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We go to a normal looking kitchen somewhere in jump city….

At the table sat a boy we haven't met before, he was sixteen, he had shaggy purple hair, and grayish skin. His name?
Riely James Logan.
He was relaxing at the kitchen table drinking his favorite herbal tea. He took a sip and sighed calmly. Suddenly a little bundle of green flew into the room. He looked over to see his younger sister, and was thirteen and she constantly had too much energy. He looked up to see his little sister with green skin and hair but violet eyes, her name was Alexis Renée Logan, but he often called her Lexie.

Riely POV:
Lexie jumped at me and gave me a hug.
'hey Riely!'
I chuckled lightly at the energy she had this early in the morning.

'hey Lexie why are you so hyper today?'

She giggled out a no reason and ran to the fridge to get her soy milk. I chuckled again and heard a strange fighting/ scuffling sound behind me. I turned to see three more of my siblings enter the room. The eldest of the three was ten-year old Jane Arella Logan she has purple hair and eyes with pale skin just like me. She is the only one that looks exactly like mom considering im a boy. She was dragging poor six-year-old River Daniel Logan into the had green hair, skin and eyes he was the spitting image of dad.
Now on that note if Jane looked just like mom and River looked just like dad that just made the scene much more comical.

Jane had her arm wrapped around his neck as she dragged him into the room and poor River was fighting her with all he had. I chuckled at the scene.

'Jane' I said 'Quit abusing River'
She scoffed. 'Aw come on Riely you know its funny'
I nodded. 'it is. You know mom wont like it though'

Jane grumbled something about being older but let him go anyway. River paused to rub his neck watching Jane look for something to eat and said something under his breath about revenge before joining her in searching the cabinets.
I heard a small giggling and turned towards the door where Aiden Keith Logan the four old of the family stood laughing behind his hand. He kept laughing as he walked over to the counter and grabbed a piece of fruit and sat beside me to eat it. I smiled and shook my head at my younger siblings and took a sip of tea as Jane and River began to fight over a box of cereal.
Suddenly a yell echoed through out the house-

GARFEILD MARK LOGAN! Get your lazy ass out of bed NOW!'

I laughed to myself , moms up. The kids scrambled to get ready for the day and out of the room before mom came in. I heard a loud THUMP! And laughed again, dads up.
I grinned to myself and sipped my tea

Mom Came into the room a moment followed closely followed by dad rubbing his head. For those of you who haven't guessed who my parents are- you're idiots, but I guess ill tell you anyway.

My mother is Racheal Arella Logan or Raven but dad calls her name is Garfeild Mark Logan or Beast Boy (he isn't called that very much anymore), mom calls him Gar and has sence they started dating.
Anyway dad sat down beside me folding his arms on the table and putting his head down while mom went to help herself to the tea I made earlier. I chuckled at him and smirked around my cup.
'Morning dad'
He grumbled out a 'morning' from his arms and I chuckled at him again.

'aw come on dad it's not that early'
His head rolled to the side enough so he could glare up at me. Suddenly mom appeared at the table with her own cup of tea.

'Gar at least attempt to wake up, and Riely quit using him to amuse yourself'
I pouted. 'aw but you do it all the time'
She nodded. 'yes but I can, you cant'
This time dad chuckled and put his head back in his arms again

'Oh and Riely? I looked up at her.
'yea mom?'

'Could you go wake up Izzy?'


I put my empty cup in the sink and headed toward Izzys room. When I got to her room I shook my head lightly she was so tangled in her sheets that I could bearly see her. You see Izzy is the youngest at three. Her real name is Isabella Lilly Logan but we call her Izzy for short. Its strange but she is the only Logan that looked even slightly normal with no purple or green anywhere. She has black silk hair and blue coral eyes, she didn't even have moms grey skin her skin was just extremely pale.
Focus Riely. Ok so when I got there she was still fast asleep tangled up. I shook her slightly but she just rolled over .
'Five more minutes mommy'

'Izzy come on wake up'
I was about to shake her again when my left hand started calling blue. I took a step back and tried to get it off but it started crawling up my arm and it was moving fast. Panicked I called out to my parents.

'Ah mom! Dad! Help!'

They burst into the room and dove to help me just as it covered me completely. The last thing I saw before the black was the two of them coming towards me and then nothing…

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