Lucy POV


"Yes, Acnologia," I replied.

"You have learned enough. Now, you will go into the world," the dragon told her.

"Yes," I replied. I kept my emotionless mask as I walked into the shadows. "Goodbye, Acnologia."

Dark Dragon's Teleportation Shadows, I thought to myself. I teleported to a forest and decided to train. Quickly, I stripped and found a lake full of piranhas. Perfect. With a smile, I dove in. The piranhas tried to attack me, but I easily avoided them. Then, I started to dance on the water. My snowy hair danced around me and I put on a pale dress. Smiling, I began dancing on the water, my feet making ripples. The piranhas fell into my spell, and as if in a trance, began dancing around me. Finally, I suddenly whipped into a fast dance, twirling here, there, flying cart wheeling, flipping, and lastly, I swept my hand down and a tidal wave came upon the piranhas and they died.

"You are under arrest!" a voice shouted. I turned and a man came out of the trees. He had black hair and glasses. "I am Lahar of the Magic Council."

"But, sir, I have done nothing wrong," I replied sweetly, using my charm on him. He faltered, not wanting to arrest me. "Nothing at all."

Lahar POV

She's right! How can I arrest a sweet, four year old girl like her? It would be wrong. I should help her!

"Well, then, come with me, sweetie. I'll help you. What's your name?" I asked her gently.

"My name? I-I don't know," she stuttered, looking scared.

"How about Lucy? Lucy Aria," I suggested.

Lucy POV

He got my name right! He got my name right! My name is Lucy, but now I am Lucy Aria. I like that name. I nodded happily. Uh oh! I'm forgetting my training! But he's so niceā€¦

"Lucy, do you have magic?" he asked me.

"Yes! I'm a Dragon Slayer!"

"Of?" I felt confused. "Who was your dragon?"


"WHAT?!" he exclaimed.

Lahar POV

She's a Dragon Slayer! *Gasp! Gasp!* Of Acnologia no less! Dangerous! Powerful!

"Knights!" I shouted.

My Rune Knights came out and placed runes around the confused little girl. She just sat down, confused.

"What are you doing? Oh, I get it! We're playing a game, aren't we, Lahar-san?" she asked cutely. "How do we play?"

We all fell down, anime-style.

"Well, Lucy, this isn't a game. You are really dangerous," I told her, wincing at her cuteness.

"What?" she asked.

My knights succumbed to her cuteness.

Lucy POV

I was going to erase my dark magic, but he just had to do it. Growling, I erased the runes and faded into the shadows.

"Lahar," I seethed. "I was going to erase my magic for you and let you be my father, but since you just had to hurt me, I won't." I became one with the shadows. "Good bye!"

"Wait!" he shouted. "Come with me, Lucy! Erase your magic and you will be my daughter!"

Slowly, I thought about it. He used my weakness that I didn't know against me. A father. A family. Something I never had before. And really wanted. Unwillingly, I released my dark magic and screamed. The magic, so easily given to me, refused to leave my body. It turned against me. Finally, I forced it out and the darkness spit me out. I fainted, exhausted, with no energy left.

Lahar POV

I thought she had already left when I heard her scream. I felt guilty and pitied her. I knew what was happening. When someone is given dark magic and tries to force it out, they go through torture and pain, worse than anything imagined. However, knowing this, I knew she was trying to force it out. Then, the darkness spit her out from its shadows and I knew the dark magic was gone. Otherwise, she would have been caressed onto the ground. She fainted, exhausted from the struggle.

"Gently," I ordered my knights. They slowly took her in a gurney and followed me. "Lucy Aria, daughter of Lahar Aria of the Council, you will be taught the magic of light," I whispered to the young girl on the stretcher.

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