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Ranma stared intently into the stupefied eyes of his love.  The look on her face made him chuckle lightly.

Hearing this, Akane turned her eyes on the pigtailed boy he currently held her hands in his.  Even though she knew that he was unable to lie for the time being, she decided to confirm what she had just heard.

"Ranma, is this true? You better not be playing with me or I'll-" Ranma gently put his finger to Akane's lips; momentarily halting her speech. 

"No…I'm telling the truth."  Ranma replied honestly.  "Akane, We-" A soft sigh coming from the side of him stopped him.  He then noticed the awe struck crowed that had slowly gathered around them during his passionate declaration.

The two started blushing furiously because of the crowd they had attracted.

"Akane, we need to talk.  Lets go somewhere more private."  He suggested quietly, taking her hands and leading them away for the crowd.

Akane dug her heel in the ground to halt the determined boy.  "Wait… what about Hiroshi? I…" She trailed off seeing Ranma's eyes harden at the mention of Hiroshi's name.

"He's not a baby.  He can find his way back to the dojo.  Or where he came from."  Ranma growled.  Turning back to Akane "Come on."  He said tugging on her arm leading her to the destination that he had in mind.


Pulling Akane into a deserted Alleyway (I didn't know where else to put them), Ranma decided to tell Akane everything.

"Akane, the first night Hiroshi came, I both of you made me really jealous.  I hated you for making me feel that way, and myself for feeling that way.  So, I went for a walk and ended up at the Neko Hanten.  Shampoo gave me something to eat.  I think she put some kind of-" Ranma didn't get to finish.

"Truth potion?"  Akane inquired.

"Yeah, so anyways- how did you know that!?"  Ranma yelled, surprised that Akane knew about his predicament.

"I found out about it after I found out that Ryoga was actually P-chan."  Akane said, feeling really callous for the way she went about handling things with Ranma.

Ranma looked at Akane suspiciously.  "Was this whole Hiroshi thing all just a big prank?"  Ranma asked a little hopeful.

Akane looked down, not wanting to make eye contact with Ranma.  "Yeah.  After I found out about the truth potion, I was so angry that you didn't tell me about it that I really wanted to hurt you.  I tried to hurt you by using Hiroshi."  Akane murmured, looking at Ranma and then at her hands.  Ranma eyes hardened slightly after hearing this.  He slowly turned around to face to wall, silently assessing their current situation.

There was a long bout of silence after Akane's confession.  Not able to take it anymore, Akane desperately tried to get him to see why she had done it.  "Ranma I don't know what I was thinking, and I'm sorry! I-" Ranma suddenly jerked around to face her.  His eyes suddenly became soft again after taking in Akane's regretful expression. 

He sighed touching her face lightly with the palm of his hand.  He then gently tilted her face up, so that she met his gaze.

"It's okay now Akane.  I understand.  I probably deserved it anyway, not telling you about P-chan and all."  Ranma said softly.

"Anyways, you didn't let me finish."  He scolded softly.  "So after I found out the truth potion would last, I decided I had to get away."  Ranma finished.

"But why did you have to run away?"  Akane asked confused. 

Ranma smirked, leaning against the opposite wall. "I wanted to get away from you.  I didn't want to let you know how I really felt.  I thought I would just end up hurt in the end."  Ranma finished, his eyes turned toward the sky, unwilling to make eye contact with Akane.

"And how do you feel about me?"  Akane asked, wanting to hear him say he loved her again.

"I just told you…I love you.  I think I always have."  Ranma said getting off the wall to be closer to Akane.  He put his hand back on her soft cheek.

Akane looked into Ranma's eyes, seeing a myriad of emotions darken them beautifully.  "What are you thinking right now?"  Akane asked, as her heart started to beat fast.

"I'm thinking I want to kiss you."  Ranma said huskily as he brought her lips up to meet his.  Rapping his arms around Akane, he slowly deepened the kiss.  Akane moaned lightly when Ranma ran his tongue on the outside of her bottom lip, begging entrance to her mouth to which Akane readily complied.

He then slowly pulled away to look into Akane's glazed eyes.  Seeing her expression of awe and contentment made Ranma extremely happy.

Smiling warmly "Lets go home, you uncute tomboy."  Ranma said jokingly, rubbing the top of Akane's head affectionately. 

"Hey, I'm not a dog!"  Akane said, pushing Ranma's hand off of her head, equally playful.

Ranma suddenly stopped when he realized that he could lie again. 

Akane turned to Ranma worriedly.  "Ranma, what's wrong."  Akane inquired.

"Oh nothing.  I think the truth potion wore off though."  Ranma said.

"Oh."  Akane said, doubt slowly starting to graze her pretty face.

Ranma noticed this immediately.  "I didn't lie about the way I feel about you, if that's what your thinking."  Ranma said exasperated.   

"I'm sorry.  I guess I was just getting insecure."  Akane said smiling sheepishly.  Then grabbing Ranma's hand.  "Lets go home."


The two made their way back to the dojo hand in hand.  Soun and Genma who turned from their game of Shogi immediately greeted them.

"Ranma, Akane! Your back…" Soun trailed off when he noticed that they were holding hands.  Genma to had apparently noticed also.  They gave each other knowing looks as they suddenly started crying tears of joy.

"Genma-kun.  It has finally happened.  They are getting along now!"  Wailed Akane's joyful father; embarrassing his daughter with his crying.

Ranma and Akane exchanged looks and headed for the training hall.


"Did you see the look on my dads face when he saw us holding hands?"  Akane laughed as she slid down the wall to sit next to Ranma.

Ranma turned his amused gaze on her.  "Yeah they couldn't believe it.  I almost can't either."  Ranma said leaning down to kiss her.

"Remove your hands from Akane-san."  Hiroshi said with deadly calm, his eyes hard as black marbles, as he made his way toward the confused two.

After the two got over their initial shock, Ranma jumped up.  "What do you mean?  She's not your girlfriend."  Ranma growled, slowly getting, suddenly in the mood for a fight.

Akane immediately got up to prevent a fight that she had caused.  She placed herself between Ranma and Hiroshi.  "Hiroshi I have a lot of explaining to do."  Akane said guiltily.

After assessing Ranma for a while, he turned his gaze to Akane.  His eyes softened immediately upon looking at Akane.  "What is it, Akane-san?"  Hiroshi asked curiously.

Akane turned her gaze to her hands, making them seem very interesting at the moment.  "Well, yesterday when I acted like I really liked you, it was all a plan just to make Ranma jealous.  You see I love Ranma, but he hurt me so I wanted to get back at him.  But to get back at him, I used you.  Can you ever forgive me for putting you through this Hiroshi?"  Akane pleaded, finally looking Hiroshi in the eyes.  "Please?"

Hiroshi just stared at Akane for a while, his dark enigmatic eyes turning hard at Akane's betrayal.  After making her wait some more, he finally said something.  "Even thought I can't believe you did that, I care about you enough to want to see you happy.  And if being with Ranma-kun makes you happy, then it makes me happy also."  He replied tightly.

"Thank you so much Hiroshi-san.  That means a lot to me."  Akane whispered sincerely.

Ranma cleared his throat to remind the two that he was still there.

"Well it's time I get going anyways."  Hiroshi said looking away.  Then he turned to Ranma.  "I wish you and Akane the best." He said as he exited the training hall and out of the dojo.

Akane turned to Ranma.  "Ranma I feel so bad about this whole situation.  I-" Akane stopped as Ranma cut her off. 

"It's okay.  You didn't do anything that bad.  I mean sure you played with my head and my emotions and made a guy think that you liked him when you didn't.  That's not that bad at all."  Ranma finished nonchalantly.

Akane bowed her head in shame until she heard Ranma burst out laughing.  She hit him when she realized he had been making fun of her, making laugh even harder.

He suddenly pulled her into a warm embrace, placing his chin on the top of her head.

Akane broke the silence.  "Ranma, there something I have been meaning to ask you."  Akane said pulling slightly away from Ranma.  "Do you really like being a girl?"  She asked innocently.  She laughed when saw the comical expression that Ranma wore.  Her laugh proved contagious as Ranma started laughing at the situation that they were in.

"I love you Ranma."  She murmured against his chest.

"I love you to, my unsexy tomboy."  Ranma joked as they held each other both looking forward to a happy future together.



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