A/N: This is my first story and I kept going back and forth on whether this should be an Eclare story or a Maybell story. And I finally decided Maybell. They are so cute together I'm making it up as I go so it could turn out to be awful, but whatever. I'll try my hardest :)

Maya's POV

As I sit at my desk trying to finish a song for WhisperHug, my mind wanders to my best friend. The brown eyed boy that sits next to me in French class. The one I can rely on for everything, the one that could probably make me smile during the apocalypse, the one who when my whole world is crashing down, he can pull me from the rubble. And believe me, he's pulled me from the rubble plenty of times.

But still, I have never found the courage to tell him the secret that haunts my life.

I think if he found out, he'd look down on me. He'd think of me as a sickly, little child. And I know since he's helped me through so much, I should trust him. What's wrong with me?

I hear a faint vibrating noise that pulls me out of my thoughts. I look down at my desk and see my phone light up.

I push aside the blank, taunting, cruel piece of paper that should be filled with a beautiful song, but instead is filled with blank lifelessness. I pick up my cell phone and smile as I see the contact. "Campbell Saunders Your Reason To Live."

I remember the day Campbell set that as his name in my phone. It was about two months ago. We were sitting by a lake in the middle of nowhere and he took my phone. I chased him around the edge of the water for about 10 minutes. The cold air of autumn nipping at my nose.

Ahh such good memories. In that moment, the curse that's haunted my entire life, was almost a distant memory.

To him, that contact name was just a joke, but to me it couldn't be more true. He, Campbell Michael Saunders, is my reason to live.

My phone vibrates in my hand again and I am pulled out of my thoughts. The messages, both from Campbell, read, "Hey, practice got canceled. Wanna hang out?" And the second one read, "We could have a movie night at my place."

I was a little too pleased with reading these texts. I don't know why, but I've always felt some unnecessary attraction to Campbell Saunders.

I shouldn't be attracted to him though. He's my best friend.

That's it. That's all.

But as I respond to his texts with, "Okay sure be there in 10," I can't help but have fantasies about what it would be like to have him as a boyfriend.

I push the thoughts out of my head and rush out of my house. "I can't think about Campbell like that," I told myself mentally.

But I'm still super excited for movie night. Being with Cam distracts myself from the horror movie that is the life of Maya Matlin.

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