Dean pulled up his black boxers and turned towards Cas, who gazed at him with large petrified eyes which brought to mind blue cornflowers. He put the phone on speaker. "Mind repeating that, buddy?"

Balthazar remained silent. Castiel hopped off the counter and plastered his sticky body against Dean's back. Dean felt his husband's erratic heartbeat. "I'm sorry boys. The show received the lowest ratings in HBO's history."

"Oh no!" Castiel clung desperately to Dean. He wanted Halos and Blood to succeed mostly for Dean. He deserved to become the big star he was destined to be. Bela fucked that up. Castiel felt guilt rise again. He shouldn't have gotten back at Dean the way he did.

"It was a massacre, darlings! Barbara is livid. A repeat of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Christmas special slaughtered us. In the adult demo we received a 0.3."

Dean turned around and embraced Castiel, who pressed his face into his hubby's shoulder. How ironic? Their show got trounced by his very own TV guilty pleasure. "The few fans, who watched the pilot, are saying it was the cheesiest thing they've ever seen."

The Winchester interrupted his old friend. "Zar, we've heard enough. We'll talk to you later."

"Sorry, darlings…let's get together for dinner tonight."

"We'll get back to you," Castiel whispered and hung up.

"This is so fucking humiliating." Dean started cleaning the sticky counter. He was scrubbing the sponge so fast and hard; it split in half.

"Dean, relax. There's nothing we can do now. Why don't we take a shower?" Castiel kissed his tense shoulders.

"Cas, I fucking wanted the show to go on for at least six seasons. It was something the two of us would work on together and be proud of." Dean closed his eyes. Castiel kissed his stubbled cheek.

"We'll get through this. This is nothing compared to what Bela did to us."

"You're right, babe." Dean held Castiel's hipbones and kissed him longingly.

Castiel's cell started buzzing incessantly. It was Balthazar. The Milton didn't plan on answering but Zar would continue calling. He put it on speaker. Castiel's brows furrowed. Laughter was heard on the background. Dean scowled. "What the fuck are you laughing at Zar? You lost a lot of money in all of this!"

Balthazar managed to catch his breath. "You two are the most gullible wankers I have ever met."

Gabriel yelled, "Gotcha!"

Dean and Castiel stared at each other with their mouths open. "The ratings were actually twelve percent higher than True Blood's season premiere!" Balthazar sounded as ecstatic as a kid being allowed to eat all of the chocolate created in Willy Wonka's factory.

"Zar, if you're fucking playing with us again; I'm going to kick your ass back to London!" Dean screamed.

"We just wanted to yank your chains!" Gabe stated.

"It wasn't funny, cousin." Castiel leaned against the refrigerator. "Being annihilated by a Honey Boo Boo repeat would've been beyond humiliating."

Gabriel interrupted, "Hey America loves the Boo Boo!"

"Zar, your drama queen of a girlfriend has been rubbing off on you and not in a good way," Dean said through clenched teeth.

"I resent that!" Gabe bellowed.

"Geez sorry…anyways Barbara wants to treat the cast to dinner tonight. You two better make it. Go to . The person, who is going to recap Halos and Blood, is in love with the two of you and Erick. She wrote True Blood is so yesterday. Viewers of the show have written close to one thousand comments on the site and most are positive." Balthazar shut up.

"This is so fucking amazing!" Dean grabbed Castiel and spun him around the kitchen.

"Congrats, gentlemen! I am very proud of you. By the way filming on season two begins in late October. There will be more episodes."

"Isn't it early to be picked up?" Castiel inquired.

"The President of the network called Barbara and I early this morning with the news. He's thrilled with the ratings. Boys you will become huge stars before season one stops airing."

"Go have celebratory sex!" Gabriel yelled. "I bet we interrupted sexy time. You two have a lot of time to make up for."

"Bye, Bert and Ernie!" Zar said before hanging up.

Castiel cupped Dean's chin and kissed him hungrily. They ended up pulling apart for much needed breath. "We are finally going to make it, babe." Dean said as he guided his husband to their shared bathroom.

"Ugh the only low point is we're stuck with Zachariah."

Dean gagged. "Ugh true that. At least I got used to Crowley's perverted ways. He's not as big a tyrant as Zachie boy."

Later that night Dean entered their bedroom silently. Castiel was entranced watching something on TV. He leaned against the headboard on the center of the mattress. Dean's hazel eyes landed on the flat screen. "Dude, are you watching Honey Boo Boo?"

Castiel immediately changed the channel. "No I am watching Dr. Sexy."

Dean jumped on the bed and wrestled Castiel for the remote. He went back to the Learning Channel and lo and behold Boo Boo was on. "Aw, babe I had no idea you were a diehard fan."

Castiel squirmed. "I can't help it! This show is like a train wreck. You pass by and need to stop and see the consequences."

Dean laughed hard. "It's ok, man. We all have our weird addictions." They watched the episode in which Mitzy, the pig takes a dump on the table. Dean and Castiel ended up cracking up and rolling all over the mattress. Cas ran to pee in the bathroom and Dean almost fell off the bed as a result of too much laughter.

A week later, Dean and Cas prepared to leave for New York. The newlyweds were finally going to have a much deserved honeymoon trip. Adam hugged Castiel ferociously. "I'm going to miss you, Castiel. Did you pack your jersey?"

"Yes, and I will definitely wear it." He kissed Adam's forehead. He started bringing their luggage outside. That way Dean and Adam will say their good byes in private.

"We'll only be gone for a week, champ. Then no more trips for a while; I promise."

"I'm going to have fun with Uncle Sammy and Chuck. We're going to have a video game marathon and they promised to take me to see a dinosaur exhibit,"

"That's awesome! Well I gotta go. Give your old man a squeeze." Dean knelt down and held on tightly to his son. "I love you, champ."

"Me, too, dad" Adam kissed his dad on the cheek.

Dean thanked Sam, who had come to pick his nephew up, "He's a great kid. Chuck and I don't mind having him with us. I'm really happy for you, big brother. It's great seeing your eyes bright again. It had been a long time since they sparkle like they do now."

"Samantha, you're such a big girl!" Dean grinned and embraced his giraffe of a brother. Sam patted him on the back.

"Dad, don't forget the Cracker Jack box!" Adam handed it to his father.

"Shoot I can't leave without it, now can I?"

"You're hopeless without us," the ten year old said.

"Wise guy" Dean smiled at the two of them before leaving.

During the airplane ride, Dean laid his head over Castiel's shoulder. He waited for the right moment to open the Cracker Jack box. When the pilot announced they would arrive at JFK Airport in half an hour, Dean retrieved it from his jacket's pocket. He opened it and offered some caramel popcorn to his husband, who shook his head.

Dean rolled his eyes. Well he had to consume the damn popcorn. He was more than halfway through, when his fingers hit on the prize. Dean smiled. "Cas, have the rest. I think I'm going to hurl if I eat another kernel."

Castiel immediately felt the prize. "Don't you want to open and see what you won?"

"Nah, go for it." Dean stared at Castiel's long and elegant fingers as he brought out the small envelope.

"What the hell is in here? It weighs more than the usual surprise." Cas stated. Dean shrugged his shoulders.

Cas gently ripped the small envelope. His eyes were round as saucers. His eyes became misty, when he held two matching platinum bands. "Dean, I can't believe you did this?" He leaned closer to his husband and kissed him with all of his heart.

He slid Dean's wedding band on his ring finger. Dean did the same to Castiel. "I remember watching Breakfast at Tiffany's by heart now."

"I never thought I'd marry someone dreamier than George Peppard," Cas whispered as he snuggled closer to Dean.

"Don't you forget it, babe." He kissed the top of Cas' head.

Their entire first day in New York was spent making love in their suite at the Four Seasons. The only time they ventured out was to get massages at the hotel's spa and to dine at Lombardi's. The eating establishment was famous for its mouthwatering deep dish pizza.

The following morning Dean woke Castiel up at eight. He dragged his lazy husband from the bed. "Come on, babe. I have a surprise planned. Get your sexy ass out of bed right now!"

The cab dropped them off in front of a quaint little bakery in Fifth Avenue. Dean purchased the two of them two cheese Danish and two cups of coffee. He started leading Castiel outside. "Aren't we going to eat here?" Dean shook his head and jogged with his right hand holding on to one of Cas' down Fifth Avenue. Castiel froze as soon as he saw the infamous building which housed Tiffany's & Co.

Dean pulled him gently until they stood in front of the store. "Now we can eat." Dean smirked as he handed Castiel his coffee and Danish. He glanced at the time on his watch. The time was 9:50. The store would open in ten minutes. Castiel looked like an excited child. He ate the Danish and sipped the warm coffee as his eyes scanned the display cases. When he finished eating, he stated, "This is where Audrey stood during the infamous scene." Castiel's eyes brimmed with tears. "Dean, you're incredible." He held his husband's hand. Dean was in heaven knowing he was responsible for Castiel's current happiness.

The lights inside Tiffany's were turned on. A pepper haired salesperson unlocked the front door and a security guard stood outside. He opened the door for Dean and Cas and nodded at the couple. "What are we doing here? You already got us rings."

"Have you forgotten one of the important scenes from the movie?" Dean nudged Cas' shoulder with his. Castiel's eyes glinted with recognition.

The salesperson approached them with a smile. "How may I help you, gentleman this morning?"

Dean removed his band and instructed his husband to do the same. He handed them to the distinguished looking middle aged man. "I want our initials to be engraved on both bands please."

"Is there any particular lettering you would like us to use?"

Dean removed a folded paper from his jeans' pocket. He unfolded it and placed it on the glass counter. Castiel scooted closer to see the contents. He wrapped his arm with Dean's. "That's perfect."

"Excellent choice, sir…the bands will be ready this afternoon." The engraving would be identical in both bands. Their initials would overlap in Segoe Script.

That evening the married couple wore their newly engraved wedding bands. Dean and Castiel took a romantic moonlight carriage ride through Central Park. "I've grown a vagina the last couple of weeks," Dean mumbled.

Castiel kissed the tip of his nose. "This trip will remain my favorite memory of all time. You have outdone yourself, love of my life."

Dean bit his lower lip. "I just want to make you happy for the rest of our lives."


The following day the duo took the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building tours. They took goofy pictures which Adam will love. In the evening after dinner at the Four Seasons, the two of them saw the Book of Mormon. The show was awesome and now they knew what the big fuzz was all about.

The last night of their trip was Castiel's turn to surprise Dean. He rented a car and drove to New Jersey. They reached Atlantic City in two hours. Cas parked the vehicle outside of Prohibition, the club Zar and Gabe took them after their nulled wedding ceremony. A valet attendant took the keys from the actor. One of the bouncers was dressed like Al Capone escorted them inside. Several patrons recognized the actors and approached them for autographs and pictures. They congratulated the guys on the show and wished them luck.

Alfie, the young waiter, who served them, last time, spotted them. He ran over to the newlyweds. "You're here! Follow me to the VIP room. Mr. Milton reserved it for the entire night." Dean smirked at Cas.

Appetizers and a bottle of Patron tequila waited for them in the isolated room. Alfie said he wouldn't bother them unless they required something. "Oh Mr. Milton… what you requested for is in the adjacent private restroom. Don't worry no one will disturb you for the remainder of the evening." He winked at the actors before vacating the chamber and locking it from the outside.

Castiel removed Dean's jacket and told him to open the Patron bottle while he was in the bathroom. Dean started to worry when ten minutes passed and there was no sign of his husband. "Babe, are you alright?"

The door was opened revealing Castiel dressed in complete Elliot Ness costume. Dean whistled. His eyes devoured Castiel. The suit and fedora were dark blue. The outfit perfectly fit Cas. Castiel headed to a table and turned on the IPod. Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" started playing.

Cas poured tequila in two shot glasses. He handed one to his husband and clinked his glass against his. The couple gulped the shots down rapidly. Castiel laid Dean flat down on the velvet sofa. He started swaying his hips to the music. Dean bit his lower lip. Castiel started removing his clothes slowly as he continued to dance. Once he was down to his pants and the fedora, he straddled his husband and was glad to feel Dean's erection bump with his. He covered Dean's entire body. "You're under arrest," Cas whispered in Dean's ear. He retrieved a pair of handcuffs from his pants.

"Yes, I've been a naughty boy, Mr. Ness." Castiel instructed Dean to remove his button down and t-shirt. Dean's body shivered, when Castiel moved his arms over his head and wrapped the cold metal across his wrists. Castiel brushed his tongue down Dean's well-toned torso. The Winchester's hips arched upwards. Cas pulled down his husband's pants and underwear. When they reached his ankles, Dean kicked them away. "Dean, you're so fucking beautiful. When God created you, perfection occurred for the first time."

Dean blushed ferociously. "Nah, Cas you're the beautiful one. Can the cheesy talk and remove your pants!"

Cas chuckled at his lover's impatience. He got rid of his trousers in record time. His hard and red cock curved into his abdomen. Beads of pre-cum gleamed from its slit. Dean gulped hard. Cas placed his fingers on the brim of the fedora. "No, don't take it off! I want you to fuck me while you wear it."

Castiel arched a raven brow. "Are you sure you want me to fuck you into that couch?"

"I want you to stretch me wide and fuck me so hard; I won't be able to walk straight for days."

Cas stretched his arm to fetch his discarded suit jacket. He rummaged through one of the inner pockets to find a container of lube, He squeezed a generous amount on his fingers. He leisurely prepped Dean for him. The Winchester was growing more desperate by the minute. "You're lucky I'm handcuffed you bastard."

Castiel licked and bit his husband's nipples. Dean's swollen staff rubbed against his own. Cas stopped tormenting his husband and held on to his hipbones. He slowly entered Dean's tight ass. Dean closed his eyes at first. Cas was fucking huge and it took getting used to his width and length. Castiel kissed him gently on the lips as he reached in deeper. Once he felt Dean was taking all he could of him, Castiel pulled in and out at a slow pace.

"Dean, look at me, gorgeous. Am I hurting you?" Dean opened his eyes which had turned almost pitch black. His arms itched to wrap themselves across Cas' waist. He wanted to rake his nails down his lover's back. The soles of Dean's feet pushed deep into the velvet material of the sofa. He raised his lower body wanting to feel Cas deeper inside him. This was the signal the blue eyed man was waiting for. He thrust faster and deeper inside Dean, who swore like a sailor.

Cas' fingers sunk deep into Dean's hips. Sweat fell off his hair; landing on the tawny haired man's chest. Their breathing became ragged. Castiel's left hand covered Dean's erection. He jerked him off. Dean was on fire. He was so fucking close. The tendons on Castiel's neck protruded right before he shot his load inside Dean. Dean soon followed. Castiel slid his perspiring body over Dean's. He removed the handcuffs and tossed them aside.

"Best sex ever," Dean said once he was able to breathe, "We're taking the fedora and handcuffs with us," Castiel smiled as Dean's arms enveloped around him. He fell asleep listening to his husband's heartbeat.

A few days later, Zar, Gabe, Jo and Jax were on a double date. Balthazar was treating everyone to dinner at Spago's. Gabriel was relieved to see his matchmaking skills bared fruit. Jo and Jax were dating and going strong. The Swede couldn't keep his hands off the Harvelle. Jo glowed with happiness. While they waited for dessert, Gabe excused himself to go to the bathroom. He rolled his eyes upon seeing the sign stating the men's bathroom was out of order. Well he needed to drain the dragon, so he scurried inside the ladies' room.

He noticed the cleaning lady was in one of the stalls. He entered the adjacent one and relieved his bladder. He peed over the seat a little and felt bad for the cleaning lady. Gabriel was washing his hands, when the woman finally left the stall. He looked at her through the mirror. Gabe jumped in the air. It couldn't be! He remembered seeing Bela Talbot a few times in their early teens and on television. Cas and Dean told him she was penniless but he never imagined he'd see her as a custodial engineer. The woman looked haggard. Her former luminous chestnut locks were limp and scraggly. Huge dark circles adorned her grey eyes. Gabe wanted to feel pity for her but what she did to Destiel was unforgivable. He dried his hands and ran out of the bathroom.

Two weeks passed. Dean, Cas and Adam were house hunting. They had seen four houses in the vicinity of Adam's school. None of them felt right. They were starting to lose patience, when they reached a two story brick house located five minutes from the ten year old's school. The lawn was neatly trimmed and the backyard was huge. Adam asked them if he could finally get a Jack Russell Terrier. Dean told him he'd think about it.

After the perky real estate agent, who resembled Becky finished giving them the tour, she left them her card. The family of three stood outside on the porch. "Well what do you guys think? Does this place feel like home?" Dean asked.

"I really like it, dad!" Adam jumped up and down.

"I can picture us living here," Castiel contributed.

"So I'll call Becky #2 first thing in the morning," Adam cleared his throat. Dean gazed at his son and remembered what the boy desperately wanted to ask Castiel. He nodded and sat on the swing bench.

Adam approached Castiel nervously. "What's wrong, Adam? You don't really like it here?" Castiel knelt in front of his stepson.

"I'm just nervous you're going to say no."

Castiel looked at his husband. He was confused. "Why don't you go ahead and ask me." He placed a hand over the boy's shoulder.

"Castiel, will you adopt me? I want you to become my second dad." Adam blushed and stared at the wooden white floor.

Cas was about to burst into tears. He finally had the family he always craved for. His eyes landed on Dean's. His husband nodded at him in encouragement.

"I'd be honored to have you as my son, Adam." He was toppled by the boy to the ground.

"Yes, I'm going to finally have two parents! I love you, Castiel." Cas hung tightly to his stepson.

"Me, too, Adam"

Dean smiled at them from the swing. He finally had the two people, who meant everything to him under one roof and he was going to make sure they would always be together, Adam heard a dog bark. He gazed across the street and was waved at by a boy and a girl around his age. Adam glanced at his dad, who gave him permission to go and introduce himself to his new neighbors.

Castiel joined Dean on the bench swing. Their fingers entwined. The two of them gazed at the orange sunset. "Guess our dreams are coming true, ma petite pomme." Dean kissed Cas' forehead.

"Yes, they are. I have a sexy loving husband and a wonderful son."

"Don't forget we star in a hit TV show."

"Who knew the chubby little boy, who brought us together twenty years ago would be the one to reunite us again."

Dean held on tighter to Castiel's hand. "I never thought about it but it's true. It was through Sam we became friends as kids and by him creating Halos and Blood; he brought us back together."

Dean inhaled Castiel's intoxicating scent. "We should invite the Sasquatch to live in the small guest house until he grows a pair and proposes to Sarah."

"That's a great idea. Oh I forgot to tell you, Gabe and Balthy invited us over to their place tomorrow night. Zar's hosting a dinner party to celebrate Gabriel's moving in with him."

"The whole gang is happy now." Dean leaned his head on Cas' shoulder. "Life can't get better than this."

"Amen" The two of them sat serenely watching the last vestiges of the sun.


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