The good news is I almost finished my uni essay due in 2 weeks and almost finished the next chapter.

The bad news is earlier today I was walking down the stairs with my laptop, the dog behind me and my kitten in front. I told the cat to move out the way and the dog decided to ram my legs from behind.

I fell down the stairs and my laptop went flying. Never knew laptops could bounce. Anyway I'm fine but my laptop is wrecked. I'm going to speak to somebody on Monday about it and see if it can get fixed. In short I have lost both my uni essay and my stories which I haven't backed up.

Don't worry I'm not stopping or giving up on my stories. I'm justing waiting untill I can begin typing them again (I'm updating this via my kindle!).

Very sorry. Hope to update by next week (I'm praying)

GeorgieGirl999 xxxx