A/N: Yue spends some time playing soccer. No, you didn't read that wrong.

"A Little Fresh Air"

Running through

Drenched green grass

After a summer rain;

Barefoot but all dressed up,

And my hair getting in my face.

Who cares anyway

If my nice clothes get wet?

I like being out here just fine;

Alone with my soccer ball,

And the muddy grass under me.

If I slip and fall, well,

Who's here to see me but myself?

Kicking the ball around,

Bouncing it off my knees;

I think of nothing but this moment,

And it's a welcome relief.

No worries save staying on my feet

And keeping the ball in the air.

I smile and then I laugh,

Just because I can,

Feeling better than I have in ages.

It's so good to get out

For a little fresh air.

* ende *