Disclaimer: I do not own Scandal if I did Huck wouldn't have shot Fitz

He walked through the gates unnoticed; previous presidents came to visit all the time. Walking through the door to the Oval office, he spots President Fitzgerald Grant.

"President Grant,"


"May I talk to you outside Mr. President?"

"Okay President Isles."

They head outside Fitz's secret service agents close behind.

"Mr. President, I come to you today with a warning,"


"You're gala Mr. President, don't go."


"You seem to have pissed off some very important men Mr. President. Important men who have options. Options that don't end well for you."

"What are you saying President Isles?"
The former President looks into Fitz's eyes and takes a deep breath, lowering his voice, "What I'm saying is that if you show up for that gala Mr. President you're not coming out unharmed."

At this the secret service guards turn around but Fitz waves them off.



"By whom?"

He lowers his voice once more, "Hollis," he breaths.

"Excuse me."

"Hollis," he says loud enough that only Fitz can here.

"That son of a bitch!"

"Promise me Mr. President that you won't go to that gala. Promise me because you're not the only life at stake here."

"How do you know this?"

"I know this because I still have connections Mr. President. Connections that go higher than you can ever dream possible."

With that President Isles walks out of the White House, leaving behind a stunned President, but also one that will live a little while longer.

AN: I didn't like how Shonda Rhimes basically killed off President Grant. He may not be the best President but he's better than that Vice President. So this was my way of preventing what happened the night of the gala.