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Dad pulled me into a green room that looked like it was home to a monster. He started talking a mile a minute as I looked carefully around the room.

My nose twitched… what was that smell?

My ear twitched… something just moved….

Dad bounced on his bed and an old pizza box fell off, something inside growled.

My eye twitched… what the hell is going on in here?!

Suddenly dad held up something to my face, it was molded and vile to my enhanced senses. I felt the sudden urge to claw my nose off my face but didn't do it, instead I sneezed. The thing jumped like I scared it and then hurled itself at my face. It latched on and I tried to rip it off. I clawed at it and something black oozed to cover my nails and the thing bit me. I screamed, turned into a ferret and it crumpled to the ground.

I changed back to myself and sprinted out of the room and around the corner only to barrel into Starfire. We tumbled over each other and I landed across her stomach. I jumped off her and pulled her up. She sent me a grateful smile and I was once again reminded of a girl from my future and I allowed myself to give her a full-blown grin, something I gained from my father. She spoke to me and my trance was broken I was in the past not the future, a glimpse of beautiful green eyes flashed in my memory but I shook my head and sighed.

'Hello friend Riely did friend Beast Boys room not fit your needs?' She cocked her head to the side and I imagined a lock of black hair falling carefully over her shoulder and mentally slapped myself. This is my auntie Star not my Mari.

I shook my head in a 'no' at her not quite trusting my voice. She grabbed my hand and dragged me down the halls talking to me over her shoulder. 'You may stay in my room with me if it suits you but for boyfriend Robin you will have to sleep as an animal.'

Her happiness was contagious and I let my depressing thoughts fade away. She pulled me into a room that consisted of nothing but pink. I felt my eye start twitching and tried to ignore it. She dumped me on her bed and flew to her dresser happily chatting about her new friend. Something moved in the corner and I whipped around to the sight, it was just silkie. I smiled lightly and scratched his stomach while he slept. Suddenly Star appeared again holding a box of makeup, I started to back away.

'no star , I don't want any make up.'
She gave me a pouting face. 'Oh but please friend Riely! Friend raven refuses and friends Beast boy, Cyborg, and boyfriend Robin run away.'

I almost melted at her face but held firm. 'No star'

She looked sad and floated away; she came back a few seconds with a bowl of grey gunk. She called it the pudding of sadness. 'You have made me sad you must eat!'

Her face was no longer cute but scary. I shivered and I backed away. 'Come on star calm down'

I held up my hands in fake surrender as she advanced on me. She dove and I yelped as she landed on me and shoved a spoon full into my mouth. I don't know how I did it but I got away and was once again running down the halls of the tower.

'Friend Riely come back here!'
I sped up and nearly trampled Robin turning a corner. I ran into the common room seeking refuge and saw mom on the couch reading. This was my only chance.
I turned into a kitten and sprinted under the couch pushing my whole body into the back corner to hide. I heard mom let out a startled sound but tried to ignore it.

The common room doors opened and I tensed. Please don't be Star, please don't be Star.

'Hey Rae'
I took a sigh of relief, it was dad.
'Gar why did Riely just run in here and hide under the couch?' She sighed. 'What did your room do to him?'
I could practically see dads sheepish smile rubbing the back of his neck, I snorted.
'Uhh… it tried to eat him?'
'What?! Gar get him out so I can check him for injuries!'
I pictured his flinch.
'Ok Rae.'

Suddenly a little green kitten appeared in my view from the crack under the couch. He started crawling towards me, I hissed at him and he paused to look at me.
'Dude what's wrong with you?'
My temper boiled.
'What's wrong with me?! I just got mauled by something growing in your room, stuffed into a room of all pink, and fed grey pudding! What do you think is wrong with me?!'
He took a step back. 'Wow man calm down'
'You calm down, I'm perfectly calm!'
'No you're not your freaking out.'
I pounced forward and swatted him across the head (like a cat bitch slap) and he flew out from under the couch.

He landed upside down beside the coffee table. He turned human and rolled over holding his head. I saw Moms feet come towards him and a knee appeared as I assume she knelt beside him.

'Gar what happened?'
'Oww… My head, he smacked me!'
'Are you alright? What did he say?'
'He was completely freaked out yelling about pink, something mauling him, and grey pudding.'
Mom sighed again. 'He must be freaked out because of you and Starfire.'

Her knee disappeared and her feet came closer. Her hands appeared, along with the rest of her body. She was lying on her stomach and one large purple eye was in my vision.

'Be careful Rae'
'Oh Gar be quiet'

She watched me carefully and reached her hand under the couch towards me. I wasn't angry anymore but I didn't want to come out so I swatted her hand away from me carefully so I wouldn't hurt her.
She frowned at me.
'Riely its ok, calm down'
I shook my head violently and backed farther into the couch. She smiled at me randomly and let out a small giggle.
'Don't worry Riely I won't let them put you back in either room, I promise.'

I took a small step forward as she reached out again and started to scratch the spot behind my ears. I purred.
I opened my eyes startled, I was moving. I looked down to see Mom had wrapped a hand around my stomach and was pulling me out. I turned away from her and dug my claws into the carpet behind me and as she dragged me out from under the couch I left claw marks.
When she had me out I gave up and let her pick me up to cradle my little form in her arms.
Dad appeared in front of me scratching the back of his head sheepishly just like I figured.
'Sorry dude.' He said.
I started grumbling.

Star burst into the room then carrying her bowl of pudding and I jumped out of Moms arms to run away, I didn't get far. Star blocked the exit. I turned and ran in the opposite direction.
She grabbed a hold of my tail; I think I was the only one who heard the bone crunch. She lifted me up by my now shattered tail and I let my instincts take over.

I curled upwards and sank my teeth and claws into her hand; she screamed and threw me away from her. For the few seconds I was airborne I wondered why I always get hurt as a cat, but that thought process stopped abruptly when I slammed into the wall.
I heard several cracking sounds and a loud ringing started to sound in my ears.

Star gasped as tears streamed down her face, and then she flew out of the room covering her mouth upset. I think mom was in shock because she just stared at me, dad too. Then they moved together and dove for me. I would've smiled had I not been a cat. My vision faded and my eyes closed as I let myself drift into the warm loving arms of unconsciousness.

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