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Chapter 4

Halloween Troubles

As it would turn out, Harry soon had quite a bit to think about, to distract him from Dementors and Merlin's Grimoire. As September continued on and the students re-adjusted to school life, or became accustomed to school life in the case of the first years, the classes began to pick up a bit. Harry often found his evenings busy with studying how to evade or defeat such creatures as the bloodthirsty Red Caps, or quizzing Hermione on different basic runes and their uses. As such, he found little time to worry about Dementors or the Grimoire.

Another distraction came into Harry's life as October began. The Quidditch Season had begun again, and Oliver Wood, the Seventh Year captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, was eager to begin training for the upcoming season.

Quidditch was one of the main sports of the Wizarding World. It was played with two teams, each made up of seven players. Three of them were known as Chasers, whose job was to get a large red ball known as the Quaffle through one of the opposing team's three goal hoops and thus earn their team ten points. Each team also had a Keeper, who acted as a goalie and tried to stop the Quaffle from entering their goal hoops.

There were also two Beaters, players who had small bats. Their job was to hit two magically enchanted balls called Bludgers. The Bludgers would fly around trying to knock players off their brooms, while the beaters would try to hit them towards the other team's players.

The final member of the team was the Seeker. The Seeker's job was to fly around the field, looking for a tiny gold flying ball known as the Golden Snitch. Whichever Seeker caught the Snitch would earn their team one hundred and fifty points, and end the match.

It was the first Thursday evening of October, when Wood called a team meeting. The Seventh Year watched as the other members of the team filed into the locker room on the edge of the Quidditch Field.

Besides Harry, who was the team's Seeker, there were also Fred and George Wesley, the Fifth Year Beater's for the team. The Chasers were made up of Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, and Angelina Johnson, the former being in her Fourth Year while the other two were both Fifth Years.

Oliver nodded to them all as they took seats. "Alright men and women. This is my final year as team Captain. And I have to say, I couldn't be more proud of this team. We've had to struggle since Charlie Weasley left us, but since then, we've come together, and now are the two time reigning Quidditch Champions of Hogwarts. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to make it three years before I leave Hogwarts."

As the others clapped and cheered, Oliver continued. "This means that we can't get soft. The other teams will be gunning to try and take the cup away from us, so we'll have to train even harder to hold onto it. But I know that no matter the odds, we can pull through and show them why we're the best team here at Hogwarts!"

As another round of cheers and applause echoed through the locker room, Oliver nodded. "Before we begin though, I want to run an idea by you all. As we've seen in the past couple years, we've had some close calls. Most of them revolving around our Seeker, Harry. In his First Year, he almost didn't make the Final Match, due to his little adventure with the Philosopher's Stone. And in his Second Year, there was that incident with the enchanted Bludger, and that dimwit Lockhart removing all his bones. That's why I think it would be a good idea if we start training some reserve players, in case the worst happens. What do you all think of that?"

The others looked at each other, before nodding. "Sounds good. It might help out in case any of us get into trouble with the teachers too," Angelina said, while eyeing the Weasley twins. In response, the prankster duo innocently whistled and looked at the ceiling.

Oliver chuckled softly. "Alright. I'll set up an announcement in Common Room. We might need to get some decent brooms, in case any of our reserve players don't have one or can't afford one," he said.

Harry bit his lip. He had a small fortune in his vaults at Gringotts, the Goblin bank. He had barely put a dent into it with his school supplies so far. He could maybe help purchase some brooms for the teams reserve players, if need be. He decided to bring it up if need be, when the time came.

Oliver nodded. "Alright then! With that out of the way, let's begin training!"

And train they did. They Gryffindor team practiced hard in both good and bad weather. Oliver put up an announcement about recruiting reserve players, setting the date for a Saturday in the middle of the month.

The day was a cool October morning, as the Gryffindor team was gathered on the Quidditch Pitch. In front of them were several Gryffindor students, who were present to try out for reserve player spots. Harry was rather surprised to actually see Ron and Ginny amongst the gathered hopefuls. Fred and George had started to tease Ron, but a glare from Ginny had stopped them from doing the same to her. The twins knew from personal experience not to tease Ginny, especially when she was really nervous.

Oliver held up his hands. "Alright everyone! Listen up! First off, I want to thank everyone for coming out here, and I'm glad to see so many of you are ready and willing to help out your team. Now we're going to test each of the positions one at a time, so when we begin try outs for a position you're interested in, please step forward! First off will be the Chasers!"

A fair majority of those present stepped forward, including Ginny. Most of them were holding their own brooms, a mixture of the newest or relatively new Cleansweep broom series, with a few Nimbuses here and there. However several were using the old school brooms.

Oliver nodded as he flew up to the Keeper's position. The first test was having the prospective Reserve Chasers try to score off of him. One by one they flew up, doing their best to score as Oliver defended. Several missed horribly, their nerves throwing off their aim. A few were dead on target, but were thrown too slowly, allowing Oliver to easily block them.

However, Dean Thomas, Ginny Weasley, a second year named Demelza Robins, and a pair of Fifth Year students all managed to score goals. When given a second shot, the five of them each scored again, as well as a Second Year witch who managed to calm her nerves and make a goal.

Oliver nodded to those six. "Alright then. Now we'll test your abilities to pass the Quaffle to each other. During a match, you'll need to be able to pass to your teammates fast and effectively, as well as hold onto the Quaffle. Fred, George. I want you two to use the spare Quaffles as Bludgers, to test their ability to dodge and such," he said, with the two beaters nodding.

It soon became apparent that the two Fifth Year students, while good at scoring, were not as good at passing. They tended to hog the Quaffle to themselves, instead of passing it to the others. The Second Year witch was better at passing and catching, but tended to become focused on that, and wasn't able to dodge the 'Bludgers'. In the end, it became obvious that Dean Thomas, Ginny Weasley, and Demelza Robins were the best choices for the Reserve Chasers.

Afterwards, Oliver called up the Keepers. Here was where Ron stepped forward, seeming very nervous.

The test for the keepers was simple. They each flew up to the goal posts, and had to try and stop Alicia, Angelina, and Katie from scoring.

At first it was a massacre. Five Keeper hopefuls were each unable to come close to stopping the three Chasers. It wasn't until a Fourth year named Cormac McLaggen tried out that someone was able to finally stop them. He managed to stop both Alicia and Katie's attempts, but Angelina feinted on him, leading him to one goal post only to score in another.

When Ron's turn came, he looked positively green, and his knees were knocking together. He flew up to the goal posts and hovered there, trembling a bit.

Angelina went first, streaking towards him. Ron nervously gripped his broom, watching her, as she approached. She looked like she was heading towards the left goalpost, and Ron started to drift that way. But she then rolled right and threw at the middle one. Ron's eyes widened as he quickly reached out, his fingers barely grazing the Quaffle before it flew through the goal post.

Ron slumped on his broom, before straightening as Katie started to come in. He bit his lip, watching her intently as she zigged back and forth towards him. Katie suddenly shot at the right goal post and threw the Quaffle.

Ron lunged for it, and this time actually managed to smack it away, getting a cheer from several of the others watching. Ron grinned a bit, his posture straightening more. That was when Alicia came zooming in.

With a mighty throw, Alicia threw the Quaffle at the left goal post. Ron shot towards it, and managed to grab it out of the air, grinning happily as he held it up amidst cheers from those watching.

Oliver nodded approvingly. "Not bad! Weasley, McLaggen! We'll talk things out in a team meeting to let you know who we choose, so stick around after try outs!"

The two of them nodded, as they the other Keeper hopefuls wistfully joined the group of spectators.

Next up was the Beater tryouts. Sadly though, no one stepped forward at all. So that left only one position.

Harry watched as Oliver called out for any Seeker hopefuls, and was surprised when Ginny step forward. "You want to try out for Seeker too?" He asked, considering she was already pretty much guaranteed a Reserve Chaser position.

She blushed a bit but smiled. "Well considering your track record, I'm more likely to get to play Seeker then Chaser," she said, causing Harry to pout a bit.

There was only one other person trying out for Seeker, Colin Creevey. He eagerly waved at Harry, before he and Ginny took to the skies on their brooms.

Oliver nodded, as he released the Golden Snitch. The two of them immediately began circling the field, scanning for the small golden ball.

It took them roughly ten minutes, before Ginny saw the Snitch, and made a dive for it. Colin saw her dive and went after her, hoping to overtake her. They both were riding school brooms, so neither had an advantage there. But Ginny not only had a head start, she was also smaller and lighter. With a shout of victory, she snatched the ball up first and rose up, holding it above her head.

Oliver nodded. "Alright! Nice work there Ginny! But we'll need to do it a couple more times to make sure it wasn't just luck. Bring it in!"

The two of them landed, and Oliver launched the Snitch again, followed by them. They both spent several minutes searching for it, before Colin let out a yell and dived. Ginny was unfortunately too far away this time, as Colin snatched up the Snitch, grinning.

They both readied themselves for a third run. This time both of them circled the pitch, eyes scanning for the Snitch. It took five minutes, before they both dived at the same time, from opposite ends of the Quidditch field. They both raced towards the Snitch, and towards each other. To those born in the Muggle world, it almost seemed like they were playing a game of Chicken.

In the end, Colin lost his nerve and pulled up, just before Ginny grabbed up the Snitch and raised her arm in success. The crowd cheered as she landed, handing Oliver the Snitch.

Oliver grinned as he took it. "Well done Ginny! I think we've found our reserve Seeker! Good try Colin," He said, as Colin landed and nodded a bit dejectedly, before congratulating Ginny.

Oliver smiled. "Alright then! To those of you who tried out, we want to thank you all. And don't be discouraged, there's always next year! To those of you, who made it, please stick around. We're going to discuss who to make Reserve Keeper, and then talk to you all about team practices," he said.

He nodded to the rest of the team, and they huddled up. "Alright. We've got two candidates for Keeper. I want your opinions on both of them," he said.

Angelina spoke up first. "Cormac seems to be more confident in his skills. He was pretty good in stopping Alicia and Katie." Both of the other Chasers nodded.

George snorted. "You mean overconfident. I've heard him talking about how he's probably the best player in the school, and criticizing every little mistake he's seen the team do in the past couple of years. Ron may not be as confident, but you saw him out there. He actually almost stopped your attempt as well Angelina. If anything, I'd say Ron's a better choice. And that's not just my opinion as his brother." Fred gave a nod, showing he was backing up his brother's statement.

Harry sighed as they all looked to him. "It's a tough choice. Ron does seem to have a confidence issue that could affect his playing, especially against a team like Slytherin. But at the same time, he did seem to give us just a little bit more than Cormac. Not to mention it's potentially better to have someone who's under confident, instead of someone who's overconfident. An under confident person at least can admit their mistakes and ask for help."

Oliver nodded quietly, as he looked at the two Keeper hopefuls. He seemed to be sizing them both up, before looking back at the team. "Alright. We'll go with Ron," he said. "Besides, Quidditch seems to run through most of their blood," he said with a grin, as Ron and George grinned as well.

Oliver went over to the pair of them. "Okay. Cormac, Ron, you both did great out there. And after careful consideration, we've decided that the Reserve Keeper will be….Ron Weasley."

Ron's eyes went wide, as his mouth dropped open in surprise. Cormac blinked, before his eyes narrowed. "How could you choose him over me?!

Oliver looked at Cormac. "You both were roughly equal in your abilities," he said. "However Ron showed us just a little bit more by almost stopping Angelina's throw, something you completely failed to do. Not only that, but you are overconfident in your abilities. That could lead to serious trouble with team dynamics. While Ron may have confidence issues, they can be worked on, and won't hurt the team. That is why we've chosen Ron."

Cormac just snorted before turning and walking away, while Ron just stood there, stunned. It wasn't until his brothers slapped him on the back that he awoke from his stunned silence.

Oliver turned to the other Reserve Players. "Alright everyone, listen up! You'll all be joining us for Team practices from now on. Since we almost have enough players to form a second team, we'll be holding 'mock' Quidditch matches each training practice. Ginny Weasley, you'll play with the Chasers through most of the training, and then we'll work on your Seeker training afterwards. If anyone has any problems with homework and club schedules, let me know and we'll see what we can do, alright?"

As they all nodded, he grinned. "Alright then! Welcome to the Gryffindor Quidditch Team!"

Thirteen voices let up a cheer, as the new Gryffindor Quidditch Players were welcomed to the team.

October 31st

Harry sighed a bit wistfully, as he stood in the Entrance Hall, watching Neville and Hermione join the throngs of Third and higher Year students stream out of the school and down towards the gates of Hogwarts. About a week ago, a notice went up on the bulletin announcing the first Hogsmeade weekend visit for students was on Halloween weekend. Neville and Hermione both had been eager to visit, but had told Harry they were willing to stay if he wanted them to, due to him not being able to go. Harry however told them to go and enjoy it.

He had seen them off at the Entrance Hall, and now stared out at the small village in the distance. Even though he knew the reasons he wasn't allowed to go, at least for this year, he still felt a little jealous and frustrated. Shaking his head, he started to head off to the library. Ginny would be there, and the two of them had decided to work on their homework together while Neville and Hermione headed out to have some fun.

As he headed towards the library, his mind wandered to some recent trouble that had been brewing in the Gryffindor Tower, between Ron and Hermione.

Apparently, Hermione's cat Crookshanks was repeatedly going after Ron's pet rat Scabbers. He had already attacked Ron's bag once when Scabbers was sleeping inside of it, and according to Neville, there had been another incident where Ron had been carrying Scabbers in his shirt pocket, and Crookshanks had gone after the rat there too. This had made Ron furious at Hermione, blaming her and her cat for the reason why his pet rat was losing weight and falling ill. Indeed, when Harry had seen the rat, it looked like it was becoming rather skinny for a normal rat, and a few clumps of hair were missing from its body.

According to Ginny though, Scabbers had been feeling ill for a while now, since they had been in Egypt and thus before Hermione even had gotten Crookshanks. Scabbers had actually belonged to his older brother Percy, and had been part of the family for twelve years now. Most common garden rats like Scabbers only lived for two or three years. So it was possible that Scabbers, who had lived far beyond the normal life span of a common garden rat, was finally starting to succumb to age.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by a door he was passing opening up and the occupant of the room of said door looking out. "Harry?" Professor Lupin asked, blinking. "What are you doing here?"

Harry turned to the Professor. "Oh, I was heading to the library. I just saw Neville and Hermione off to Hogsmeade," he said.

Lupin nodded. "Ahh, I see. Well would you like to come in for a cup of tea? Perhaps you'd like to take a look at the Grindylow I received for our next lesson," he said.

Harry blinked. "A what?" He asked, as he followed him inside the office.

The office was actually rather spartan in its décor. There was a desk for Lupin to work at, and a couple bookshelves with books. In one corner there was a rather large tank filled with water and seaweed in one of the corners. Inside was a sickly green creature with horns and a fish like tail. Instead of fins though it had hands with long spindly fingers.

"It's a water demon," Lupin elaborated. "It has extremely strong but brittle fingers. Breaking them is the key to defeating it."

Harry nodded as the Grindylow smacked against the glass, then dove into the weeds, hiding. Harry slowly sat down, as Lupin began to grab some tea bags and start up a teakettle with a prod from his wand. He then sat down as well, watching Harry. "So Harry….you seemed to be deep in thought when you were walking by my office. May I ask what about?"

Harry sighed quietly. "Nothing serious, Professor Lupin. Just some problems involving my friends," he said, before blinking as a thought crossed his mind. "May I ask you something though?" He asked.

When Lupin nodded, Harry continued. "That first lesson, with the Boggart. Why did you stop me from facing it?" He asked softly.

Lupin's eyes widened. "Well Harry, I thought the reason would be obvious. I believed that if you faced the boggart, it would have become Lord Voldemort. Something I don't think the rest of the class was ready to see."

Harry blinked. "Actually…while I was thinking of that, I was also…I was thinking of the Dementors," he said softly.

Lupin nodded a bit. "I see. I suppose I can understand that. Professor Dumbledore informed the faculty of you and your brother's potential to be targeted by the Dementors. So it is understandable that you would be afraid of them."

Harry looked down at the cup of tea Lupin had poured for him. "Professor…do you…do you think that if you had given me a chance, I could have handled the boggart?"

Lupin smiled quietly. "Perhaps. I do not think a boggart Dementor would attack you the way a normal Dementor would. But I don't want you to think I have no faith in your abilities. As you've shown when dealing with the other creatures we've been facing, you are a skilled and courageous. Perhaps I was hasty in not allowing you a chance to fight it."

Harry smiled at that, before another thought crossed his mind. "Professor, may I ask what your boggart was? It looked like it was a moon," he said.

Lupin grew very serious at that point, but before he could answer, there was a knock at the door, followed by it opening and Snape entering. He blinked as he saw Harry. "Mr. Potter," he said evenly, before turning to Lupin. "I finished your potion, Lupin. There's a whole cauldron full if you need more," he said, as he set a goblet down filled with a smoking potion. Harry blinked as he stared at it, while Lupin thanks Snape.

As the Potions Professor left, Lupin picked up the goblet. "I've been feeling a bit under the weather, and Professor Snape was most generous in making this potion for me," he explained, as he took a sip from the goblet, and shuddered, making a face. "Not exactly the best tasting potion, but it certainly helps," he said, as he kept drinking it.

Harry blinked. "May I ask what exactly ails you? Perhaps my father or mother could find a potion known to Mages that could help out more?"

Lupin chuckled softly. "Thank you for the offer, but I wouldn't want to trouble them," he said, as he finished it off. "Now, I'm sure you had plans, before I interrupted you and called you in here," he said with a smile.

Harry nodded quietly as he finished off his tea and stood up. "Thank you for the tea, Professor Lupin," he said, as he headed off.

As he headed towards the library, his mind turned to what had just happened. What was that potion Snape had given Lupin? What sickness could possibly require the services of a Potion Master, and not a doctor or nurse? Puzzled, Harry decided to talk to Hermione about it later. For now, his thoughts turned towards his homework.

As he entered the library, he found Ginny waiting for him at one of the tables. She raised an eyebrow at him. "You're late," she said.

Harry chuckled softly. "Sorry. Professor Lupin invited me into his office to show me the next creature we'll be dealing with and offered me some tea. So, what shall we work on first?"

Ginny just grinned as she pulled out her Defense Against Dark Arts textbook. "Well since you were talking to Professor Lupin, let's start with that," she said.

They spent the next few hours working on their homework, talking and joking a bit. Harry grinned softly at one point as he glanced at Ginny. She was definitely starting to become someone very different from that shy girl sitting in the corner last year, who would blush and stutter every time he came near. She still did blush and stutter sometimes, but she was also opening up more as she spent more time around him. He chuckled as she told him about how Ron got his fear of spiders. Apparently he had stolen and broken Fred or George's toy broom when they were younger. And in retaliation, the twins had transfigured Ron's stuffed bear into a spider while he was holding it. It traumatized him for life.

Harry just grinned and shook his head as she finished telling the story, when Hermione and Neville showed up, both grinning and carrying several bags. Harry waved them over, smiling. "Have fun?" He asked them with a grin.

They both nodded with a grin. "Oh it was amazing," Hermione said as she sat down. "The village just looks incredible, and it has such a fascinating history. And it's just so fascinating seeing a magical village."

Neville grinned. "The stores were great too. Honeyduke's had all these incredible candies and desserts. So many you wouldn't believe. And Zonko's, the magical joke shop, was full of all kinds of gags and pranks and stuff. I swear Fred and George stayed in there the entire time we were down there," he said with a grin.

Hermione picked up then. "And then we went to the Three Broomsticks. It's this little friendly tavern, where we had this delicious foamy drink called Butterbeer. Just warms you right up," she said.

And on and on they went, describing what they had done. Harry just grinned, even as a small part of him felt a bit jealous. He really wished he could have gone down to the village. But he shook it from his mind, wanting to be happy for his friends. "Well sounds like it was quite an adventure," he said.

Hermione just smiled. "So what did you two do while we were gone?"

Ginny smiled. "Oh just mostly sat here and talked and worked," she said. "Although Harry had a nice little chat with professor Lupin," she said.

They both looked at Harry, who nodded. "He wanted to show me the next creature we'll be studying. But something rather interesting happened. Professor Snape came in with a potion for Professor Lupin. Lupin said he wasn't feeling well, and the potion was the only thing that helped. I just found it rather curious, that he might be sick with something that required the services of a potion master and not a healer."

Hermione blinked. "Another mystery? Harry, don't you think we've had enough after two years?" She asked jokingly. "Still, it does sound intriguing. Could you describe it for me? Maybe I can find it in one of the Potion books?"

Harry nodded. "Sure. The potion was smoking and even after he drank it, the goblet was still smoking. And it was a light pale dull green in color." (1)

Hermione nodded. "I'll take a look for it then. For now, we should head back to the Common Room. It's almost time for the Halloween Feast," she said with a grin.

Harry and Ginny both eagerly packed up their things and the quartet headed back to the Gryffindor Tower to drop off their things and freshen up.

Within the hour, the populace of Hogwarts was filling up the great Hall, which was festooned with the traditional floating Jack-O-Lanterns, vivid orange streamers, and live bats. The happy chatter students filled the halls as they ate. Harry blinked when he saw Ginny wave to a blonde girl over at the Ravenclaw table, who faintly waved back. She had a rather dazed look on her face.

"Who's that?" he asked her, causing her to blink.

"Oh that's Luna Lovegood. She lives not too far from my family, and me and her played together sometimes when we were younger. She became a bit odd after her…well…after her mother died. She's a lot of fun to hang out with, even when she doesn't make any sense. But a lot of her House Mates thinks she's weird and so they keep their distance from her," she explained.

Harry frowned a bit at that. "So she doesn't have that many friends?" When Ginny shook her head, Harry smiled. "Well perhaps she'd like to join us sometime, when we're out wandering the grounds, or working in the library?"

Ginny grinned. "R-Really? You wouldn't mind?"

Harry grinned. "She's your friend Ginny. You don't really need my permission to have her join us."

Ginny just blushed but smiled happily. "Thanks Harry. I'll be sure to invite her next time," she said, as she went back to eating her food.

Eventually, as the evening wound down, the ghosts of Hogwarts concluded the Halloween Feast with a show of coordinated aerial gliding. Nearly Headless Nick then performed a re-enactment of his botched beheading, receiving applause after he finished.

The students slowly began to file out, stuffed with food and sleepy. Harry and his friends headed up the stairs towards the Gryffindor Tower, eager to get a good night's sleep.

However, they found their path blocked by a crowd outside the portrait of the Fat Lady. Harry blinked in surprise. "What's going on?" He asked, trying to see past people. The Fat Lady's portrait was blocked from view by the crowd.

"You think someone's wrong with the Fat Lady?" Neville asked.

At that moment, Percy Weasley strolled forward. "Please move, Head boy coming through! What is the meaning of this hold up?!" He asked, as he moved through the crowd, only to stop. Then his voice broke through the crowd. "Someone get Professor Dumbledore. NOW!"

As one of the older students rushed off, Ginny blinked. "This doesn't sound good," she said.

A few minutes later, Dumbledore came striding up, followed by McGonagall. The students parted as the two teachers approached, allowing Harry and the others a chance to see what was going on. Hermione gasped as Harry felt his heart drop.

The Fat Lady wasn't in her portrait, more than likely due to the fact that said portrait was a mess. It had been slashed to pieces, with strips and chunks littering the floor.

Professor Dumbledore started at the portrait for a few moments, before speaking to McGonagall. "Minerva, find Filch and tell him to start searching for the Fat Lady immediately. We must find her and find out what happened here," he said.

"That will be tough, Mister Headmaster!" A voice cackled, as Peeves the Poltergeist appeared above them all. The grin on his face faded though when he saw the cold look on Dumbledore's face.

"What do you mean Peeves?" The Headmaster asked calmly. But the look on his face, and the slight edge in his voice told the poltergeist he meant business.

Peeves tone changed from his usual maniacal crackle to a more oily tone. "I saw her running through a landscape portrait on the Fourth Floor, going from tree to tree. Terrible mess she is. She's ashamed of being seen."

Dumbledore nodded quietly. "And did you see what happened? Or manage to hear from her who did this to her?"

Peeves nodded. "Oh yes Headmaster. Quite a temper, the one who did it. He got very angry when she wouldn't let him in. Nasty temper, that Sirius Black."

Instantly the students burst into loud chatter and yells, until a blast from Dumbledore's wand silenced them all. "Prefects, HeadBoy. Take the Gryffindor students back to the Great Hall and stay there. No one leaves unless it's an emergency. Go!"

In an instant, the students were being herded back down the hallway. And as they were, all Harry could do was feel a cold sweat break out as the realization sank in. Sirius Black had somehow entered Hogwarts.

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