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Homura Christmas

Chapter : In Hopes that Saint Nicholas..

December 25

The coldness of the air outside didn't reach the inside of the Homura base anymore. Music, laughter and the occasional 'clank!' of glasses of wine could be heard.

Izumo smiled as he watched the group turned on the karaoke and punched up a song number, "Make sure it's related to Christmas, Chitose!" He stated.

Chitose gave him a thumbs up before grabbing the microphone from Shohei, and handing it to Totsuka.

"W-what? I thought you'd sing it!" Totsuka said defensively, trying to hand him back the mike.

"Don't worry! You definitely know this song."

The music started playing, and everyone recognized the song almost immediately. Totsuka gave a small smile at them and sighed.

"I guess it can't be helped," He stated, facing the karaoke machine and sang.

They clapped their hands as Totsuka reached the chorus. The melody filled the room in a warmth that pulled them closer to each other, and with the chorus, they felt like it was describing them all together.

Ho ho hopefully
This holiday will make us believe that
We're exactly where we're supposed to be
And we're ho ho hoping that we all come back
And as a matter of fact I know we're exactly where we're supposed to be
Together by this Christmas tree…

Anna was happily watching him finish it, and she couldn't help but clap her hands. Totsuka gave a small bow before handing the microphone over to the nearest person beside him-which was Yata, who immediately tried to shove it away.

"I-I don't sing, Totsuka-san!" He muttered, face turning slightly red.

"We should get him drunk so he'll sing like there's no tomorrow…" Kamamoto suggested with a smirk, waving his glass, half-filled with red wine, at him, "Too bad you're still under aged, kid."

Yata pounced on him and started pummeling the drunken man on the floor. Everyone else moved over to watch them fight. It wasn't serious- just something to teach the man a lesson on not to tease Yata about his age. Or height. Especially his height.

"Guys, I think that's enough," Izumo said, walking towards them and pulling them away, and suddenly, there was a sudden glint in his eyes, "It's Christmas you dumbasses…"

"S-Sorry Kusanagi-san!"

He put the two back down and cleared his throat, turning his head slightly to give a signal to Totsuka, "It's time to eat."


Everyone stared at Kamamoto, who just bursted out like a bomb and his words echoed in the room.

"Calm down,'s just food." Yata said.

This time it was Kamamoto who attacked the kid.

The counter was now filled with trays of assorted-ordered-foods. There were two large containers filled with spaghetti and meatballs. There was macaroni salad with fresh fruits topped over it. Then on the center was an oven-roasted brine-soaked turkey, complete with barbeque sauce and decorated with green vegetables. Beside it was a large freshly baked fruit cake, a Christmas pavlova, bibingka, three plates of Christmas pudding, and a rather long Christmas ham.

As they dug into the scrumptious feast, Shohei had played Christmas songs over the background. There was total merriment in the bar. Everyone sat down side by side on the couch, gobbling the food while talking like children in a birthday party. Smiles and cheers reflected everyone's mood.


The said bartender looked down at the petite figure tugging on his sleeves. Anna looked up at him with somewhat sad eyes, "Where's Mikoto?"

Izumo smiled, patting her head and letting her sit on the countertop, "He said he'll be back soon. So don't worry." He reassured her as he grabbed a nearby plate and handed it to her, "Eat some food first, okay?"

She nodded before she started getting some of the spaghetti and meath balls on her plate.

After an hour of talking and getting icing over to people's cheeks, Izumo and Totsuka called their attentions. As soon as everyone had stopped chattering, they walked over to the table at the corner where different wrapped gifts of various sizes were placed.

"Yeah! It's time!" Shohei exclaimed, looking at his watch, which read 11:45, before pushing himself to the front of the group, "Can I get my gift first?" His eyes started sparkling once more in a childish manner.

Izumo couldn't help but chuckle as he turned around and scavenged the pile of gifts on the table. He found Shohei's name on one and handed it to him. He practically squealed in delight and ran off to the couch to open his gift. Totsuka started distributing the other gifts to the members and they gladly took the presents with a smile.

Ripping sounds were heard from the room, thanks to everyone's enthusiasm in opening their gifts.

Let's cut it short. Izumo got a set of expensive Govino Stemless Wine Glasses and a pair of Ray-Ban shades, same color as the one he usually wears, from Kamamoto. He started polishing them and displaying them with pride at his glass cabinet while the sender grinned at him.

Anna got a new dress, the one with a dark shade of red, but this time, it had white outlines instead of her usual black. It came with her hat accessory, frilly stockings and a nice pair of red heels. She decided to wear it since Eric was looking at her with a hopeful expression. Of course she liked it.

Yata got a new set of wireless headphones, this time it was red and had orange flames at the stem, plus some skateboard wheels with flame designs engraved on them.

"This one is badass!" He yelled with a huge grin on his face, immediately taking out his skateboard and starting to replace his wheels, "Thanks Shohei!"

Kamamoto got a set of black jogging suit, like the white one that he has. It came with a metal chain with his name spelled out, plus knuckle rings and shades. Totsuka got a set of camera films and a blue leather jacket that seems a bit big to him, but of course he'd still accept it. Shohei got 3 new caps, all with the insignia of Homura on them plus a rad pair of sneakers. Bandou got a Rolex watch. Eric and Fujishima got matching jackets*, Dewa got 4 hard covered books, all about how to keep a drunken womanizer under control, while the certain drunken womanizer Chitose got bottles of expensive perfumes and 2 checkered polos that fit his style.

Totsuka held the last box in his hand. A medium sized box with red wrappers and a yellow ribbon around it. The name tag says 'To Mikoto, from Izumo'. Unfortunately, there were no signs of the redhead anywhere, and he even told Totsuka that he'd be back before they exchange gifts.

"Totsuka…Mikoto is.." Anna's voice came from his side, and it sounded lonely.

He gave the girl a smile as he placed his camera down the couch. He put her to his lap and rubbed her back, "Don't worry, Anna. He's just late…though I don't know where he is or why he went out…"

His choice of words made Anna flinch, but he gave her a reassuring hug, "He'll be back."

Just as she was about to nod, everyone's attention turned to the sound on the ceiling. There were heavy thumps going in circles on the roof.

"It's SANTAAAA!" Shohei's scream echoed in the suddenly silent room, "He knows that I've been good~!"

Everyone groaned at his outburst, others doing a face palm, but it seems that Anna's eyes sparkled at his words. Izumo raised a brow when he saw a silhouette by the window.

"Guys…?" He called everyone's notice and pointed to the window.

There was a long moment of silence before it started to open with a small squeak. A hand came up, holding a large brown sack that went straight to the ground before the figure hopped into the room. Everyone's jaws dropped.

"Damn people. Everyone walks so slow nowadays, huh?" Suoh Mikoto stated, hand rubbing the back of his head.

He stood there in his usual black leather jacket, white v-neck shirt and black pants, although there were bits of snow on his shoulders. But what caught them was the fact that he had a santa hat on his red hair, tilted to his side, and he was holding the sack over his shoulder.

"Santa…Mikoto…" Anna murmured, her voice close to a hint of laughter.

Everyone's face contorted into something between confusion and acceptance. Mikoto gave a 'tsk' before walking over and placing the sack on the couch. Anna ran to his side, tugging his coat. He ignored her for a while, reaching into the insides of the bag and pulling out a beautifully wrapped gift before handing it to her. She gave a silent gasp, lips forming an 'O', while everyone else smiled.

Mikoto glared at them, "Don't just stand there. Get over here so I can give you your gifts too." He said.

Izumo cracked a smile as everyone's face brightened and they rushed over to Mikoto. He groaned when they charged like rabid fan girls to him and they were practically blushing and screeching to get their share of Christmas 'Love' from their beloved Red King.

The night passed on with drinking, cheers, songs and random dancing. All the while with Anna occasionally joining them in slow dances with drunkards and Mikoto drinking with the group. It was now 6 in the morning and everyone was passed out on the couch and on the floor. There was a chorus of snores in the room, and Izumo couldn't even get angry at their children-like behaviors anymore. It's Christmas so he has to forgive them one way or the other.

"This was fun wasn't it?" Totsuka asked, putting down his camera after filming everyone's drunk sleeping figures in close-up.

Izumo nodded, slouching over the counter, "Mikoto actually made it the best by….participating, huh?"

The hobbyist laughed, " I caught that on video! That's going to be priceless!"

Mikoto, from behind the door, sighed, putting his hands in his pockets. It can't be helped anymore anyways. He went back up to his room, memories happily dancing in his mind and the last few lyrics of that song still echoing in his mind. He closed the his door with a smile.

And we're ho ho hoping that we all come back
And as a matter of fact I know we're exactly where we're supposed to be
Together by this Christmas tree…

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