9Watashi No Kokoro, Chapter 1

*Note: I am an OC. It is in my perspective about being a guardian and having a shugo chara.

Chapter 1: About Ayako

My name is Ayako Takasumi. I am pretty tall, 13 years old. My hair is a dark shade of pink. I go to Seiyo Elementary with the girl known as "Cool and Spicy" Hinamori Amu. We are guardians, but not the only guardians. We are accompanied by Yuiki Yaya, a young 4th year girl who is usually acting like a baby. Alongside Yaya, is Mashiro Rima, a transfer student from Kami-sama knows where. There was another girl, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, but she went to study abroad out of Japan. Or at least that's what Amu thinks..Fujisaki Nadeshiko is actually a boy.

Yep. A boy. His name is Fujisaki Naghiko. He has trouble telling Amu that he and Nadeshiko are actually one, so he lies to her and says they're twins. He is the Jack's Chair, a replacement for Souma Kukai, who had to graduate to the upper school. Yaya bawled her eyes out when he left. I can only wonder how she's gonna be the oldest when we leave..The last person we have in the Guardians group is Hotori Tadase. He is the King's Chair and always has been. He and Amu got a little somethin' somethin' going on. Yaya and Rima love to talk about that, which always results in a embarresed "Damare! (Shut up!)" from Amu. She always gets so flustered around him~I suspect Rima likes Naghiko, of course Amu likes Tadase-kun.

Yaya? She's too babyish and immature to like anybody. M-me? Well, I kinda like...Kukai...but he likes Hoshina Utau! If I didn't mention her then she is...JAPAN'S MOST AMAZING FUDGING POP-STAR EVER! The Guardians and I always have lunch in the Royal Garden with tea, too! It's really nice to hang out with your friends, isn't it? I always catch the other Guardians exept me talking...I wanna know too! One day when they were whispering, I crossed my arms, pouted, and shouted, "I wanna know tooooo! I WANNA KNOOOOW!" Yaya gave me a death stare, while everyone else sweatdropped. "NO! You don't pout like that, that's Yaya's job!" Yaya screamed at me. I swear I could feel the air so much I had to hold on to the pole to not fly away! "Ayako, you'll understand soon," Amu said.

Suddenly, Kukai came with his bag slung over his shoulder. "Oi! How's the new Jack's Chair?!" Kukai grinned and ruffled Naghiko's hair. "Good. We're just discussing...topics," Naghiko said and glanced and me. I had a disappointed face. "Chotto!(hey!) Ayako's a Guardian too!" I smiled and almost melted at the way he defended me. I quickly felt my cheeks turn hot. Naghiko motioned for Kukai to come closer and whispered something in his ear. "Oh.." His face dropped.

"Gomen,(sorry,)Ayako. I have to take their side, but trust me! You'll know really, really soon. I can feel it." Kukai smiled. I pouted again, recieving a stare from Yaya. Kukai walked past me and whispered to me, "Promise." Then. THENTHENTHENTHENTHEN. He kissed my cheek. Right there! In front'a everyone! He walked away grinning. I smiled lovesickly and laid my head on the table. "K-Kukai-kun..." Then. MY head melted. Right there on the table! Okay so maybe my head didn't melt..but it just felt way to heavy to lift up. Amu and Tadase smiled at each other. I slowly closed my eyes and didn't think about the secret. I was just having a great day.

Okay! I'm so proud of myself for writing this long of a chapter. This story is basically about Ayako Takasumi (Me, OC) and her adventures in the show Shugo Chara!. I've always really actually in real life wanted a chara, but this is the closest I could get :P I don't know how long this story is going to be, but I have a feeling that we're gonna go on a really long journey :)