Disclaimer: The following KhaosOmega fanfic is a variation of an iSqueakers fanfic. Mario belongs to Nintendo. Please support the official release.

Chapter 1: Super Mario Bros.

Mario: Hey, everyone. Mario here with a funny mishap-filled clip show from the Mario series games. Now, you think all games are perfect right from the start, right?

Luigi: Well, it didn't start out that way. These clips prove that it took the Nintendo guys some time to get the games right. First up is 'Super Mario Bros.'. Okay, Jet, roll 'em.

Jet: You got it, Luigi. (rolls first clip)


-Mario's Sore Hand-

Mario is walking along a level, reaching a block above him containing several coins. A Koopa Troopa is standing on it when Mario jumps to hit that block.

The Koopa jumped and slammed himself on the top of the block to counter Mario's hit from below. This combination continued for twenty seconds before pain shot through Mario.

Mario: MY HAND!

Koopa: Nice try, plumber.

Director: CUT!


Mario: Man, that hurt. I needed an ice pack for that. And this was before the Ground Pound technique was implemented for Mario games.

Luigi: Yeah, that particular Koopa was too smart for the hit-the-ground-it's-on-from-below routine. Here's another funny one i found randomly.


-False Bowser's Bad Hair Day-

Mario's charging through the castle making up world 3-4, and eventually reaches the end, where a False Bowser stands. Mario has the Fire Flower as his active powerup, and unloads a number of them at the boss. His aim, though, was too high.

Mario: Yo, dude, your hair's on fire.

False Bowser: YEEOWCH!

Director: CUT!


Mario: What, i had aim issues back then. Then again, i was still getting used to using the Fire Flower anyway.

Luigi: Oh, i know. Your first experience with that item was HILARIOUS!

Mario: What do ya mean, bro?

Luigi: Roll clip number 2154.


-Flower-Induced Burn-

Mario is in World 1-1, and under the effects of a Mushroom, when he hits a block that spawns a Fire Flower. Grabbing it turns Mario red cap and shirt white and his overalls red. But something flickering on his rear end catches him by surprise.


Waluigi: CUT!


Mario: How the heck did Waluigi get there?! He didn't enter the series until some point during the Nintendo 64 era of games.

Luigi: I dunno. Maybe the director was sick that day and they called in Waluigi at random. After all, he did call that one Mario Power Tennis blooper's end.

Mario: You mean the one with a weight-lifting Wario on his cellphone?

Luigi: Bingo.

Mario: There is another way to defeat the various Bowsers in the castles, but that didnt' succeed the first attempt either. Roll clip number 8719.


-Blunt Ax-

Mario, in world 5-4, is in the middle of battling that world's False Bowser, trying to get past his attacks. He's in his small form currently, having taken a hit earlier in the level, when he manages to get past him and reaches the ax. He takes a swing, but doesn't cut the ropes holding the bridge. Seventeen attempts later and the bridge is still up.

Mario: Who blunted the ax?

At this point Waluigi, disguised as a Hammer Bro., comes up from behind Mario, hits him from behind, and then sends both the plumber and False Bowser into the lava beneath the bridge, severing the ropes with the real ax.

Waluigi: Now to give that blonde some real punishment.

Director: CUT!


Mario: Good timing with the cut on that one, 'cause i was afraid Waluigi was gonna rape Peach.

Luigi: Yeah. That was what caused Waluigi to miss out on a good amount of the action in the Mario series.

Jet: And now, the last clip of the day. Rolling number 5124.


-Raining Spinies-

Mario, charging through World 4-1, is in his Fire form at the time when a number of clouds roll in. Then a number of red eggs with spikes on them fall in rapid succession.


Instinctively, Mario takes off running, but more Spinies fall behind him causing a number of collisions. Then the plumber catches a Spiny with his cap and launches it back at the Lakitu swarm. One of the cloub-borne Koopas takes the hit in the mouth, falling out of his cloud, which is then nabbed by Mario as the others rush to their fallen ally.

Mario: (hurling Spinies at the other Lakitus while flying away) SO LONG, SUCKAS!

While flying away and looking at the Lakitus, Mario hits the back of his head on a block and falls into a bottomless pit.

Director: CUT!


Mario: Who's the idiot who put that block there. Man, that hurt.

Luigi: Watch where you're going next time.

Jet: Next time, we'll be doing a number of Super Mario Bros. 2 bloopers. Until then, folks.