Olivia and Eddison had just gotten out of the car when the President and First Lady arrived. Olivia panicked, she had thought that she bought enough time to miss his entrance so she wouldn't have to see him, but an argument with Mellie had delayed them. As Fitz turned to wave at the crowd his eyes fell on her, the pain in his eyes tore at her soul as he Edison's arm was wrapped around her waist. As Olivia looked away something had caught her eye from the window in the building across. She gasped horrified and looked to Tom and yelled,

"Gun," and just as she did shots were fired. Instinctively Olivia who was close enough to Fitz knocked him to the ground with her whole body, not caring for her own life and wanting nothing more than to have him safe."

Tom and Hal not far away surrounded Olivia and the President immediately ready to put him back into the car till it was safe. Mellie had been shoved into a car by her own secret service detail. Tom saw the blood and gave the president a once over in sheer panic,

"Mr President are you hurt?" Fitz shook his head and looked to Liv in horror, if the blood wasn't him it could only mean one thing,

"Livvy!" He cried out as she lay there with gun shot wounds,

"I'm fine. Hal, Tom take him."

"I'm not leaving you here," Fitz said in panic,

"Sir we have to go." Tom insisted as the paramedics came to work in Olivia.

"I'm fine, Go Fitz. Please!" She begged uncertain of where the shooter was and if they were done. Fitz was about to argue but nodded conceding. He grabbed hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze. Olivia looked right into his eyes,

"I'm sorry." She uttered weakly but meaningfully. She was apologizing for pushing him away, for letting him let her go so that she could seemingly live a life without him. It all seemed so pointless at that point.

"Oh Liv, I'm sorry." Before he could say anything further Olivia closed her eyes,

"No no! Liv," Fitz yelled. It took all of Tom and Hal's physical strength to take him shove him in a car. As soon as he was in the car he raged,

"Take me back to her, I can't just leave her there to die. Please!" He begged,

"Mr President, you know we can't do that. Your safety comes first. Don't let your feelings make what she did be in vain." Tom knew it was a low blow but it would have been the only thing that would make him stop. Fitz took in a deep breath and grabbed his chest unable to breathe for a moment.

"I want to be with her Tom. I want to be at the hospital. Make that happen."

"Of course Sir. But for now we have to take you back to the White House so you can address the public."

"Is she?"

"They've just put her in the ambulance and taking her to the hospital. Mr Beene is with her. He's going to make sure she's fine and then he'll meet you at the White House."

Cyrus's heart dropped to his feet as he saw Olivia push Fitz out of the way, he watched they both fell to the ground. He saw the panic in Eddison's eyes, the confusion in Fitz's. it felt like he was watching it all in slow motion. Though he and Olivia have had a rough patch in the last year, they had finally worked through them and were certainly on their way back to the dynamic duo they once were. The late night visits to her apartment and coffee dates had strengthened their wavering relationship. He had always loved Olivia, she was his protege and the closest thing to a daughter he was ever going to have. The possibility of losing her was worse than he could ever imagine. He could only guess what kind of state Fitz was in, and though he wanted to be with him, he needed to be with Olivia. He had sent for Olivia's parents, hoping that they hadn't seen it on the news. The footage that they kept playing was Olivia shoving Fitz to ground, thankfully whatever the exchange was between them was covered by Tom and Hal as they, along with several other Secret Service men surrounded the president and Olivia. Cyrus knew that Fitz was going to address the nation and the moment he was finished he would demand to be taken to Olivia. Till then he prayed that Fitz was able to keep himself together.