"What do you know about light, General? As we were birthed onto a planet, graced with three Suns, what has our understandings grasped?"

"Surely, light has his own purpose. To give life to those of need-"

"I speak of a deeper purpose... General"

"… T-to vanquish the dark… to repel the evil… to bring prosperity to those of need. We, my Excellency, in order to preserve our people, we must-"

"But is this measure—this drastic measure-our only choice?!"

"Tamaran is dying, My Ruler! Our solar-synthesis probes obliterated! Your people slaughtered by… by…them, trying to save her! …How shall we suffice? We planned, we hoped, and we succeed for a short while, then to witness devastation… My Ruler, my Excellency… I speak with uttermost sincerity… I am afraid that this option and only this option is your only choice."

"Affirmed… General Kro'ka…Declare war on Earth!"