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Maya's POV

I stood in front of the Santamaria's front door. I'm seconds away from seeing Campbell. The doorbell is taunting me.

"Just push it," I whispered aloud. What was wrong with me? Is this crush seriously that big?

A sudden spark of confidence rushed through me. I took full of advantage of this spark and hit the doorbell. A soft, quiet "ding dong" chimed through inside the house.

Swiftly, Campbell Saunders opened the door. He smiled at me and I could feel a grin on my face the size of Alaska. I must've looked like an idiot. "Oh well," I thought to myself, "It's only Cam. He never judges you."

He opened his mouth and said, "Hey. Thanks for coming on short notice. C'mon in." My smile just got wider. I didn't even know a smile the size of Canada could fit on my face. This was gonna be a long night.


"'The Cabin in the Woods' or 'The Devil Inside,'" Cam said referring to what movie we should watch first.

"Do we really have to watch a horror movie?" I said, afraid of having to watch a scary movie. "You know I'll get scared and freakout."

"That is exactly why I want to watch one," he said with a slight, devilish grin a the end. "Don't worry. If you get scared, I'll comfort you."

I smiled at his cuteness. Oh crap more smiling, I hate myself for looking like an idiot. Mental note: If you're gonna smile, smile in proportion to your face.

"We're watching 'The Cabin in the Woods' whether you like it or not."

He said, in conclusion.

Right as Campbell said that Tori, Campbell's billet sister, walks down the stairs and into the basement. I don't particularly like Tori because she's all over Campbell all the time.

"Can I stay down here with you guys? It just gets so incredibly lonely upstairs." Tori said, directing the question at Campbell. She sounds so flirtatious around Cam. It sickens me.

Tori is pretty much perfect. She does beauty pageants, she is on the power squad, and she actually has boobs. I'm jealous of her, but I'd never tell her that.

"Of course you can," Cam said as he sat down on the couch next to me. I put on a fake smile and pretended I am absolutely thrilled she's joining us.

Tori sat down next to Campbell, away from me. She is practically sitting in his lap, she's so close to him. Cam scoots closer to me to avoid being right next to Tori. I smile at his action.

The movie starts and in the first 10 seconds Tori already has her perfect face in Cam's shoulder. She claims she's scared, but nothing has happened yet.


It's halfway through the movie and, of course, Tori is all over Cam. Cuddling to his side, putting her head in his shoulder. Why not just have sex in front of me?

I thought tonight would be an escape. An escape from my nightmarish life with Cam. But Tori ruined it.

A really scary part of the movie comes on and I have to cover my eyes. Cam put his arm around me and moved closer to me and away from the glorious Tori. "It's just a movie," he whispered in my ear.

In this moment, I want to jump off the couch and start dancing. I feel like screaming in Tori's face, "HAH. Take that princess. I win." But instead I just nodded

But I still feel triumphant that Cam picked me over Tori. Maybe my life isn't as bad as I thought...but I know I'm wrong.

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