Can anyone hear me?

Sometimes it felt like no one cared about how Michelle was feeling or about what she thought. Michelle wondered if anyone had even gave a moment's thought about the fact that she had given up everything she knew to come to this blasted town and live with her husband. Then he dies and it was like Michelle was waging a war against almost everyone in the town except for Boo. Fanny was just the worst of the bunch when it came to attacking her. No matter what Michelle did or how she tried nothing seemed to please Fanny. Michelle was always going to be the tramp that stole her precious son and continued to wreck everything in Fanny's life.

It made Michelle want to scream at the world. She just wanted someone to see that she was going her best to fit in and take care of the people around her. But what Michelle told Hubbell was true. She's just the monster that comes in and destroys the people that she cares most about.

But as Michelle wandered away from the hospital she just hoped that this time she had gotten away from the girls she loved so much in time. Maybe they would survive her rampage and become the amazing women that she knew they could be.