Happiness in the young girl's eyes

There weren't many moments in Paradise that Michelle could honestly say were happy for her. With Hubbell's death and how she was treated by Fanny Michelle was almost happy be finally be leaving the town for good. In all honesty there were only four reasons that made Michelle even consider staying: Sasha, Boo, Ginny and Melanie. The girls were the only ones that showed any happiness when Michelle came around and they were the only ones that she seemed to be helping in any way. Teaching them was the best thing that Michelle had ever done, even when Sasha was making it difficult for everyone with her attitude. That attitude made Michelle want to give up plenty of times but in all honesty she was a good girl that would go on to be a great woman someday if she kept going. But Michelle knew that if she stayed in Paradise it was only a matter of time before she destroyed them too. She just hoped that they would someday understand that she was leaving so that the light in their eyes would stay for just a little while longer. Let someone else introduce them to the pain that the adult world brought and stole away the girls that Michelle loved so much. Her angels would be better off without someone like Michelle coming around to mess things up.