her thigh. "My legs do really look amazing in this skirt, don't they, Jackson?"

A moan escaped from Jerry, which attracted the eyes of freaked out bystanders. He tried reaching to touch Grace's legs. "Those legs don't seem to ever end, but I'd like to reach the finish."

Jack shook his head, forcing his friend up from the beanbag chair that he was about to pass out on. "Okay, buddy. Maybe it's time you hit the sack before you rape someone." He put an arm around his shoulders, trying to support his friend's stance, because he was about to tip over like a standing coin. Kim was saying something in Grace's ear and she was shaking her head. Jerry was saying something inaudible to himself, and Jack thought it was Spanish because the word esta was being used a lot.

"Let me help you," Kim said, taking Jerry's other shoulder, Jack smiling thankfully Kim's way. "Okay, Jerry. Let's go this way."

Kim started following Jack back to their dorms, listening to Jerry babble on and on about how he used to have a pet goldfish he called Llama and how it died because he tried taking it for a walk when it was in his hands. Kim talked to him as if this was a totally normal thing to say and Jack just kept quiet, rolling his eyes and shaking his head at Jerry's drunkenness. Every time they threw or went to a party, he ended up drunk. That's why Jack had to be squeaky clean. He was always Jerry's ride home.

They arrived at their dorm, Jack pushing the door open with his back and switched on the light while he was at it. When the room lit up, he saw the amazement of Kim's face at how the dorm was decorated. He had a few posters here and there and there was a lava lamp in the middle of the room that lit up everything. There was huge stereo next to the bathroom and a long rack full of CD's. Jack and Kim wobbled over to the bed together and lay Jerry carefully onto it, Kim exhaling when she didn't have to support any weight.

Kim looked around the room for a moment before she smiled at Jack. "So this is where the magic happens." Jack shrugged, his arm scratching the back of his neck nervous. "Pretty impressive, I must say."

The brunet started shaking his head, dragging Kim out of the bedroom. "I think we should get out of here."

"Why?" Kim asked, confused as Jack opened the door.

He paused for a moment, looking at Kim up and down again because clearing his throat. The dress she was wearing was black, and it hugged her body very, ahem, nicely. The skirt was really low and the neckline was really low, which exposed a lot of chest. Her legs looked really good in the dress as well underneath the black stockings she was wearing, red high heels that seemed very familiar being worn on her feet.

Jack was baffled. He had been silenced.

The brunet bit on his lip. "We're in my bedroom and you're in that dress and I'm becoming pretty hormonal so I think it's the best idea you beat it before I do things." It wasn't the best sentence Jack had ever said. He saw Kim's face become a little strange. "Forget I said that. I'm half drunk. This never happened."

"I think that's the best idea I've heard all week," Kim nodded before trotting out the door before any more awkward words can be exchanged. Jack mentally kicked himself when he walked out the door behind her, closing the door. Jack and Kim walked together to the food table in silence.

Something weird happened, so they didn't get to a food table.

There was literally silence. The music stopped playing. There were a few complaints flying from here and there. Jack looked at Kim nervously and started jogging towards the mixing machine, Kim trying to follow behind him in her extremely long heels. When they got to the front of the party, they saw a crowd gathering around Jack's machine and a girl behind it. She had a top hat, and her head was looking down. Her head came back up and it smirked.

Jack knew that face.

There was just something about the loose blonde strands in her face, or those piercing and mysterious blue eyes that he used to love with such a passion. The girl was wearing red lipstick that looking like it could be smudged out of place by the gentlest touch.

Kim knew the face.

It was the face of a girl she thought was still in her dorm, snuggling in her PJ's and grieving about how her ex was throwing a party she didn't want to go to.

It was Donna Tobin. This had all been her doing.

Music started playing again, but it wasn't dancing music. It sounded acapella and it was vaguely familiar to everyone because it was a song that everyone just knew. Then there was another sound. It was the tapping of shoes coming closer and closer to Jack and Kim. They both turned around and were shocked to see replicas of Donna, all wearing the red lipstick and the top hats. They were dressed in white button down shirts, wearing short pencil skirts over stockings. They also had canes, which were dancing with them as they approached.

It was like an army of business looking Barbie dolls

The vocals started, and Jack turned his head, noticing a hand had landed on his shoulder. Behind him was Donna, and as the vocals started, she mouthed the words that Adele was singing, pointing to Kim as she did. It was around this time that the faint cheering began.

"She, she ain't real.

She ain't gonna be able to love you like a will."

The hand that Donna was using to point to Kim started to caress his confused face, tracing over his features.

"She is a stranger.

You and I have history or don't you remember?"

People all around were fascinated and a few hoots came out for drunken people when Donna's leg wrapped around Jack's waist, making him really nervous because of the outfit she was wearing. There were barely any layers between them. Her fingers travelled landed on his collarbone and started to travel down his top. Her lips were nearly pressed against his ear when she mouthed the next part.

"Sure, she got it all,

But baby is that really what you want?"

She tore away from Jack, trotting around Kim intimidatingly. The girl who was suddenly being surrounded by the posse of girls in fish net stockings pointing their canes at her felt like she was being choked and that there was no air that could save her.

"Bless your soul, you've got your head in the clouds.

She made a fool outta you, and boy she's bringing you down.

She made your heart melt but you're cold to the core …"

Donna brought a finger to her lips.

"Rumor has it she ain't got your love no more."

The posse of girls started mouthing the background vocals and poking their canes at Kim. Donna strutted over to Jack once again, licking her coated lips as she reached for his hand, dancing around him and never breaking the mere contact.

"She is half you age,

But I'm guessing that's the reason you've stayed.

I heard you've been missing me,

You've been telling people things you should be.

Like when we creep out when she ain't around …"

Donna guided Jack's hands to her chest and he could feel her heart beating scarily steadily underneath his palm. Her legs flew open and she smirked at how pale her ex's face had become.

"Haven't you heard the rumors?"

Like they had with Kim, the posse of tap dancers producing sound came to Jack now, pointing their canes at him in a menacing way. Donna walked around his figure, her eyes never leaving his face.

"Bless your soul, you've got your head in the clouds.

She made a fool outta you, and boy she's bringing you down.

She made your heart melt but you're cold to the core …"

Donna put a finger to her lips and smiled when she stopped in front of him, her leg around him.

"But rumor has it I'm the one you're leaving her for."

The music abruptly stopped and everyone in at the party stopped for a moment. People didn't know what to think. Jack didn't know what to think. They were surprised, for sure, because this didn't normally happen at parties. Some were beyond confused but most really digged it. Jack didn't dig it at all.

Donna's face was serious until the corners of her lips turned up. "That was so hot!" A random called out from the crowd of people, and then people started to erupt into cheering and clapping. Jack was well aware that Donna's leg was wrapped around him in an intimate way, but he was more away of how frightened Kim looked. She was just as confused and as baffled as Jack was.

The blonde with the red lipstick jumped off of Jack, and she bowed. The girls behind her always bowed, the applause for them becoming louder. Donna swerved around on her heels and started to strut, stopping in front of Kim, her hand on her hip. The girls behind her had dispersed into the crowd, disappearing with guys who were either stoned or drunk.

"Stay away from Jack, Kim," She said above the chatter. Kim flinched, because Donna had spat on her. She meant to do it, though. It scared people. "I'm not retarded, I can see what you're trying to do and it's not going to work, okay, hun? Jack's not interested in yuck."

At that very moment, her waist was grabbed and then she was floating. It all happened so fast. She struggled but she didn't know what for. The owner of the arms didn't speak at all while they were walking through the crowd of people. Donna was demanding to be put down, but it never happened. The guy was carrying her like she was a feather, and then she put the puzzle pieces together.

It was so Jack. Only Jack was this strong – for her, anyways. Not that she weighed a ton.

The next time Donna blinked, she was in Jack's bedroom. She'd been in here many times over the years as they'd connected, but she was always amazed at how much effort he put into decorating it every time. She also happened to hear Jerry's heavy snoring from his bed and shook her head, nearly laughing out loud. He only snored when he was drunk and of course, that was the case right now.

It was all just so perfect. This was wear they had their first kiss. This was where he told her he loved her. All the memories were just being pushed back into Donna's face and she was nearly in tears. She couldn't really take it.

She thought she was stronger than this.

There was a deafening pause.

"Okay. What the hell?" Jack asked, standing in front of her with his hands on his hips, looking serious and determined to find out the meaning of this. There was also something unfamiliar. It was a kind of anger. Donna really didn't like that. "What was that? What's all this?" Jack gestured towards his ex's getup. His expression flickered like a light. Then all of a sudden, he was pulling his hoodie up over his head.

"Jack, what are you doing?" Donna asked, because she didn't know what was going on.

Only when Jack had his hoodie over his head, he told her, "You need to cover yourself up. Something Jerry said about your boobs is getting me hormonal." He handed her the clothing and she took it, crossing it over her chest inside her folded and ashamed arms. Maybe Claire's idea wasn't such a good one anymore.

All of a sudden, all the seriousness drained from Jack's face and he looked like he felt sorry for Donna. The look on her face said it all about how she felt inside and he saw the girl he had once loved then. She was sad and it hurt him too. He wished it didn't. He cringed a little before saying, "Please don't look at me like that."

The girl couldn't help it anymore. Her heart of ice had melted. She'd become vulnerable as she always did when it came to Jack. Her face scrunched up and she looked down at her feet, her shoulders shaking in sobs as the tears were falling hectically down her face. "I miss you," she said in between sobs, trying to take in breaths but she failed. "I really do, Jack. I'm trying to get over you and it's not working out. Nothing's working out anymore."

"Donna," Jack started, but Donna cut off before he could say anything. He looked like he was going to cry too just because she was. He didn't know if that was the alcohol he had or if it was for real.

"You don't even want to try and be friends," Donna said, looking up at him now with her eyes red and her mascara running, but it was supposed to be waterproof. "You just cut me off completely and it really just hurt me because I knew that this was it and that you were gone for good. I feel horrible because you're getting along just fine and I'm broken about this all and I'm alone. No one gets me like you do and having you gone had really but ripped me apart and I feel like making people miserable all the time so they can feel my pain." She paused and touched her eyelashes and shook her head. "Great. This is supposed to be waterproof."

Jack smiled sadly because that was another Donna act. "I guess I have moved on, but I don't mean to cut you off completely. You should have just tried talking to me. I try talking to you but I figured you hated my guts."

"I thought you hated my guts."

"I guess we both got it wrong," Jack shrugged. "I may not love you like I did, but I always will care about you, Donna and I want you to be happy. Brody seems like a great guy, doesn't he?"

"Stop talking right now," Donna smiled and put her hand up to silence him. Claire was already on her case about him, she didn't need anybody else. "I'm glad you're happier now. I just wish I felt the same."

"It takes time," Jack said. "Longer for others. But I don't want to hate you, Donna. I really want to give us being just friends a shot."

Donna nodded. "Me too." There was a pause, filled with Jerry's snoring. The two gave each other knowing looks. "Could you give me a friendly hug?"

Jack chuckled and opened up his arms, bringing Donna into his arms and holding her in his arms tightly. She buried her face into his neck and held onto him as long as she could. It felt good. It wasn't as friendly as they hoped, but baby steps, right? When Jack pulled back, Donna slipped on Jack's hoodie before sighing.

"I'm going to go to bed," Donna announced and Jack saluted her as she opened his door. Before she closed it, she just looked at him. "Good night, Jack."

"Good night, Donna." She closed the door.

He found it a bit weird how when she had closed the door, he was thinking about Kim.


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