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I woke up slowly and crawled out of my subconscious to find myself somewhere dark and warm. I stood realizing as I regained feeling in my body that I was still in cat form and I was bandaged around my ribs and tail. Crap that means I can't change back until I heal some more. Great now I'm momentarily stuck in the form I always seem to get beat up in. I stretched and stiff and sore I looked around. I was in a dark bedroom, curtains closed, odd decorations, and a bed at the end of a long carpet.

I wonder who's room this is?

I stood and made my way slowly down the carpet and jumped quietly onto the bed. Mom was there sound asleep in a tank top and shorts. Something green was wrapped around her and I followed it to realize that it was dad's arms. She was snuggled into his chest and he was only in boxers. I laid down and let my tail twitch back and forth as I watched them sleep for a moment.

Oh man I wish I had a camera. I grinned like dad, this would be perfect blackmail.

Oh well. I sighed to myself and started thinking about the night sky and how I wanted to see the stars, a moment later I opened my eyes to notice I was on the roof.

What the? Oh yea I have moms teleporting powers, I better not use anything I got from mom around them since they already know I can change into animals.

I laid down hanging the tip of my tail over the edge of the roof. As I watched the breeze push it back and forth I wondered about my parents from my time.

Did they miss me? Were they worried? Would I ever get back? Would I ever see my brothers or sisters again?

Somehow with all these thoughts swirling through my head I managed to fall asleep.

I dreamt of the past when I was still a boy. I was five and little lexie was just barely two. I was sitting in the grass watching mom play with lexie as she figured out how to change into animals of different shaped and sizes. Randomly I was lifted off the ground, held upside down, and tickled. I fought to get free but dads green hands held me too tight to allow for any leverage.

I yelled at him to quit in between breaths and he chuckled at me.

All of a sudden his grip became to tight, it hurt. His laugh turned deeper and I watched his arms turn red.

Afraid I struggled to get away and he dropped me.

I stood up to see my father replaced by a man I had never met before with blood skin and razor teeth filling his smile with malice. I backed away from him slowly.

'Hello Riely.'

'How do u know my name? Who are you?'

'My name is trigon.'

'Where's my dad?'

The man, trigon, stepped aside and as i saw past him I gasped. The ground was scorched, trees ablaze and people turned to stone. Worse of all, there in the middle stood my family. They were covered in little demon creatures that seemed to be trying to pull them down and frozen like that. Mom had her arms wrapped around lexie and dad was reaching for them. I cried and ran for them.

A hand stopped me and lifted me by the collar of my shirt. I looked down into the eyes of the man named trigon and watched them split into four. He spoke-

'Do you see what you have down? You will cause this as the gems first-born. You will kill them.'

Then he grinned at me and was gone. I heard his laughter as I fell into darkness.

I woke up to realize I was falling off the tower because a giant dragon thing was shaking it..

Before I could even think to change into a bird I was caught. I looked up expecting to see Starfire but instead it was my Mari. I let a grin stretch my face that I'm sure would've given the Cheshire cat a run for his money and cuddled into her. She smiled at me.

'Missed you too'

She floated me to the ground and the moment she let go I turned into myself and tackled her into a hug. She giggled and hugged me back, I pulled away smiling.

'How did you get here?'

'Your mom sent me, we've been searching different times to find you. Here look'

She pulled some strange communicator from her pocket and opened it.

'Come in Mrs. Logan.'

Mom's voice came back almost immediately. 'Mari how many times do I have to tell you to call me raven?'

Then she appeared on the screen and I grinned, that's the mom I remember.

'Hi mom'

'Oh Riely! Thank god you finally found him! Mari I'll be there as soon as I can!'

Then the screen went black and I chuckled to myself. 'What no hi favorite son?'

Mari smiled at me and I finally noticed the striking resemblance she held to her mother in this time. They looked exactly the same except for Mari wore a tank top, shorts, and her hair was a long silky black.

I heard yelling behind me and turned to see mom and the rest of the titans fighting whatever that big monster dragon thing was. Mom was thrown into the side of the building and I rushed to catch her. As I checked her over I heard a ferocious rawr.

Looking up I saw a giant green beast. I remember mom telling us about this form, it only comes out when moms hurt and mom is the only one who can stop it.

The monstrous dragon suddenly shoved his hand into a portal and I saw green followed by a scream.

'No! Mari watch mom!'

I flew in between the rawring green beast and the dragon with my arms spread wide.


The beast froze confused.

A voice boomed out behind me. 'Ah how lovely the brotherly instincts have made an appearance'

I turned slowly too see my sister Alexis wrapped in one powerful claw, she whimpered at me.


'it's ok lexie you're going to be fine.'

The dragon's body rumbled with laughter.

'Now, now don't make promises you can't keep dear boy.'

'He doesn't have to keep them but I will.'

We both turned to see my mother of my time seething with anger.

'How dare you touch my child Malchior'

'Ah my dear raven you do grow up well.'

He grinned at her and she glared at him.

He squeezed his hand and Alexis cried and yelled out.

I went to go for him but mom grabbed me.


'Riely do you recall our talk about how protective your father is about me?'

I gave her a bewildered look. 'Yes but what does that have to do with-'

'It's worse with Alexis'

I stared at her a moment before a thunderous rawr sent knifes into my ears. I turned to see a beast just like the one that held my sister except this one was green.


Dad punched the other dragon across the face and he dropped Alexis as he fell to the ground. Dad caught her and turned to hand her to mom before going back to fighting with the other dragon and trying to kill it slowly.

I followed mom to the roof and helped her heal Alexis. Everyone was there.

The team seven, Mari, me, and mom all waited for her to wake up.

The moment she did she tackled mom into a hug. 'Mommy!'

I looked up to see the shocked faces of the teen titans and grinned. I turned to my younger parents.

'Hi mom, hi dad'

Cyborg fell to the ground laughing, and Starfire squealed and spun robin in circles. Mom and dad just stared.

Alexis jumped off mom and ran to me. I hugged her and then she ran at young dad.

She jumped on him, and she's strong for a thirteen year old girl. He hit the ground with an oomph!

Then he looked up to see her playing with his ears. 'Awww young daddy is so cute!'

That's when dad blushed and I saw both moms snicker.

'Awww where's my love lexie?'

Dads deep voice made her look up and she squealed. 'Daddy!'

She ran at him and he picked her up and gave her a spin. 'How's my brave little girl?'

'Not a scratch mommy and Riely fixed me up!'

'Did they now? That's great'

He grinned at her and put her on the ground as he walked over to the group.

He walked up to young dad who was standing again and frowned down at him since he was twice his size. 'I hated being that small'

Lexie piped up beside him. 'But you were so cute!'

He chuckled.

'Ok hold on a minute!'

Everyone turned to face robin.

'So raven and beast boy are your parents, this little girl Alexis is your sister, and you're from the future?!'

I grinned. 'Yep that about sums it up'

'Well is she your sister too?!'

He pointed at Mari and I blushed and looked away with a cough. 'Um no she's not my sister, actually she's your daughter.'


Mari giggled and turned to Starfire and robin. 'Hi mom, hi daddy' She smiled at them.

Starfire squealed and tackled her into a hug that would've killed a normal human being, and robin near fainted.

'Wait a minute'

Young dad walked up.

'You don't look a thing like me; you just look like raven as a boy.'

Dad laughed at him. 'The only proof he's mine is the ears.'


'Yep see'

Next thing I know I'm in a headlock by my dad and he's pulling the hair away from my ears.

'Dad!' I managed to get free and he laughed at me.

'Well fine you don't have to like them, but as I always say, chicks dig the ears.' He wiggled his ears to make a point and I rolled my eyes.

'Yea right dad'

'He's right you know.'

I jumped and turned around to see Mari smirking at me. 'Isn't that right miss raven?'

She snickered as I turned pink. 'You're absolutely right Mari, they're especially good handles.'

She walked over to dad and pulled on his ear to make him lean down to her level.

'Quit teasing him gar.'

'Gah! Alright rae!'

She leg go and he leaned up rubbing his ear.

Both moms snickered and young dad picked a bad time to speak up.

'hahaha I will never get like that and let rae control me that easily.

young mom grabbed his ear. 'What was that?'

'Nothing rae!, gah!'

She let go and he rubbed his ear grumbling to his self.

'Mommy! I wanna go home!'

We all turned to Alexis and mom smiled.

'That's my que, time to go everyone.'

Mom created a portal and we all walked through it to set foot in our living room.

I smiled. 'Ah home sweet home'


'…oh no'

I turned to see all my siblings running at me as one and braced myself for impact.

They all jumped on me and I heard my head make a strange thumping noise after hitting the hard wood floors. Everything turned black.

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