Here is my latest. I hope you enjoy! Warning: if you are not a fan of flashbacks then this isn't for you. Several chapters will take place in the past to illustrate how Dean and Cas ended up hating each other's guts. Also, there might be other characters they will be involved with for a while. My loyal readers know I am a sucker for a Destiel happy ending; just so you know. :)

Twenty eight year old Dean Winchester opened his three bedroom LA apartment door at nine o'clock in the morning. He was greeted by his gargantuan twenty four year old brother, Sam, who barreled into him as soon as he set one foot inside. "Whoa! I just went to drop Adam off at school, Sammy. Miss me much?"

Sam kissed his brother hard on the lips. Dean shoved him roughly aside. "Sorry dude but I'm not into incest."

"Fuck you, jerk"

"Bite me, bitch!" Dean winced at what he had just yelled. "Never mind, in your current horny state you might bite me." He removed his battered brown aviator leather jacket which he had inherited from his dad after receiving his high school diploma and placed it on a coatrack.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dude, get a fucking life. I have the best news ever!" Sammy was swinging his long form from left to right.

"Spill it already, Samantha!" Dean headed to the small office he and Sam shared. Samuel was making a name for himself in the world of paranormal romance. He and his writing partner, Chuck Shurley, a fidgety/squirrelly looking alcoholic were the creators and sole authors of a successful series Halos and Blood. To Dean's utter dismay the series was already on book three and had acquired a huge ass cult following in less than two years. Dean was damn proud of his baby brother. At least one of the Winchester siblings had a successful career.

Dean turned on his laptop and checked his e-mail. There was only one message reminding him to renew his subscription to Busty Asian Beauties. No news from his ballbuster agent, Ellen Harvelle. Sam entered the office and plopped himself on Adam's favorite orange bean chair. The thing deflated.

The eldest Winchester swiveled the desk chair around and gave his brother his undivided attention. "You're not going to believe this but HBO has acquired the rights to make Halos and Blood into a series!"

"That's fucking awesome, Sammy! You and Chuck are going to be rich and invited to the Playboy Mansion in no time." Dean got on his feet and Sam did, as well. The two siblings embraced. Dean patted Sam's back. "I'm fucking proud of you, kid."

"I know, Dean." Sam released his 6'1 brother. Samuel was thrilled about the books being turned into a TV show but he hurt for his older brother. Dean's career never took off after his ten year stint on Disney's Boy Robot, where he played the protagonist's human best friend. After being over for a decade, the sitcom continued playing in syndication and had a small loyal following.

Dean clicked under favorites and then on "Just Jared", an entertainment website that featured the latest celebrity photographs. No pictures of him had appeared for almost six months. Dean pinched the bridge of his freckled nose and inhaled deeply. He will have to search for work as a mechanic soon if shit didn't pick up. Last acting gig he got was last year's Sci-Fi Channel's original Pterodactyl Wars. The movie was so bad it made Battlefield Earth Oscar worthy. Well the name says it all.

The tawny haired man crossed his arms and glared at the laptop's screen. Sam knew that look better than anyone and the cause of it. He rolled his blue/green orbs and stood behind his brother. Of course several recent pictures of Castiel Milton adorned the screen. They were of Cas and his cousin/best friend, Gabriel Novak arriving at LAX yesterday evening after the former's annual trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti to give orphans Christmas gifts.

Castiel's infamous electric blue eyes were covered by Tom Ford aviators and stubble covered his lower face. He gave the peace sign in one of the pictures. Cas seemed bulkier. Sam winced inwardly knowing the reason why. Balthazar Roche, the British thespian, who portrayed Castiel's human brother in Boy Robot was the executive producer of Halos and Blood. Zar as his friends and family called Roche stated that the only actor he pictured in the role of Remiel, the fallen angel was Castiel Milton. He was adamant for his childhood friend/co-worker to get one of the protagonist roles.

Dean closed the defenseless laptop harshly. "Can you believe this joker? He's such a phony baloney. You know the fucker gets all the money he donates to charity back in his taxes. Mother Fucker must get a nice tax return." Dean got up and pushed past Sam. "I need a beer."

"Dude, its nine thirty in the morning!"

"It's five o'clock somewhere right?" Dean popped the beer bottle open and guzzled half it down in one gulp.

"Dean, how come you never state the reason why you and Cas loathe each other so badly?" Sam sat on one of the kitchen island's stools.

"The guy is an evil dick. Isn't that reason enough?" Dean finished drinking the beer and tossed it in the trashcan.

"He's actually one of the sweetest guys I know." Sam rolled his eyes as he observed Dean open another Corona. He shook his shaggy head.

"I knew you were friends with the bug eyed bastard! You're a fucking traitor, Sammy!"

"Dean, cool it…ok. You know Cas and I remained friends after the show finished. Maybe if you told me what caused your mutual hatred I would have a better understanding of things." Sam held his hands up.

"You're such a drama queen. Maybe you should move in with Castiel and his flamboyant cousin."

"Dean, you don't mean it. Chill man and stop drinking. You have to pick Adam up at school in six hours; unless you want to get arrested with a DUI."

"Humph that wouldn't be such a bad idea and I would land on the news."

"I can't speak to you when you're like this." Sam left the kitchen and headed to the office. He had a phone conference scheduled at ten with Chuck, Zar and two HBO head honchos. Dean rubbed his hands across his face. He hated being a douche with Sammy but his brother's success struck a raw nerve.

Castiel drove his silver 2004 Jeep Wrangler down Wilshire Blvd. Gabriel and he were on their way to LA Fitness. Gabe had been working him hard getting his cousin in shape for the TV show. Gabriel was 100% convinced the role of the angel was Castiel's. He'd read the pilot script before his cousin and there were many shirtless scenes for that specific character.

When they descended the vehicle after Cas parked it, he rubbed his eyes after they landed on Gabriel's gym outfit. "Must you wear that?"

Gabriel stuck his tongue out at him. "You're jealous cuz you don't have the cojones to wear such brazen clothes."

"I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that. You resemble Richard Simmons."

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that." Gabe adjusted his crotch. The black and purple flower patterned bicycle shorts that barely reached his knees were tight as hell. He donned a skin fitting lavender tank top that had the word sassy written in bright glitter. Purple leg warmers covered him from his ankles to his knobby knees.

The cousins entered the trendy gym and were greeted by the friendly receptionist, Vicky. "Hey our favorite Dudley Do Rights have returned! How was Haiti?"

"Ugh don't ask. I got a terrible case of dysentery. Good thing about the shattering ordeal was my losing ten pounds." Gabriel ran his hands over his arms.

Castiel rolled his eyes as he heard Gabe's usual theatrics. "Didn't I tell you not to eat certain things?"

"Yeah but those caramel pastries were to die for. I felt bad for the orphan, who was selling them so I bought half a dozen. He gave me the puppy eyes of doom. How was I to turn the treats down?"

"I'm glad you're doing better now. Amelia called in sick. Do you think you can teach her Aerobics/Pilates class this morning?" Vicky asked Gabriel, whose golden eyes lit up instantly.

"Hellz yeah, baby doll! I know exactly where to report to. Laterz Cassie!"

Castiel headed to one of the treadmills. He would use it for half an hour and then swim in the gym's Olympic pool. A gym member Cas knew walked by and winked at him. The woman was hot and always flirted with him. He nodded and smiled before reaching the vacated treadmill.

Gabriel tied his dark blond locks in a ponytail before entering the Pilates room. "Eat your heart out young and hot Steven Segal not the old/balding/flabby one."

He opened the door and bellowed to the group of twenty women. "Good morning bitches! You miss me?"

All of the women knew him and applauded his colorful entrance. Gabriel connected his IPOD to a laptop and "She's a Maniac" from Flash Dance started playing. He stood in front of the class and started gyrating maniacally. His gym friends followed his frenzied moves.

Meanwhile, Cas finished his thirty minutes on the treadmill. He wiped the sweat from his face and neck, when his I Phone buzzed. The ID illustrated a call from Zar. Cas answered. "What's up gorgeous?"

"I have fantastic news, my delicious blueberry tart."

"OK don't leave me in suspense." Castiel wrung the small towel in his hands. Oh God please let it be good news about the show. I want the role so badly!

"Remember that little screen test I recorded of you acting out the scene in which you meet Magnus?"

"Yes?" Castiel was going to throttle Zar next time he saw the bastard.

"I showed it to the network execs and they instantly fell in love with you. I mean who wouldn't? You should thank Gabe for helping you so much with your exercise regime. The female executive couldn't shut her trap about your beautiful eyes and hot bod and how she can't wait to see you shirtless with the angel wings."

"So does this mean I got the job?" Castiel was close to jumping up and down in front of his fellow gym rats.

Balthazar chuckled. He loved getting a rise out of his dear friend. "Well you need to audition next week with Erick Skarsgard. The head honchos have narrowed it down to him to play Magnus, the master vampire."

Castiel smiled and thanked his guardian angel. Skarsgard was a former model, who entered the acting world three years ago and received critical praise for a Gulf War movie. Not only was the Swede talented but hot as fucking hell.

"If the two of you hit it off; the role is yours, Cassie."

"I won't let you down, Zar. I know it's all thanks to you that I'm close to getting the role. I love you, brother."

"Me, too, kiddo and I'll see you for brunch on Sunday."

"Looking forward to it…bye"


Castiel was so excited he ran up to the chick which always flirted with him and kissed her hard on the lips. She took advantage and grabbed on tight to his buns of steel. He let her go and winked at the hot red head. Gabriel was teaching the Pilates portion of the class, when Cas barged in. Half of the women ceased their actions and ogled the dark haired man.

"Gabe, the role is in the bag!" Cas hugged his cousin and didn't care about the abysmal outfit the 5'6 man wore.

"Congrats, Cassie! Didn't I tell you, you were destined to play Remiel? I'm so proud of you, cuz." Gabriel kissed Cas on the cheek.

"After class I'm taking you to Barnes and Noble to celebrate with a non-fat pumpkin spice Frappuccino."

"The only reason you're going to the bookstore is to buy the new smut novel releases." Cas smirked at Gabe.

"You caught me but I'm still treating you to a Frappuccino." Gabe smacked Castiel's ass. The taller man winced before exiting the room. He still had time for two laps around the pool. Castiel felt as if he was walking on clouds.

The two cousins drank the delicious beverages in the small café in the bookstore. After they were done, Gabriel scurried over to the romance section. Castiel cringed seeing his cousin rummage the store wearing his headache inducing gym outfit. The short spitfire planned to shower as soon as they got home. Castiel showered at the gym since he hated the smell of chlorine on his body.

"Cassie, can you please get me Cherise Sinclair's My Liege of Dark Haven? It's in the top shelf." Gabe was standing on tiptoes and still couldn't reach the historical erotica book.

"You need to start reading true literature. How about I get you the Hobbit? You can read it before we see the movie."

Gabe pouted. "Eew to quote the late/great Whitney Houston…hell to the no and kiss my black ass! There is no Aragorn in that one."

The two of them had attracted the attention of two high schoolers, who were obviously skipping school. The teens were sitting on the floor reading a YA Japanese graphic novel. Castiel's eyes landed on a book cover adjacent to Gabriel's pick. He captured the book with his long elegant fingers. Castiel started cracking up. He still held the book in his hands. He couldn't stop laughing. Cas plopped his ass on the carpeted floor.

Gabe's eyes popped out. He was truly frightened. "Cassie bear you ok there? I'm close to having you baker acted."

Castiel wiped tears from his eyes and continued cackling. "This is the best day ever!"

The teens shushed him. Castiel turned towards them. "Fuck off!" He resumed laughing maniacally.

Gabe's curiosity was killing him. Miraculously, his crazed cousin released his frantic hold on the book. Gabriel retrieved it and gasped. "OMG…is this Dean?"

Castiel nodded and sobered up. "How the mighty have fallen!"

"I had no idea things were going rough for the poor guy. He's the new Fabio? I mean come on posing for historical romance novels is kind of a low blow."

Castiel yanked the book from Gabe's hands. "Serves him right for being an assbutt!" His electric blue orbs landed on the cheesy book cover again. Castiel cackled once more seeing a shirtless Dean with long flowing tresses wearing a kilt and an eye patch covered his left eye. A raven haired chick with boobs pressed up to her chin held Dean's sword…an actual sword as she knelt in front of him.

"Can you please fetch me my book now?!" Gabe crossed his arms and stomped his right foot on the carpet.

"Sure thing, Gabe. I'm even going to buy you the Scotsman Who Ravished Me." Cas chuckled on his way to the cashier.

Two days later, Sam and Dean had dinner together at Olive Garden. Adam was at his friend Andy's tenth birthday slumber party. Dean noticed his brother had been fidgety all evening long. The waiter appeared with their drinks and salads. "Spill it Samantha! Something is bugging the shit out of you…just fucking say it."

Sam stuffed his mouth with a huge forkful of the house salad. He took his time chewing. Dean glared at him. Once he swallowed all the lettuce, Sam finally spoke. "Zar and the HBO execs want you to read for the role of Zachiel."

"Isn't that the douche nuzzle, who was one of the angels, who fell with Lucifer and turned into a demon?" Sam nodded as he vacuumed the remainder of his salad. "No offense, Sammy but I don't know if this is for me. I'm really proud of you but your books are like paranormal chick lit."

"Dean, it would mean the world to me if you auditioned. It's the only main role not casted yet. Zar has a lot of pull since he's the money in this operation."

Dean thought about it. Shit this beat posing for trashy novels. "I'll audition but I don't want to get the role due to nepotism."

"Great! You will audition with the two actors, who are in the running for the two lead roles."

"Anyone I know?" Dean gulped down his drink.

Sam's forehead started perspiring profusely. "The execs want it to be a surprise. You'll meet them next Thursday. I'll hand you a copy of the pilot, when we return home."

Dean was ecstatic on the inside. He was close to having a role in a network show! He wouldn't have to do Pterodactyl Wars II now. Dean did an internal Snoopy Dance. Maybe his rotten luck was about to finally change.

Thursday morning arrived and Castiel was a hot mess. Gabriel picked out his clothes for him: dark skinny jeans, a buttoned down navy blue shirt and grey tie with black boots. Gabe tamed his dark chocolate hair with gel. "You look good enough to eat, cuz. Let's go!" Gabriel grabbed a black fedora and placed it on his own head. This morning Gabriel donned black Capri leggings, matching ballerina flats and a long white t-shirt that said in bold black letters "War is Stupid".

The two of them were escorted to the main LA HBO executive conference room by a business attired receptionist. She opened the double doors and motioned for Cas and Gabe to enter. Two execs male and female, Zar, Sam, Chuck and Erick sat around the long mahogany table. Castiel swallowed hard. Today he would share a scene with the Swede to see if they had chemistry.

Zar introduced the cousins to the execs and Erick. Castiel embraced Sam and Chuck, whom he'd known forever. Zar smirked at Gabe. "Darling, the 80s called and want Boy George's clothes back." Gabe playfully stuck his tongue out at him.

Cas sat adjacent to the Swede and the two of them hit it off right off the bat. Erick even surprised Castiel by offering his services at his next charity function.

Thirty minutes later, the female executive, Barbara instructed the two actors to prepare for the scene. Castiel was a nervous wreck. He had to make out with a guy he'd known for only half an hour. To top it all off the two of them had to be shirtless.

Erick approached him and leaned down. The 6'4 blond towered over Castiel's 5'11 frame. He whispered in his ear, "Do you want to use tongue?"

Cas blushed. "Knock yourself out"

Someone was videotaping the audition. Erick noticed how nervous Castiel was. He removed the grey tie and unbuttoned the navy shirt. "Hey, I'm in this, too, man. Relax…it will soon be over."

Castiel nodded and pulled the Swede's grey V-neck over his head. His hands trailed languorously over the tall man's sculpted bronze torso. Gabriel retrieved a huge bag of Raisinettes from his messenger bag and opened it. He popped half a dozen in his mouth and handed the bag to the others present in the conference room.

"OK gentlemen, we want to see a kissing scene between the two of you," the female exec requested. All the men in the room gawked at her. She grinned. "Well we have to see if the characters will have romantic sparks."

Erick sat Castiel on the conference table. The shorter man encircled his legs around the Swede's hips. Erick leaned lower and trailed kisses down Castiel's jaw. The heels of Cas' boots sunk into Erick's denim clad ass. He wrapped his arms across the tall man's shoulders. Then the two of them went for it. Castiel's mouth landed on Erick's. He was putting everything into the kiss. Cas wanted the role so damn badly!

Gabriel swallowed the last Raisinette trying not to choke. Castiel and the Swedish hunk were really going for it. They made it look so fucking real. Was that Cassie's tongue going inside Erick's mouth? Oy vey! I'm gonna have to replace my leggings pronto!

The double doors to the conference were opened wide and Dean Winchester trotted inside like a proud peacock. His eyes landed on the two actors, who were in the middle of a make out audition scene. He scowled, when Castiel's eyes landed on him. "What the fuck is he doing here?"

Dean strolled to the middle of the conference room and smirked. "Good morning lady, gentlemen, Gabriela, dude I don't know and Crapstiel." Castiel stood up and started putting his discarded shirt back on. His eyes shot daggers at Dean, who remained grinning at him. "Didn't you know Crapstiel? I'm auditioning for the role of Zachiel."

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