This was not how I wanted to start out my day. Okay, it started nicely, with me doodling and listening to music, when this creepy old dude just popped my room and pulled me through this portal thingy! That made me pretty mad…

"Stay calm young wizard." the old dude said. Looking at him, he looked a bit like Dumbledore, but less cool.

"What were you thinking?! You just pop into my room and push me out into this very cluttered office and expect me to stay calm?! I don't think so Dumbledore's less awesome twin!" I yelled.

Dumbledore 2 gave me a confused look. He nodded at his owl, which looked strangely like Hedwig.

Before the owl could do anything, I burst out in another rant. "Honestly! This is just sick! Why kidnap me?! And how did you get into my room?! And why does your owl look like Hedwig!? I need to call the authorities!" I reached into my pockets, looking for my phone. "Where did you put my phone creepy Dumbledore?!"

"That does not matter," he said. "What does matter is that you need to save the spiral and kill an evil wizard by going on a wild goose chase!" he said cheerfully.

I stared at him blankly. "Really Dumbledore II? Really?"

"Why do you keep calling me that? What is a Dumbledore? Because I am Headmaster Merle Ambrose. And that's Gamma." he said pointing at the owl.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Take me home. Tonight's pasta night."

"I am sorry young wizard. I cannot do that. But you can take the test to find out what wizard you are!" he said.

"A test?! I hate tests!" I groaned.

A book and a quill appeared in front of me. The book opened and sighing, I picked up the quill. I bent down and read the first question.

Would you rather be by yourself or with others?

By myself of course. You sure are stupid for a magic book.

What is your favorite subject in school?

Science I guess. Cause I can play with dangerous stuff.

What is the most powerful?

My fist. And you're gonna meet it the next time you ask a stupid question.

What is your favorite animal?

A magic book eating vampire bat…

Would you rather lead a team, or be part of it?

Lead! Duurrrr…

What is your favorite gemstone?

What are my choices?

Amethyst, Peridot, or Onyx.

So purple, yellow or black? That black one. With the funny looking name.

Congratulations! You have chosen the school of Death! Death wiz—I slammed the book shut.

"Well that was torture." I muttered.

Now that that's over, I need to know what you look like." he said.

"Shopping?! Why do you torture me so much?!"

"Are you a boy or a girl?"

"I'm a girl you idiot!"

"What does your face look like?"

"Excuse me?" A mirror dropped down in front of my face. I looked at myself. I looked the same as always. "I have long blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin."

The headmaster snapped his fingers and I was wearing a black and silver dress thing.

"Dude! I want my old outfit back! This thing is itchy!" I complained. Of course, he ignored me. I hate how old people do that.

"Let us go to Golem Court for no reason!" he said.

We walked over there and of course it started raining, and thundering, and lightning struck the tower. Typical. So what made it even more cliché was that some dude's figure was lit up in the window. And it looked evil.

"What was that? Come along young wizard and we shall investigate." Dumbledore or Ambrose or whatever, muttered walking towards the tower.

"Move aside old man!" I yelled diving into the tower. Well, I suppose that I forgot that it was at the top of a very tall tower. By this time, Dumbledore 2 was in behind me. "Do we really have to walk up these stairs? Isn't there a magical elevator to take you up or something?" Of course, he ignored me, and kept walking.

By the time we got to the top, I was exhausted, and collapsed on the floor. Headmaster was still going strong. "Malistaire!" he growled.

I peeled my face from the floor and looked at this Malistaire dude. He was tall with one of those comical looking noses. He was wearing one of those uncomfy looking leather robes, and he had dreadlocks. So, he basically looked like the typical villain.

"Ambrose," Malistaire sneered.

"Umm… so you two know each other?! I don't suppose this is, like, a high school reunion is it?" I said nervously.

As usual, I was ignored.

Malistaire suddenly made these two dragon dudes poof out of nowhere.

"Confront them and be brave young wizard! Take these spell cards and wand, I will guide you." Dumble-Ambrose said. Then this crazy cool sharp stick thingy that looked like a horn appeared in my hand. Along with some weird playing cards, but I ignored those.

Hefting myself from the floor, I took the stick and trudged toward the dragon-like creature. Suddenly, a big circle enveloped me. That woke me up.

"Holy! What the heck is this!?" I yelled. Dumbledore II just tossed me some playing cards. "Very helpful. What am I supposed to do? Play Go Fish?!" I grumbled.

Suddenly, one of the dragon dudes did a strange little dance, and this creepy bug made of ice appeared in front of me. It charged and whacked me on the face. I spit out tiny shards of ice, just in time to see number 2 do his dancy thing and send a giant scorpion right at me. I let out a very brave whimpering noise. The horrid thing spit out this acid stuff at me, and yeah, it burned. So in my panicked state I threw a card at them. Suddenly, a big troll thing just popped up and hit the first guy. So anyways, this battle took a while, so I'm just gonna fast forwards to the end. Blah, blah, blah, I win, evil dude poofs away, okay. We can stop here.

So I was totally exhausted, cause seriously, battling is hard work. Headmaster said something along the lines of, 'I'm going back to my office to chill, and you just wait here until I feel like calling you. Later.' So basically, I was alone in a tower, just waiting for more nasties to pop up and kill me. Sighing, I muttered to myself, "I missed pasta night for this? That's just cheap."

Wahoo! As you just read, this was a new Wizzy101 story. No, I do not hate Wizard101, in fact, it's like my favorite game to play (along with Pirate101, and you'll be seeing a new fanfic on that later…), but I just thought it was a bit strange that in the game, you get kidnapped, are told you're a wizard, and you take it completely fine. So, that's the reason for this.