In The darkness of night they came. They came in numbers, so that Raven had no chance from the start. She was asleep, senseless, unprepared. He covered her mouth. They held her arms and legs. She could not scream, she could not fight. From the first touch, she was awake. She struggled in arms that would not move. She called to her powers, but they would not come. She screamed, but could not be heard.

As she was carried out the window and into the helicopter, she brought her psychic energy together and screamed. She cried out for help within her mind. Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, And Beast boy awoke with a start. They all ran to her room, but they were too late. Raven was gone. The four stared at the empty room. Robin walked forward and found her communicator, laying in the center of her bed, as if it had been placed there. A tear streaked down his face.

They were all silent, and searched the tower for Raven. But it only confirmed Robin's suspicions. She was gone, taken in the dead of night. "No," He whispered. Then they all met in the middle room.

"Raven may be gone, but we will find her. We will save her from whoever has taken her." Rabin said to them all.

"But, what if we can't find her!?" Beast boy asked. "Or what if this guy comes back for the rest of us!? Or-"

"Shut up. we will find her, and no one will get us." Cyborg growled at Beast boy.

"But how shall we find her?" Starfire asked.

"We will find a way. no matter what we will find Raven." Robin said, "Now get some sleep, we have some searching to do tomorrow." They all went to bed, but could not sleep. Their friend Raven worried them too much.

The next morning they were all in the living room. They ate in horrible silence. Then the TV flashed on. On it, was Slade. Robin ran forward, And glared at the large image of his worst enemy.

"How are you, teen titans?" Slade asked innocently.

"Not good." Robin growled.

"Oh, that's sad. in fact, you all look sad. Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, Cyborg,- oh, where's Raven?" Slade questioned absently.

"She went missing. you wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?" Robin said suspiciously.

"Why yes, I would, you see she came for a visit last night. did she not tell you?" Slade said.

"What do you mean 'visit'?" Robin asked.

"Would you like to see her?" With that Slade stepped aside revealing Raven. She was unconscious, with something covering her mouth. She was shackled, spread eagle, to something circular. There were two cords connected to her hands, and on connecter to her head. She looked beaten and defeated.

"Raven!" Robin cried. Beastboy and Starfire choked on their food, and Cyborg let out a small cry. "Let her go!" Robin screamed.

"Never! She is a guest and will remain that way!" Slade said from offscreen. Raven stirred and awoke. She looked around, then realized where she was. Her confusion soon turned to fear. She pulled at her bindings, but it was no use. She tried to speak, but the thing covering her mouth prevented her. She then saw Robin and looked at him, her eys telling him to help her. Then Slade stepped in.

"Buh Bye!" He said and the TV went blank.

"Raven!" Robin cried.