Chapter 2: Behind the Mask, and Mizuki's Beatdown

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Arekusu's Pov

After that amazing day me and Naruto get into real business, and today is my favorite day I get to hunt, but me and Naruto have designated this day to fight bad guys. It seem bad guys just like to come on this day of the week aka Monday, just to make your day worse than it already is. Naruto gets to rote through the most prestigious clans trash cans or just ask the clans that are friendly with us. So I go to the woods and run up into the trees, and when I mean run, I mean run up those trees. Me and Naruto found scrolls on chakra control and manipulation years ago. That was also the same day that we found our little home or the fabled Namikaze estate, and learned that no one else besides us can get inside. In our apartment are some very life-like shadow clones that take the usual beatings for us but I'm surprised none of mine have been raped yet what with being a beaten little school girl who can't fight back.

Well tomorrow is the last day before we graduate the test of some sort, and I told Naruto that Mizuki-sensei wants us to fail so that we are "tricked" into stealing the forbidden scroll, and he gets away learns the most powerful jutsus and sells it to the highest bidder. Everyone here is an idiot I mean thinking about that in front of school children, much less the ones you're going to trick, well I guess no one thinks that me or Naruto could read minds. I can but unfortunately Naruto can't but to make up for that he became very empathetic to everyone's thoughts, and feelings towards him. He also became very perceptive, and intuitive. Now on to the hunt.

I love hunting maybe it's my wolf demon talking but hey it's a nice stress reliever from dealing with all the idiots me and Naruto have to deal with. I imagine all their faces on the animals I kill and it makes me feel so much better only the people who we like I don't put their faces on the kills I make, but as I'm running through the forest I almost run into the training field of duck butt. I stop and hide in the trees and hear him grunt as he throws the arrows. So I one up him I run through the trees hitting all the targets he hit bulls eye of course they have an acid tag on them so they corrode before he can even touch them. I kill a buck and bring it home to me and Naruto. I then go to the garden and pick out all the vegetables that we'll be eating tonight. I cook all the meals since Naruto's level of cooking is instant ramen.

"What's for dinner Are-chan?"

"Some of the duck you caught not too long ago, a salad, and some mashed potatoes."

"Mm, sounds great imouto."

"Alright now out it's not going to be done for another fifteen minutes and I don't want you to eat everything before it gets to the table like that one time," I tell him and he shivers he clearly remembers the frying pan of doom.

"I got a good haul tonight at least for a non chunnin exam day," no we don't steal stuff from foreign ninjas at least while they're alive every year at least someone dies in the second stage or the Forest of Death. So Naruto and I decide to go to the second stage the day after because we found out that it takes at least three days before the cleanup crews get there, and we can always get good weapons and scrolls off of them.

Once dinner is ready I take it to the table, and we sit down and eat. Naruto compliments me on the good smell along with the Kurama who is ever present with us along with my demon Okani. After dinner we decide to get ready for beating up some bandit's and go to or respective rooms to get dressed. I take of my resistance seals, and make some seals that'll hide my scent. Luckily that's an easy task for us because we're fuinijutsu, and we get dressed in all black. We sneak out of the house and towards the gate and I hit them with senbon that are coated with a poison that'll make them sleep in till we're done.

We decide to go to our favorite spot for these kinds of things, and low and behold there are bandits harassing some merchants that come to visit Konoha once or twice a year. We ran towards them silently and hid in the trees. I draw out my lethal senbon and kunai, and Naruto brings out his hanbo (short staff), and we begin the attack Naruto jumps into battle and I jump to the people and make sure they're okay. If any of the men come to close I take them out with a volley of lethal senbon. The battle ends within two minutes, and the merchants are extremely grateful and I can tell that the daughter of the patriarch now has a crush on Naruto. The small merchant family then wants to give us something to say how thankful they are, and they give us each a new outfit, and we decided to wear them when we become ninjas. We thank them and start home, and as soon as we get home we take off our scent shielding seals. I take a shower and get dressed in my pajamas and fall asleep ready for the next day.

The Next Day

Well today is the day me and Naruto finally get to become ninjas and flip the bird to the civilian council; finally they don't and can't control our lives and sabotage our education because we're getting a ninja to teach us a jounin level ninja. We can finally show our true power though even then we're going to have to be careful in case our sensei is an Uchiha lover. Me and Naruto get ready for school and race there like we're late, and get there as soon as the bell rings and breathe a sigh of relief and they hand out our tests; of course ours are at least chunnin level questions, which we could easily answer, but we pretend like it's really hard, and eventually fail.

We then move on to the taijutsu portion of the test which is extremely hard for almost all the civilian girls, but luckily it's much easier for me and I defeat the civilian boy that I was fighting due to my stamina. After this was done we went back into the classroom, and Iruka announced the technique we were to preform, the bushin no jutsu. We pretend to freak out and act like we're going to die, and groan loudly. It's no secret that me and Naruto are horrible at all thing genjutsu and bushin no jutsu is a very low form of genjutsu. (We are secretly pretty good at it though after hours of practice it sucked so much.) It's just another curveball that the council is throwing our way to get us to stay civilians longer. Everyone gets a turn and of course basically everyone makes it, those who don't are severely teased and disappointed. Uchiha gets his headband and every girl fawns all over him saying how great he is and etcetera.

Then I'm called I go to a back room with Iruka-sensei, and Mizuki-sensei, and Iruka asks me to perform the bushin no jutsu. I pretend to concentrate really hard, and I do the hand signs, unfortunately for me only one severely messed up clone popped up. I groan in frustration and Mizuki tries to play the good guy and says:

"C'mon Iruka she's a year younger than anyone else, she skipped a whole entire grade doesn't that count for something."

"Nope, sorry Arekusu but all the other children created at least three workable clones, and you created only one and it's," he looks at it in disgust, "non-usable."

I'm completely disappointed at least to them and then Naruto goes in, and emo duck has to rub it in that he is better than me.

"Ha you didn't even pass, and I bet your stupid cousin won't either."

"Well at least I skipped a grade, if you were so great wouldn't you be like a jounin or an ANBU, but no you're a gennin, and I'm sure if you didn't get your ego stroked by the council and were actually humble for once, and took someone's advice and knowledge then you might just not be a weak little gennin, but actually higher in the ranks, but no you're an egotistical, arrogant, emo duck that is as dumb as all the civilian kids when it comes to being an actual ninja, and I bet if you weren't the last Uchiha and supposed to be protected then someone would have taken you, killed you and taken your sperm so that the sharingan could be in their village, now SHUT UP YOU EMO FRICKIN DUCK!" I scream at him.

The room is in complete silence even Sasuke is shocked to say the least, and then from Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata, and some other civilian boys I hear clapping and then I hear cheering, unfortunately that is short lived when Sakura, and the rest of the Sasuke fan club try and attack me. I then get really pissed and grab my paralysis poison covered senbon from one of my pouches and use both hands to throw it at their non-vital points. They all freeze except Ino who tries to walk over and is frozen mid stride. I then walk outside to my favorite pair of swings outside the school and sit down and start to swing just a little bit. Then Naruto came outside and we talked in till the kids with parents got picked up, they called us demons, well they called Naruto that, but they called me the poor corrupted girl. I wanted to yell at them instead I glared at them in a way that said I could hear what they were saying that shut them right up. They then grabbed their children and walked away.

Then Mizuki walked over to us and asked if he could talk to us in private so we go to a roof acting like the dumb little children he thinks we are, and then he says:

"I know of a way that you could pass," we act excited and I say:

"Really Mizuki-sensei, you mean it, well what do we have to do."

He then proceeds to tells us about the scroll of sealing, and how if we learn a jutsu from it and master it then we could pass and be a ninja. We then run off him thinking that we were completely innocent, and so gullible. We easily snuck in got the scroll, and snuck out. Geez for being the elite of Konoha they are so easy to rob. We run for the forest, and hide out in a tree house we made years ago.

"Are-chan are you ready to learn some jutsus?"

"Naruto why don't we copy them down, and learn one so it looks like we were dumb enough to only learn one, and then if the idiots on the council decide to banish us then we can annihilate them and they're precious Uchiha, and we can beat the crap out of them."

"You little evil genius let's do it."

So we copy all the jutsus in the scroll and "learn" kage bushin no jutsu. Then we here Iruka-sensei coming.

"Naruto, Arekusu, where are you?"

We jump down from our hiding place in front of Iruka, and act all satisfied. We then asked Iruka:

"Do we pass?" he seemed confused at the statement and then said:

"What do you mean by pass?"

"Well, Mizuki-sensei said that if we took this scroll, and learned a jutsu from it that we would pass and become ninja, so do we pass?"

"Mizuki told you to get the scroll and you would pass if you learned a jutsu from it you would pass, Naruto, Arekusu, you're considered criminals right now this is the most important scroll in Konoha."

"What?" we chorused like we were confused.

"This is an important, forbidden scroll, it's only for the hokage."

"But Mizu-"

"Tricked you, you really think that-"

"That what you'd let a supposed demon and his minion pass, well your wrong if you think that we don't know what's inside us, oh yes Naruto's not the only one with a demon inside him."

"So two for the price of one, not a bad deal eh Iruka I mean you are helping right?"

"No I'm not Mizuki, now I see your just an angry irrational obsessive shell of a person who deserves to die for treating and thinking about children like thi-"

He got bored of Iruka's speech and threw an extremely large shuriken at us, laughing maniacally. We grabbed Iruka, and jumped out of the way, and into the trees. He was shocked, and looked like a gaping fish. Naruto then got into his Namikaze taijutsu form and I got into the Takuma style or viper style. We then said:

"You really think that the two children that are related to almost all the hokages of the village would be weak, well we'll show you just how wrong you are."

We rushed him making shadow clones, and I grabbed my senbon just as he threw his second giant shuriken at us. We dodged it perfectly, and then ran closer I hit him with my fist as hard as I could, and he went down. He was bleeding profusely from his head, and I wrapped his head to staunch it. Iruka looked at us in shock and asked:

"How, what, where?"

"Easy Iruka me and Naruto hid our true power so the civilian council didn't force us to teach all we know to emo duck, do you want to help us carry him back."

He then hugged us almost crying and said, "I'm so proud of you, I can't believe how smart you two are, and I'm so proud to be your big brother."

We started to cry and Naruto tried to hide it as we hugged the only person that was ever nice to us, our big brother. Then the ANBU arrived and Iruka explained everything, and we got off scot free with headbands that said we are ninja now. We went home ready for whatever the world could throw at us.

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