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Chapter 1

Fateful Encounter

Ten-year-old Samantha Manson walked along the sandy beach looking for sand dollars and shells. It was the only fun thing to do whenever she went to the beach.

"Maybe I'll find a treasure map in a bottle or an oyster with a shiny pearl in it," the girl said to herself as she picked up another shell. She sighed. Coming to Masters Manor was always boring for Samantha. Every summer her family would visit Masters Manor for a week to get away from the city. Vlad Masters was a longtime family friend who owned his own private beach. The billionaire was a rather private man who owned several mansions all over the country but every summer he'd stay in Amity Park, California to see his friend, Jeremy Manson for a week.

"I hate coming here every summer," Samantha whined to no one in particular. "What's the point of coming here anyway? Mr. Masters doesn't have any toys or video games. He doesn't even have kids."

"Sammy!" Samantha's mother called. "Time to come in before you get a sunburn!"

Sam rolled her eyes. "It's Sam," she said to herself as she started walking towards the mansion. Little did she know that someone was watching her from the water.


Daniel dove back into the depths of the water completely excited. For the past two years he had been learning about humans and collecting any "artifacts" he found at the bottom of the ocean floor. Today, he had finally gathered the courage to go to the surface and see if he could observe at least one human from a safe distance.

This human looked to be about his age and female. She was very pretty but she also seemed lonely from what he heard her say. Maybe he could help her not be so lonely.

He swam further down until he came across an old grotto. "Tucker! Are you here?" he called.

A boy appeared from the shadows of the grotto. His black dreadlock hair was dangling out of a red beret. His skin was dark and he had evergreen tentacles where his legs would have been.

"Hey, Danny! You'll never believe what human celebrities will throw into the ocean these days!" he exclaimed excitedly as he held up several devices in his tentacles.

The new human objects his friend found immediately mesmerized Danny. "Whoa! These are amazing…what are they?" he asked in astonishment.

Tucker held up a book in another tentacle. "According to this book, which I translated some of the words by the way, they're called 'cell phones'."

Danny blinked his bright green eyes. "Don't you mean 'shell phones'?" he joked.

Tucker shook his head. "No. On the surface they're called cell phones. I don't know why humans call them that."

Danny shrugged his shoulders. "Weird. Anyway I finally did it," he announced.

Tucker did a double take at that. "You did it? You finally went to the surface?" he asked.

Danny nodded his white-haired head. "Yep."

"Did you see any humans? Did they see you?"

"In that order: Yes, I saw one human and no, she did not see me," Danny replied proudly.

Tucker brightened at the news. "You saw a real live human?!" he asked excitedly.

"Yeah! It was a female human and she looked like she was our age," said Danny. "And she was really pretty but she was also really lonely."

Tucker frowned. "She was lonely? Man, I wish you could have talked to her," he said.

Danny nodded sadly. "Yeah. Me too," he said. All merfolk were forbidden to communicate with humans for fear of discovery. Danny had heard several tales of merfolk being captured by humans and enduring experiments worse than torture. Luckily other humans would dismiss these sightings as hoaxes and never pursued the matter any further.

"I want to make her feel better so she won't be so lonely," said Danny.

Tucker's jaw dropped. "Are you serious, Danny? If she sees you, she'll tell the other humans and you'll be taken away!" he exclaimed.

Danny gave Tucker a sly smile. "Which is why we'll give her something that will cheer her up. She won't know it's from us."

"Excuse me. 'We'?"

"Yes, 'we'," said Danny. "I need you to help me find something amazing for her."

"Like what? You don't even know what she likes."

"True. But I heard her say she wanted to find a treasure map in a bottle or an oyster with a pearl inside it," said Danny.

Tucker put away the cell phones and looked through the human artifacts the two of them had found over the years. Most of it was just worthless junk that no one would miss.

"Let's see…I don't see any pearls or anything like that here. Do you think she'll like this weird wand?" Tucker asked as he held up the wand (it was really a handgun, unloaded).

Danny crinkled his face and shook his head no as he swam up and looked through the things on the shelves. "Earrings, nah. Jazz might like them though. Strange flat disc, no. I don't even know what a 'Goldfinger' is. Uuughh! I've got nothing! Tuck?"

"Do you think she'll like these 'Pokémon' cards?" Tucker asked as he held up a couple of Pokémon cards in his hands. Tucker was learning how to read and write in human English and only knew a handful of words.

"No way! None of those even look pretty," Danny protested.

"What about this thing?" Tucker asked as he held up an old game cartridge with a picture of a man wearing a red hat and blue overalls.

"We don't even know what that thing is."

"Yeah but the man on it looks funny so I'm keeping it," said Tucker.

The two gave up and started swimming home. "I don't know how we're going to make that human girl happy," said Danny.

"I don't know about you but maybe we should have given her one of those 'cell phones' I found today," said Tucker.

"What would she do with them?"

Tucker opened his mouth and realized that he had no idea what a human girl would do with a cell phone. He only translated the words "cell" and "phone" and that was as far as he got.


"Sammy, eat your steak," Pamela Manson told her daughter. "If you don't eat it, you won't grow big and strong."

"But the meat is too tough," Sam protested as she tried to cut her meat.

Vlad Masters sighed silently. He snapped his fingers and a servant came and cut Sam's meat into little bite-sized pieces. The girl was quite a whiner. Made him glad he never had kids. It irritated him that she always wanted to go play on his private beach. The place wasn't a playground, for God's sake! He used the beach to gather research. He's caught several rare sea creatures in the past and made several fortunes off of them.

"I don't even like meat," Sam protested.

"Sammy, just eat your dinner or no dessert," said Jeremy.


The following morning Danny swam along the ocean floor looking for oysters. He found one and shook it then banged it against a rock. He frowned. This one wasn't ready yet. He put it down and kept swimming. He kept checking several oysters to find a pearl but didn't find any luck.

He suddenly found a beer bottle that was surprisingly intact. He smiled as he remembered that the girl wanted to find a treasure map in a bottle. He didn't know where to find a treasure map but maybe he can put something else in it instead. He picked up the bottle when he saw another oyster buried in the sand. Danny picked up the oyster and shook it. A faint rattle was heard. Feeling excited, Danny started banging the oyster against a rock. The clam snapped open and a shiny pearl was sitting inside.

Danny smiled and plucked the pearl out of the oyster.

"You know, you could just ask! No need to get violent!" the oyster suddenly yelled, making Danny jump.

"Sorry. I need it to make a girl happy," the merboy said.

"Oh. Well, why didn't you say so?"

"I wasn't expecting you to say something."

"Forget it. Just take it and go."

Danny smiled at the oyster. "Thank you for the pearl."

"Good luck, kid," said the oyster. Danny smiled at the clam, put him down and swam off.

Danny returned to his grotto and rummaged through some of the human relics he collected. He went through a little bag filled with doubloons and they were the most unusual doubloons Danny had ever seen. Some were made of copper with a bearded man's face on them. Others were a silver color with different men on them. Danny put the smaller doubloons in the bottle.

"Now I just need to write a message," Danny said to himself. The problem was that he had no idea how to write in the human language. There was only one mermaid he knew that studied the English language: Jazz.

Merfolk could speak in English too. Their version of reading and writing, however, was different. They could read and write in Atlantian. They were also unfamiliar with human slang. They didn't know what 'dawg' meant or that 'bitch' had more than one meaning.

Danny swam home and went to his sister's room. He knocked on the door. A twelve-year-old mermaid answered the door. She had long red hair with a blue headband. Her tailfin was sky blue with matching blue fins on her forearms and ears.

"Danny? What are you doing here? I thought you were hanging out with Tucker," said Jazz.

"Sorry, sis. But I need your help and Tucker doesn't know how to write in human English."

Jazz's eyebrows went up. "Write in human English? Are you nuts? Why do you want to learn how to write in human English?"

"Uh…because…I met a girl who is interested in learning how to read and write in human English," Danny told his sister. It was pretty much most of the truth. The only detail he left out was that the girl was human.

After several hours of learning how to write human English, Danny finally managed to write, "My name is Danny" on a piece of paper. Danny thanked his sister and left the house for the surface. He only hoped that the human girl was at the beach again. He was so eager that he noticed too late that his jet-black tail was tangled in a huge net. Danny realized that he ventured too close to the shore as the waves slowly brought him to the beach.


Sam walked through the sand once again, her pail empty. Her mother tossed the shells and sand dollar pieces she worked so hard to collect back into the ocean. She didn't think the shells were worth anything so she just tossed them like they were garbage. Sam thought they were pretty.

"It's not fair. Mom buys a whole bunch of clothes she doesn't even wear and she still keeps them," Sam said to herself. She looked up from the sand and saw something splashing about not too far from where she was standing. She shaded her eyes and squinted to get a better look. A boy was tangled up in some fishing net. He had a very unusual appearance. For starters, his hair was pure white and his eyes were big and green.

Sam shook herself out of her gaze and started running towards the boy when she tripped and fell on some broken glass. "Ow!" she cried as she saw a huge cut on the bottom of her foot. The splashing continued and Sam had to swallow her pain in order to free the boy. Remembering something from a movie she watched, she carefully grabbed a big piece of broken glass and limped her way toward the boy.

When she finally reached him, Sam saw that this boy was indeed very unusual. Two slits that looked like gills were on each side of his neck. Black and white fins were sticking out of his head where his ears should have been. He had matching fins on his forearms as well. He also had a fin running down his back leading to a jet-black tail where his legs would be. His hands were also a little webbed.

"You're a mermaid – I mean, merman," she gasped.

The boy cowered away as far as the net would let him. "Please don't hurt me," he pleaded softly.

Sam knelt into the sand and pulled the net out of the water, ignoring the screams that were coming from the mysterious boy. Seeing that he wasn't going to calm down by himself, Sam put the broken piece of glass in her shovel and went to the water with her pail. She filled it up with water and splashed the boy, shutting him up. Sam picked up the broken glass and slowly approached the merboy.

"It's okay," she assured him. "I'm just going to cut the net open so you can get out. I promise I won't hurt you, okay?"

The boy only nodded slowly.

Sam smiled and gingerly held the shard of glass in her hand and started cutting a hole in the net, making sure she didn't cut her fingers. It made her glad that her mother dragged her to those Girl Scout meetings against her will. The boy's neon green eyes never left her. He continued to stare at her as she made the hole big enough for him to escape.

"There!" said Sam. "That should be big enough for you to get out." She held the net up for the boy to get out. He slowly did, never breaking his gaze from her. As soon as he was free, Sam tossed the net aside as best she could. Another wave of water splashed the two, the salt water getting into Sam's cut making it sting something awful. "OW!" she cried as she fell into the sand, clutching her foot.

The boy, who was about to get back into the water, heard her scream in pain and looked back at her. He saw that she was clutching her foot in pain. He tossed his fear of her aside and cautiously crawled over to her. "Are…you…hurt?" he asked carefully.

"I cut my foot! It hurts really bad!" Sam cried, her purple eyes filling with tears.

"Let me see," the boy said as his webbed hands grabbed her foot. Danny examined it with fascination. A human foot looked similar to a hand except that it didn't have a thumb. He noticed blood coming from the arch of Sam's foot and stared at it. "You have…red blood too," he noted. He wiped his finger over the injury to get a better look at her blood, ignoring a wince coming from her.

"Stop touching it," Sam scolded. "It hurts when you touch it." Danny's webbed hand began glowing bright green. He then gripped Sam's foot tight and squeezed it. "W-What are you doing?" She tried not to shudder; his hand was so slimy. It was like a frog was holding her foot.

Danny then let go. Sam looked at her cut and saw that the green light was closing it. As soon as the light faded, the cut was completely gone. No sign of it was visible anywhere, not even a scar.

"Better?" the boy asked.

Sam wiggled her foot and flexed her toes. No pain was felt anywhere. She looked at the boy and smiled. "Yes. Much better. Thank you," she said.

The boy smiled back at her and got close to her face. "You're a pretty human," he stated. He felt her neck. There were no slits on it like his. "No gills." He then tugged on her ears gently. "Ears are different," he noted. He also noted that she had amethyst eyes. They reminded him of his mother's eyes except they were a different shade. "Pretty eyes…"

All this time, Sam remained completely still as he examined her body. Clearly this boy had never seen a human being before. The whole time he was comparing his body to hers. Sam was surprised that he spoke English. She was flattered that he thought she was pretty.

"My name is Danny," he said, pointing to himself. He then pointed to Sam. "Human?"

"Uh…my name is Sam."


Sam nodded. "Yes."

Danny smiled again. "Sam. That's a pretty name," he said. Sam blushed at that. Danny then pulled out a beer bottle and held it in front of her. "Treasure," he said.

Sam looked at the beer bottle dumbly. "It's just a beer bottle full of sea water," she said.

Danny shook his head. "No. The treasure is in the bottle," he explained. "I heard you yesterday. You wanted a treasure map in a bottle. I didn't know where to find a map so I put treasure in it instead." Sam tried to open the bottle but Danny stopped her. "Not here. Wait until you get home."

"Sammy! Time to come inside! You've been outside for far too long!" Pamela called.

Danny blinked at Sam. "Sammy? I thought it was Sam."

Sam frowned. "My name is Sam," she said to herself. She then turned her attention to Danny. "You better get out of here. If my mom saw you, she'll freak out. Even worse, Mr. Masters might find you and take you away."

Danny paled at this revelation. "Okay," he nodded. "Can I come back to see you again?"

Sam looked back toward the house before answering. "Sure. But I'm only here till Saturday. Afterwards, I have to go home in the city," she explained.


Sam grimaced. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Same time, same place."

Danny nodded before jumping back into the ocean.

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