Chapter 1 – North Pole

Warning: slight abuse, injury descriptions.

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This is set before the Rise of the Guardians film and will contain spoilers if you haven't already seen the film, wasn't sure about the name. If anybody can think of an alternative, please let me know.

A pale boy sat on a snow covered rock staring into the icy swirls that covered the lake. He wore no shoes, just a frosted blue jumper and worn down trousers. By his side lay a wooden shepherd's staff which rarely left his side. Cradling his bloodied hands he brought his knees up to his chest he allowed a small flow of tears to track their way down his cheeks to drop onto clothes. His white hair which usually danced in the wind lay dead and still. His light, pale skin usually sparkled with excitement but today it seemed dull and almost lifeless as it contrasted with the swollen, red area around his eye. It was seven weeks away from Christmas. A little early for snow but it was comforting to him.

The boy's name was Jack Frost. He had been around on earth for almost 300 years and today was the first time he had managed to sneak past the yeti's into Santa's work shop. He had a great time at first. The first thing he done was froze all the floors and laughed at the elves struggle to stay upright. Their little squeaking voices as they slid down the corridor due to a gust a wind was something he would never forget because to the funniness of it. However that was then the yeti's had found him and the chase had begun. Truth be told he thought they would find him faster, after all who wouldn't notice a cold north wind and snow rushing through the corridors.

The yetis chased him all-round the workshop, from the highest rafter's right down to the basement where the finished toys were kept. This is where the yeti's finally caught him. Jack had paused to check out a Christmas decoration; a bauble to be precise. Jack eye's widened as he took in the site of this beautiful object. It was a glass round sphere covered in delicate light blue swirls, similar to his ice, and silver sparkling snowflakes. Jack cradled it in his has as though the small smallest amount of pressure would break it.

Feeling the presence of somebody behind him he turned to the large yeti and asked.

"Did you make this?" The Yeti nodded once and Jack let out a small smile while examining the object again.

"It's beautiful" The yeti nodded again and reached down and lay out its large paw for Jack to place the object upon. Jack took one look at the paw and reluctantly placed the glass ball into the yeti's paw, where it was returned to its place on the desk top. The yeti then took hold of Jack's shoulder and led him way from the bauble towards the door. However this is where the problem started, as neither noticed a small elf foot stop the door from closing and locking as they walked towards Santa's office.

Entering the office Jack could only find one word for it; magical. The walls were lined with various toys and gizmo's that could both confuse and amuse a person for hours on end. Multi-coloured planes whizzed around the celling, occasionally letting out a small buzzing sound. On top of a large desk furthest away from the door was an ice model train set which Jack swore was glowing slightly. Yanking his shoulder out of the yeti's grasp he ran over to the model track and began examining it. The pale boy could tell it was a work in progress as a large block of ice was placed besides the track which Jack guessed was going to be the train.

Suddenly a loud crash was heard though out the workshop and the yeti who was watching Jack turned and ran out of the room, leaving Jack and the model train set. Grinning to himself and using his fingers be begun to carve a train out of the block of ice. With his powers, imagination for fun and sharp eyes it took him no time at all to carve a beautiful master piece out the ice. Missing no detail he created tiny loops and swirls to decorate the locomotive with, including carving the name 'Ice Tracker 1' into the side.

Feeling impressed with his work Jack carefully placed the train onto the desk to let North try it out for the first time later on. He smiled at his hard work and pressed two fingers to his lips and placed them onto the train making his ice sculpture permanent. Which meant it would never melt and wouldn't break unless somebody used a really hard force on it. He then realised some time had passed since he had been shown into the office yet nobody had come to see him yet.

Jack waited two more minutes before making his decision to leave when several loud footsteps that made the floor shake slightly made their way to the office.

"JACK FROST" boomed a loud angry voice from the door way. Jack turned to see Santa in all his glory, but for some reason with an angry scowl on his face. Jack was about to ask what he had done when the angry man strode forwards. The angry Russian marched towards the teen with loathing printed all over his face. The large man grasped the boys shoulder with one hand and pulled the other back and struck the teen in the face. Jack stumbled backwards in a dizzy haze, shocked at what the man had done. Jack made to flee but the stronger man grasped his other shoulder, lifted the spirit several inches off the floor and began to shake him violently.

Jack had never been as terrified in all his 286 years as a guardian. North pulled the minor closer so they were face to face and spat out

"What have you done?! You've wrecked half of my present store; Christmas isn't a game Jack Frost. It takes months of preparation and you have destroyed half of my work. What have you got to say for yourself?"

Jack shuddered in fear at the site of the old man for he had never seen anybody as angry as North currently was. North let go of the teens shoulders where bruises where sure to show up later on and grasped Jack by the scruff of his hood, physically dragging him down several flights of stairs towards the store room.

Jack could only look on in horror at the site. The once beautiful room, full to the brim with toys lay in waste. Tables had been knocked over, displays ruined and toys smashed all over the floor. The place was utter carnage. A lot of yetis were miserably picking up the remains of broken toys which had been created months prior to this event. The same yeti who had led Jack to North's office strode over to the pair and knelt down in front of jack and lifted the youth's hand. He gently placed a round object into the palm of Jack's hand. Jack gasped slightly and the tiny Christmas decoration was revealed in perfect shape. Jack let out a happy sigh that the beautiful object had survived the carnage.

However North had other ideas, for he was a firm believer that naught children should not receive gifts and since he believed Jack was responsible for the wreckage of his store, Jack was the worst child of all. North released Jack's hoodie and yanked the decoration out of Jack's hand. Not bothering to look he threw the ball onto the floor. Jack gasped in horror and lent down to salvage the broken pieces when North stamped heavily upon the remains and unfortunately Jack's hands.

Jack gasped in pain as he wrenched his hands towards his chest. The yetis had gone silent and looked upon the scene in fear. Never had they witnessed such a repulsive act from their leader. Several moved forwards to protect the young child when Jack came out of his trance. Believing the yetis would hurt him further he looked at North in horror and fled leaving a small pile of melting frost in his wake.

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