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Note: This story took place a year before Totsuka's death.

Homura Christmas

Chapter 1: Don't burn the Christmas Spirit too!

December 14.

It was an unusual for Yata Misaki to crawl out of his room, wrapped in three layers of blankets, and dropping to the sofa like a cocoon. He watched the other members huddle in the other couch, bringing their knees to their chest and warming their hands with their breath.

"December hates us…." Kamamoto muttered in a shaky voice.

"The feeling is mutual then." Bandou, snorted, earning laughs from the shivering group.

"I don't think the King would want to go out at this kind of weather." Totsuka said, sitting down beside where Yata had dropped himself, "It'd be weird going around the city with flames around your body to keep you warm."

"Che!" Yata finally blurted out, huddling the blankets closer to him, "I might do that you know! How am I supposed to patrol the place if the friggen' weather is freezing my ass off huh?"

"Think of it as a…vacation!" Totsuka chuckled, patting the blanket where the boy's head was, "Nobody would make a ruckus when it's near a holiday!"

"Except for us…" Yata snickered.

Suddenly, footsteps were echoing in the hall, followed by a nonstop, out of tune song.

"Christmas! Christmas!" A certain member cooed, prancing into the room.

Everyone's eyes stared at Shohei Akagi, still in his night clothes, and had his cap replaced with a Santa hat. His face was sparkling with childish excitement, much to everyone's dismay. They're freezing to death while he's just going around the place with his pajamas…?

"What is it now…?" Bandou asked with a grunt.

Shohei leaped over to where his sempai was sitting and tossed his arm around his neck, "Don't be like that, San-chan! You LOVE Christmas, remember?"

"USED to love it. Grow up already will you? Stop acting like a kid who STILL believes in that old man…" The older man hissed, slapping the boy's hand away.

"No way in hell!" Shohei shouted, before leaning in to whisper, "If I stopped believing in Santa, he won't give me any gifts…"


The two started their usual retorting with each other while the other members sighed in annoyance.

"Gah…so early in the morning…" Rikio grumbled, scratching his belly before standing up, "I'll go get something to eat. Anything in the fridge?"

"Stuffed Turkey!" Shohei suggested.

"That's for Thanksgiving day, you idiot." Bandou stated.

"WHICH we ALSO did NOT celebrate." Shohei huffed, crossing his arms like a little kid.

"We did, actually…." Totsuka said with a smile, "We burnt turkeys remember?"

"Ahhahaha, that one…" Yata laughed and started reminiscing how they lured up tons of turkeys and burnt them to a crispy golden brown, before taking them home and having Kamamoto finish it all in one sitting, "I didn't even get to taste them…geez…"

"THAT'S NOT HOW THEY CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING!" Shohei screamed, "Why can't we have a normal celebration for once?!"

"Because…because…because…nah, " Yata murmured.

" Well, we could have one, but I guess everyone isn't in the mood." Totsuka stated, pointing to everyone who was laying on the couch like some larvae.

"But it's Christmas.." Shohei whined, his eyes averting to the floor, "Everyone's supposed to love Christmas…"

Before Totsuka could say another word, Shohei had exited the establishments with shadow on his once sparkling eyes.

"...That kid..." Bandou murmured, closing his eyes in annoyance, "He's always been like that,"

"Well, we can't blame him. Christmas is supposed to be fun for everyone..." Kamamoto added, marching into the room with a plate of curry, "And I guess we just ruined the poor kid's mood."

"You meant, Christmas Spirit." Totsuka said.

"Yeah, that one."

"Well, we could always celebrate." Yata stated, finally sitting up, "I mean, it's been 2 years since we stopped celebrating that holiday, right?"

"Oh, so Yata-chan wants to celebrate some kid's holiday too, huh~?" Kamamoto sneered.


"It's not just a kid's holiday, Kamamoto." Totsuka chuckled, "C'mon, let's go talk to Shohei."

Author's note:

Well, here's the start! We've got a small dilemma faced by our members with our lil Shohei! I figured he'd be the one most excited with the holiday. HAHAHAH! He acts like the child-spirit of the clan. Anna is more mature than the dude. LOL

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