People say that I'm crazy,weird and that I don't grasp the fact that I don't belong here...anywhere. But I for one have faith in lots of things...


Gwenenes POV

A day like any other. Getting up and eating my regular that quickly changed."A new and improved mini gun just yours for 300¥!"I anxiously tried to dial the number but my hand kept trembling with every type or sound from the telephone."Damn it..."I looked at the phone and it said busy. I knew right away who was using the phone."Kerero..." I grabbed a regular looking water gun but filled with acid."Humph..Girriro think he knows torture.." I ran downstairs into his secret base. He was not there at all the only one there was Girriro."Were is he!" I walked around looking for around for and clue were he might be hiding. Girriro gave me a look like I was crazy or something."He went shopping for his Gundams.."I looked ashamed blaming Girriro. Truth is,I really like him but I'm way out of his Leauge."Oh then who was using the phone smart guy?!" He let out a long sigh and pointed at Kururu. He was talking with somebody and I did not want to know who."Oh I'm sorry I guess I'll be leaving now..." I was caught off guard when Girriro reached over and grabbed my wrist pulling me back down."stay..."I felt my face go red as I sat infront of him looking down. Why would he want me to stay...Everytime I looked up he was staring at me. I felt my heart beating fasTed as I stared right back. It seemed like we were both waiting for something..Busashay was that something...I watched him as he came closer and closer. "Damn it Gwenene..." I was at my breaking point were he was so close I could feel his breath."Umm I have to go.." I escaped his grasp as I walked backI upstairs retaking everything that happened.