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Chapter VI

"Father, I've returned."

"Welcome back, my child," a deep male voice greets from behind the huge chair a peculiar figure was sitting on, gazing through glass wall in front of him. "How is Salazar?"

"He's sleeping now, recovering from his last fight," the girl with long blue hair, drops to her knee, bowing as she goes on with her report.

The owner of the powerful voice spins his chair around, revealing a tall man with athletic body and long black hair tied up in a ponytail. He takes some steps to where the girl is with on the floor with her head bowed and puts his hand on her head –his tanned skin contrasting greatly against the blue threads of hair– briefly petting the teenager.

"You also did great," he says, taking his hand away. "Go rest for a bit, I'll deal with everything else."

"Thank you, Father," she replies with her head still bowed, disappearing inside a whirlpool.


Thinking about the previous night still makes me shiver, a cold sensation running down my spine that gives me a hard time keeping my breakfast in. Seems like with Tom being kidnapped and all, the barrier that allows us to live peacefully at the bottom of the ocean is starting to decay. I honestly don't think we can manage to last more than seven days. Six, now that I'm finishing a patch to minimise the drastic changes in the weather.

"Ready, Donner?" Danny's head pops up from behind the door. I must be looking like shit, because he gives a doubly concerned look. "You ok, mate?"

"I'm fine, Dan," I try my best to smile, but in my efforts it just seems forced. "We have other things to worry about."

"Like Harry would forgive me if I let something bad happen to you," he rolls his blues eyes. It's something that makes me chuckle because Tom's the one usually doing that. "Go get some sleep, you've been up all night."

"I'm fi–"

In a split second I find myself in a headlock, claws dangerously hovering over my stomach. Maybe it's because it's Danny, or maybe I'm indeed too much tired to care, but the only response I can emit is a tired sigh along a cocked eyebrow.

"This is the part where you threatens to put me to sleep by force, right?"

"There are times when I forget that you're the smart one," he laughs, his whole body shaking as if it's a really funny joke. "We can wait till lunchtime to leave."

"I'm going to my room and we're leaving 10 AM," I teleport out of his grip, reappearing by the door "No objections."

"Yes, your majesty," I hear take the piss on me, before I close the door behind me and head back to my room.

My body seems to like the idea of sleeping for a few hours, as I slip out of consciousness almost immediately, the smell of Harry that lingers on our bed assaulting my nostrils and making my heart ache for not knowing where he is or if he's relatively safe. I can see him in my dreams, sweeping me off my feet in his strong arms, laughing and humming silly songs.

"Hazza," I mumble in my sleep, dreams filled with images of my Harry and how he makes feel loved.


"Please, think thoroughly before doing anything," Aurora warns us for what must the 21th time. She's like an girl/animal version of Tom, I swear!

"Don't worry, Auros," I smile, adjusting the bag on my back after checking for the necessary items. "Thinking is my thing," I finish with a wink at her.

"Make a safe return, Master Daniel," Bruce chirps, naturally less concerned than Aurora, but I reckon he's just like Danny; he don't usually worry about the things. "You too, Master Dougie!"

"I altered the weather system to work via voice command, but you don't really need to do anything as the patch I finished should adjust things by itself," I explain slowly to both pets, my eyes glancing between each of them. "The weather will still be unpredictable, so be careful with thunderstorms and stuff like that."

Finally saying our goodbyes, I grab a copy of my notes with the point where we should go to leave to the surface world. I'm scared shitless, though I'm trying my best to keep it from Danny, telling him that we should go back to visit some places after all this crap is over.

Being the annoying little prick he is, Dan tells me that I don't need to pretend with him, as he already breathing through his mouth to avoid smelling the dread and uneasiness coming off of me. I kick him in the shin, immediately regretting my action as he rearranges the cells of his skin to something rigid, leaving all the pain to me.

"If we don't find Tom soon, I swear that he'll be single the next time I see him," I glare, taking the huge freckled hand in mine and teleporting us to the surface.


"Did you want to see me, Vater?" Salazar bows, the blue-haired girl that saved him the day before mimicking his instance.

"Yes, Salazar, my child," The mysterious man rises from his chair, eyeing both teenagers as he takes some steps closer to where they kneel. "Your sister Liora told me that you encountered some hindrances during your task–"

The boy scowls at the girl from the corner of his eye, but suddenly finds himself pinned to the wall, about a meter high from the floor, his throat feeling constricted as he tries to wrestle out of the invisible grasp.

"Your mission was solely to destroy the place, am I correct?" The man's eyes glow orange a firey orange, although his voice remains as calm as nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

"Va... ter... Can't... breathe," the ginger coughs the words, feeling the air being squeezed out of his lungs, a heavy pressure over his chest making the room too small. "Sorry, Vater!"

The pressure is gone, and Salazar falls on all fours, sitting up to rub his neck. He can see Liora smirking from the place she is, but can't do nothing in the presence of their Father, so he decides to take his revenge on her later.

"Now that you understand that, I have another mission for you, Child of Fire," the man sits back on his chair, dismissing the girl with a flick of his hand.


"Wow," I breathe out, feeling exhausted after transporting us over such a long distance, watching the land before me.

"This is London," Danny grins at me, helping back to my feet. "We'll need clothes that won't draw too much attention," he gestures between our uniforms.

"I know that, Danny boy. I was there writing the plan, remember?" I pull him by the hand towards the mainland. "Let's do it before the invisibility devices run out of energy and–"

We're not even five minutes in this strange outside world, and I find myself being slung over Danny's shoulder as he sprints among a crowd and drops me in front of an ATM machine. I know what that means, because I've been studying how things work in the surface world, and the humans here seem to base their trades around this money stuff.

"Think you can do it?" He watches me with those big blue eyes. "Not too tired, are ya?"

"I dragged us from the bottom of the sea –literally, may I add–, I'm sure that I can extract some money from this machine," I say in a annoyed tone, placing my hand on the machine and watching the banknotes gush out.

Danny starts shoving them in his bag, giving me a lecture about how it's wrong and everything, but it's not like I'm taking it from anybody's account. Plus, it doesn't have any use where we live; we just need it to get shelter and food till we can locate our first target.

"Give me a minute," I look up just in time to see my freckled friend work his 'animal mojo'. "Survivor Code #4: Sprinting Cheetah," he dashes away with incredible speed, telling me to take care of our stuff.

In fact, it doesn't take long before he returns with a pile of clothes for us to change into. It all seems pretty comfy, but I reckon that we can't hold a single battle in those things. Dan gives me an ok sign, and once again I'm being slung around like some bloody baggage, as he sprints to a small hotel he saw on his way back.


"Good morning, may we have a room for two?" I smile at the girl behind the counter, and for a instant I think there might be something on my face because she looks sort of mesmerised.

"We only have double beds available, is that okay?" She replies, looking from me to Danny, who's a few feet away, talking to a caged bird.

"Oh, that's okay!" I grin again "The four of us often sleep together," I reply, not fully understanding why she starts to mumble something about 'shipping' and fanning herself. The girl is nuts.

"Here's your key, Mr. Poynter," she hands them to me, finishing filling some papers and pointing the staircase that leads to our room.

"Thanks... Mackenzie," I read her tag, smiling one last time.

I put my fingers in my mouth and whistle to get Danny's attention, telling him to follow me. We enter our room and I'm surprised to see that's even smaller than my bathroom back when me and Haz lived in the flat.

I hear Danny say something about the bird he was talking to wanting out from that cage, but I'm too much annoyed with what he's currently doing to pay any attention or ask him to repeat it.

"Daniel Jones, get down from there in this very instant!" I hiss in a mother-like manner, watching as he runs like an idiot around the ceiling fan. Yep, he's running upside down on the fucking ceiling. "I won't say it twice, young lad," I fold my arms, fighting the urge to just numb his body and let him fall to the floor. It's so hard to take care of kids these days...