The next day in front of the the Ninja academy General POV

"Okey class today where going to have a field trip in the woods as part of your ninja training" Said Takashi to his student "Guy sensei and Lady Tsunade going to take care of you as well"

"But before we go I want to make sure that everybody is present today so I going to speak a list of names and if you here yours you repeated to me with yes Sensei am I clear" Said Tsunada while everybody repeat to here with "Hi Sensei"

"Oke lets start then"


"Hi Sensei" Says a boy with black eye browns


"Hi" Said a boy with brown hair.

And so the list continus untile.

"Saske" …...?

"Hey where is Saske?" Ask Tsunade to Takasi.

"I am here Sensei" A voice said from behind the tree and a boy with black hair and a black aura appears and all the girls except Erza start to scream from his appearances.

"Looks its Saske" Said one girl to Hinata.

"He is so cool" Said another.

"Hey Saske I am not done with you yet" Is Naruto reaction and start walking to ward him only to be stopped by Erza who hold his shoulder.

"Hold the fight fore another time would you" She said with a scary glare.

"But he and i" Said the blond one.

"If you cant defeat me what make you think you can defeat him he is the strongest boy in the academy beside you can't even defeat me what make you think you can defeat him"

"How do you now that" Ask Naruto to the Scarlet girl.

"Because I did fight with him before" She take a deep breath before continuing "Saske Uchiha the shadow dragon slayer"

"But I did fight with him before and he doesn't seeing to have that power"

"That's probably he didn't find it necessary to use it back then"

"I see" Said the blond boy in return.

"Okey now that everybody is presence it time fore decide the teams Guy Sensie can you read the list" Said Takashi.

"With a pleasure the teams are bla bla bla Team Guy Lee Neji Tenten blal bla bla 7 Team Kakashi Takashi Naruto Erza Saske and 8 Team Kurenai Shino Akamaru Hinata Kiba bla bla bla. (sorry forget all the otheres teams to lazy to look up). When he was finished Takashi continuous with his speech.

"Each team need to bring back a set of two golden jingel balls witch are hidden in the forest.."

"Sounds easy let it up to me" Said Naruto.

"But we wont make it that easy fore you so Naruto"

"Yeah" He said while scratching his hair with it hand.

"Let people speak before you start interrupting them." He said with a glare that look like it could kill someone.

"Hi sorry sensei" He said in deep shame.

"Okey what I wanted to say before I got interrupted by a certainty someone here was that to complete they task you must also defeat a Wyvern who is protect the bell with its life I and the other teacher will monitory your movements and you will be judged not only by your individual movements but also how you works as a team." he tean continuous "Am I clear questions left no then lets begin"

And just like that all they teams where of expect one.

Naruto P.O.V

So easy doing defeat a monster get a bell and then going to score some food.

"Lets go guys we while show who is the strongest" Naruto looks around and see that he is left behind"...Guys?"

CRACK a loud sounds was heard and the grounds shakes.

I am not gone let myself be the last one here I go using his legs and jumping tree to tree to catch up.