Watashi no Kokoro: Ayako's Story

Chapter 2

Just to let you know, this is a love dovey chapter. If you don't like it just wait till the next chapter. Read the last paragraph of this story and that's basically all you need to know if you don't want the real love stuff c: Enjoy the chapter!

Soon after lunch at the Royal Garden, Nikaidou-sensei allowed the Guardians to take break! We could'vebeen watering the flowers, but we went for a walk. Kukai came with us, too. (Thank you, God for Kukai's nice teacher to let him break as a former Guardian)We were having fun. Kukai's finger grazed my hand and I jumped a little bit. His immediate reaction was to pull his hand away, but I grabbed it again showing forgiveness. I looked and saw that Amu and Tadase were doing the same thing, Rima and Naghiko were just distanced, and Yaya was too busy talking to Pepe to notice.

Kukai suddenly stopped, and I stopped with him as the group pulled ahead. "Nee, Ayako," I blushed like mad. "H-Hai?(Y-yes?)" "I was wondering if you wanted to go the amusement park with me a little later? You know, just to hang out? We could ride the spinning teacups," He suggested. The inner me, my heart (A/N This is a hint that Ayako's gonna be getting a shugo chara later :D)told me to tell him yes. I did. "Sure! I'll meet you there at...6? Is that o-okay?" "Yep! I'll meet you there! Wait, where's the group?" We looked around to see that they were gone. "Oh wellers, let's just head back to the Royal Garden and wait." Chottomatte.. (Hey, wait..) Were we alone?! As in a-l-o-n-e, as in by ourselves, as in nobody else, as in ALONE?! I started to panic. What if I screwed up in saying something?! What if he thinks I'm weird and stands me up?! Oh, the terribles!

I started heavily breathing. "In, out, in out," I panicked. Kukai's face morphed into worry. "Ayako! Daijobu?(Are you okay?)" "Yeah, I'm okay." I breathed out. "You don't look okay! Come on, ohime-sama. (Princess.) Oh my gosh. Then. THENTHENTHENTHENTHENTHENTHEN . He picked me up. Right there! "Do you need to go to the nurse?" I blushed so hard my body was 100 degrees. "No..I'm okay..arigatou gozaimous..(thank you..) He put me down. "You know you have very pretty eyes? They're a beautiful shade of brown." I think I almost fainted. He put me down behind the school so no one could see us. We headed to the Royal Garden, were the others had already arrived Rima sipped her tea and looked at us. "What took you so long? What were you doing?" Kukai sweatdropped. "We only got lost, I swear..." Yaya chimed in. "You guys got lost, huh? In each other's eyes?"

"N-no! We got lost! Like he said! But then, you guys were already gone so..." I continued to blabber while waving my arms ridiculously. I bet I looked like a retard to those passing by. Well, at least I got to spend some time with him. There's more to come tonight, too! All of a sudden, everyone got alerted. "Ayako! We gotta go! Tell our class teachers we'll be back! We have some...Guardian stuff to do!" I sighed. I'm always left by myself while they run off. I have no choice. I'm gonna follow them.

Mwahhahahaha! Cliffhanger! Although you might already know what's gonna happen T^T This morning, like, as soon as I woke up, I typed up and extra long chapter for you guys. Like, around 800 or 900 something words. But as I was typing, my laptop froze up, deleting anything that had a letter in it. I was soososososososososos mad, because I worked so hard on it. It was COMPLETELY different than this. It didn't even have Kukai in it! I retyped it and I hope you guys enjoy it!