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Dark Fellowship

"Aren't you ready, yet? You're the king, for fuck's sake!" I exhale loudly, letting my body drop on our bed and watching Harry clothe himself.

"Is this really necessary, Dougs?" He asks me with pleading eyes, his reflection in the mirror staring at me.

"Yes, it is," I teleport behind him, placing the crown upon his head. "You need to at least look like the part, even if it's only on the anniversary of the city," I chuckle, wrapping my arms around his waist.

It has been two years since our last great battle for survival and our lives have just improved since then. On Tom's request, a statue of Alad- Aldwin was erected in honour of his memory and how he willingly gave up on his life to bring Bruce back to Danny. But not only that, the statue is a reminder that no matter how lost you are in life, it's never too late to start again and choose your own path, one that can lead you to happiness. I must say I sorta miss him. After he gave up on the I-am-going-to-kill-you-all bullshit, we could see he was as much of a victim as us. Such a pity we couldn't save him, Tom would give a wonderful older brother -though he would be in reality the younger one-.

"Me, Dan, Aurora and Bruce are just waiting for you two," Tom appears from inside a blinding flash, sitting on the couch with his arms folded and frowning.

"Sometimes I wish you hadn't been taught this ability, Tummy," I sigh. "What if we were doing something intimate?"

"I would have sensed your lust, you major perv," he rolls his eyes, flinging a cushion at me. "And I would also have hosed you two with cold water, because we're supposed to arrive early at the opening ceremony!"

"I'm ready," Haz says, just as Danny jumps all the way up to the veranda and knocks for Tom open the door for him.

"I don't care if you're King and Queen, you're still twats," our freckled friend chuckles. He has Bruce and Aurora on each shoulder.

"Good Christ, Danny boy! We're on the third floor! Couldn't you have used the stairs?" I sigh, making everybody laugh as we finally left our home.


The sky is clear, and a gentle night breeze greet us when I teleport myself and Hazza to where he's expected to give his speech to the citizens of Deepsea City. I know what you must be thinking "Clear sky? Weren't you at the bottom of the sea?" Well, we still are. But there's nothing a genius like me can't do with my brilliance, and I upgraded our illumination system to recreate the Earth's atmosphere. It's like the real thing, only that I get to choose the weather! How convenient is that? Ha!

"I'm still not used to all this attention," I hear my boyfriend's voice in my mind.

"You're fine, don't worry. Of course, a fit and dashing king like you would gather attention! If we weren't in public I would already–"

"Thanks for your support, babe. Just remember to keep your hands to yourself," he cuts in, giving me a smirk as he rises from his throne and positioning himself to speak to the crowd.

Harry's speech is truly beautiful, and I'm not saying this as his lover. He speaks about how much our society has prospered, and thanks people for trusting him with their lives and well being. I can't help but fall in love with him a bit more –not even sure if that's possible–, seeing him speaking with such passion about how he plans to improve even further the lives of everyone in the four zones, assuring them of a brighter future. I'm lost in my daydream when I hear my name being chanted and realise that he referred to me as his "King", making people go crazy, before finally finishing his discourse.

We go back to our seats, leaving room for Danny to start his performance on the stage across from us. I have to say he's pretty talented! As soon as the first chords of his guitar are heard, the crowd goes completely insane. It's mainly young girls and women screaming his name, crying, and generally despairing, but it's also easy to see boys, men and elderly people moving their bodies to his music. As his friend I don't particularly say I understand how he summons such a strong reaction from them –I mean, I live with the guy–, but I would be lying if said that he isn't good at what he does.

"Thank you, Deepsea City! Such a pleasure playing for ya!" his accent ring in the air. "Now getting on with the other festivities, with our Archery Team!" Danny pumps raises his fist, before bowing, giving Tom and his disciples the cue to take over the show.

The Black Hawk archery team started as Danny's idea to teach Tom how to be more proficient at handling combat weapons. We learned many things from our last fight years ago, and one of them is that we can't rely solely on our abilities –I'm living proof of that–. Although Tummy is a lover, Danny managed to convince him, and he soon assumed the command of a group of young boys and girls who are always taking part in competitive events, or just training for the benefit of honing their skills.

"Ready, Black Chicks?" Tom refers to his apprentices, like an older Hawk calling to his young birds, who shout "Yes, sir" back. A multitude of bows aim at the sky above, arrows being pulled from quivers in perfect synchrony; it's almost like their one huge organism.

"At my command... Shoot!" My chocolate-eyed friend orders, and dozens of arrows are zooming up the sky, in a rapid succession, exploding in many colours, revealing the fireworks concealed inside them. The public watches in awe, as flower like patterns explode, raining on us like magical dust.

Tom gives me a thumbs up from where he is, showing me he's satisfied with the quality of the fireworks I gave him. I can't help but feel pride swell in my chest, replying with a smile and shrug. The night is being a great one, and everyone's having a good time, until we hear a scream shrill with pain, loud enough to be heard over the explosions in the sky.


"There's somebody hurt," Tom appears by Danny's side, taking him to where me and Harry are. "I also sense a strong killing intent, and I don't think it's human."

"I'm going with you, Tom," Harry says putting his crown down. "We're the only ones who can heal. Dan and Dougs, you two take care of things, we can't have the population panicking."

"Haz I can do some healing, too, remember?" I protest, grabbing him by his forearm.

"But it's not your speciality, babe," He kisses me on the forehead. "We have to protect our citizens and I'm counting on you to do that."

"I–" I open my mouth to argue back, but Danny puts his hand on my shoulder, shaking his head and telling Harry and Tom to be careful.

"Unlock, Providence!" Tom removes the bracelet Danny gave him on the first anniversary, which morphs into a silver bow with for strings, giving it the appearance of a harp. He obviously had some naughty time with Danny, or he wouldn't be able to mimic such ability. I love to tease him about it!

"Roar, Feilong! Druk!" Harry shouts, gripping his dog tags, turning them into a pair of katanas adorned by dragons. He looks so damn fine when he's ready to fight, that I feel like ripping his clothes off. With my teeth.

"The things I would to you..." I smirk, giving him that look. He only chuckles and thanks me for his swords. Yeah, I'm the one who made him those, though they're not incredible as Danny's or Tom's weapons. Or did you think Haz and Danny– Get your mind out of the gutter!

"Adagio of Radiance," Tom pulls the strings on his bow mirroring the same movement he did with his troupe moments ago, shiny arrows of light gaining form, before soaring through the sky and landing in the area where the scream came from, creating some sort of barrier. "That's going to keep the monster enclosed. Let's go, Harry!"

The two of them disappear inside a bright light, leaving me and Danny to take care of a increasingly panicky crowd. This isn't going to be easy. Or good.


Tom and Harry warp to the place they can sense a ominous presence that's hard to pinpoint with precision. They walk for a few minutes until they finally see a creature that resembles an anthropomorphic wolf –twice their size– clutching a small boy in his right paw. The creature with blood-red eyes growls at them, letting the drool foaming from its mouth drop to the ground, revealing corrosive properties.

"Ugh, why can't it be a lamb or something smaller? Just for a change?" Harry sighs, unsheathing his swords and crossing them in front of him.

"We can complain about that after we save the kid," Tom tightens the grip on his bow. "Then we can take it down. I have an idea."

Giving Harry a mute sign, Tom starts strumming the strings, delicately plucking them and a sweet melody feels the air, instantly soothing the creature, making it sleepy and eventually falling to the ground. "Slumber Overture," he says when he's finished with his music.

"Sometimes I wonder if I should just make you the king," Harry pries the boy from the monster's clutch. "You clearly the one who evolved the most in these two years."

"Thanks for the compliment, mate! Now, let me cure his bruises and you take care of that monster."

"Aye, aye, captain!" Harry salutes, much to Tom's dismay, turning to face the asleep creature.

They still have to find out where it came from and why it attacked a little kid, but all questions can wait till they're sure the unconscious boy is safe.

"Borrow from my energy and burn everything to ashes," the brunet reverses his grip on his weapons, his blades pointing backwards, gleaming with an orange hue. "Cinder Cross," an X shaped energy wave comes out from Harry's katanas, completely disintegrating their fallen enemy. He exhales loudly, before getting back to Tom, who's kneeling over the kid inside a pillar of healing light.


We're trying to get people to calm down and convince them that nothing abnormal is happening, when Danny's ears start twitching, something I can't regard as good. He tells me to render us invisible and go fetch Bruce and Aurora, ordering the bird to put everybody to sleep and then asking the momonga to assume his form to distract the crowd with one of his songs, whilst Bruce executes his orders.

The animal couple goes with the plan and I'm ready to teleport Danny to where our boyfriends are, when his eyes change to feline-like pupils and he leaps over everyone and sprints on all fours, much like a cheetah.

"This isn't a good sign. Oh, boy...", I say to myself, before flash stepping after him.

We arrive shortly after that at Tom's arrows landed creating a barrier. The scene we are met with, is one of sheer terror: Harry has his limbs and neck restrained by what seems like tails coming out from a little boy's back, and Tom's lying on the ground, his eyes devoid of any trace of life, body completely limp.

"Tom! Harry!" Danny growls, his eyes still looking feral.

"Hm? Oh, the insects came to the rescue," the boy twitches his neck to look at me and Danny, sniggering a bit as he does so. "I don't have any interest in you two, trash."

Snapping his fingers, the ginger boy plucks two of his tails off, that then turn into what resembles two grown lycanthropes, fur dark as the night itself.

"Kill them, my cubs!" he orders the creatures, before wrapping himself with his remaining tails and vanishing along with Harry and Tom's lifeless body.