'Had school always been this boring,' Jamie thought to himself as he stared at the white board. His teacher wrote another equation on the board that he completely ignored. He already knew this, so why did he have to continue learning it?

"Now class, do you have any question," his teacher said. About half the class raised their hand in the blink of an eye, talking before the teacher even called on them. Each of their voices were getting louder and louder, trying to talk over each other.

"Ugh," Jamie said quietly while letting his head fall onto the desk. The kids kept talking. They weren't even listening to the teacher, they just kept talking. Like that was going to help them learn.

He looked out the window. It was only a couple days until Christmas and there still wasn't any snow on the ground. Usually Jack would have been here by now, making a mess of everyone's days to their amusement.

It's been a few years since he first met Jack. He still couldn't believe that entire year. He was able to meet all the things he believed in, and was able to prove to all his friends they were real! They weren't anything like he imagined, but he wouldn't have them any other way.

As him and his friends all entered high school, one by one each of them seemed to forget about all of them. No matter how many times he brought up the fact that they helped the Guardians save the world, they all brushed it off. His one friend, Caleb, even had the nerve to tell him that it was probably just a dream they all had.

All a dream! How could they have all had the same dream? And if it was a dream how could he talk to Jack every time he visited each winter?

As the years went by Jack and Jamie still stayed friends. Nothing could convince him that Jack wasn't real. How could anything? There was always proof.

The bell finally rung and all the students ran to the doorway, ready to go home. Jamie was one of them. He might have been good at school, but he was never the biggest fan.

He got onto his bus and took a seat in the front. The bus ride was the worst. Since there was no one to stop them, the kids were more rowdy and obnoxious than they were in school. Jamie just pulled his knitted hat over his ears and looked out the window, trying to block out the noise.

A snowflake drifted past the bus window, followed by another one. More and more snowflakes started to fall and Jamie instantly grinned. He knew Jack would come. He just had to be patient.

When the bus got to his stop he jumped out of the seat and ran home. He heard someone call his name from behind him, but he ignored them. He wanted to get home.

Once he got to his house he jumped onto the porch and ran into the house, ignoring everything for his room.

"Jamie," he heard his sister scream from behind him. He stop in his tracks and looked behind him down the steps. Sophie was standing at the bottom.

"Yes," he asked.

"Where is the fire? You're acting like rabid dogs are chasing you." He started tapping his foot. He just wanted to go upstairs and be left alone. Well, left alone by his family.

"I need to do homework." Sophie crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows at him.


"Yeah," he said, going up another stair slowly. "You know. In high school you get tons of homework. So much you can barely carry your bag! I just want to go finish it." Sophie didn't move from her spot. She just kept staring at him.

"Can't you wait a little bit? I'm bored." She was starting to whine. He needed to think of something or he would never get away from her.

"How about this. You let me do my homework now, and I'm yours for the rest of the night. Deal?" Sophie stood still before nodding and skipping away to the living room. Exhaling in relief, Jamie continue running to his room.

He opened to door, expecting that familiar head of snow white hair to be in there. It wasn't. Frowning, he threw his bag onto the ground and flop onto the bed. The ceiling seemed interesting now. More interesting than the homework that should probably be worked on. There wasn't anything else to do.

Jamie got off of his bed and grabbed his book bag. He unzipped the largest compartment and pulled out his binder.

He sat back on the bed cross-legged. He started writing down answer after answer to the simple questions on his math homework.

After his tenth question, he felt a snowflake fall onto his nose. He quickly looked up and saw Jack leaning against the wall, smirking at him.

"Are you really doing homework," he said smiling. Jamie smiled too; excited his friend was finally here.

"What took you so long? It is almost Christmas! There should have been snow by now!"

"Hey hey! Sorry for not rushing! I had other places that needed snow too," he said, raising his hands up, still holding his staff.

"Sorry! You just usually show up quicker than this." He shrugged, still smiling, and sat on the bed too.

He still looked the same from the day they met him. His white hair never grew, and he never changed out of his blue hoodie and raggedy brown pants. Could guardians change their clothes?

On the contrary, Jamie grew up. He was taller and lankier than before. His hair had also grown. The only thing that really hadn't changed about him was the fact that he still believed in everything. Usually by the age of sixteen everyone would have ignored the myths.

"Santa isn't real. It is just your parents," they say while typing on their phones, texting all their friends about who knows what.

"How could there ever be a giant bunny hopping around planting eggs on the ground. What does it do, lay it itself," some of the more immature kids would say.

"My parents told me that they always took my teeth," others would say.

But there was proof right here, talking to you right now.

Jack was the best friend anyone could ever have. He was fun loving and never failed to make anyone down smile. Sure he was mischievous, but isn't everyone?

The two of them continued to talk, the homework forgotten. Jack talked of his wild adventures with the guardians and the ones he had by himself as he traveled the globe. He always had new ones to tell, and Jamie would always listen, commenting every now and again.

Neither of the two was aware of how long they sat there until Jamie heard his mother yelling up the stairs, saying it was time for dinner.

"Crap," Jamie said, looking at his alarm clock. The time said seven fifteen.

'Had it really been four hours?' He looked up to see Jack opening his window, his one leg already halfway out.

"You'll come back tomorrow, right?"

"Of course I will!" Jack swung his staff, making it snow right above Jamie's head. He giggled as Jack flashed a huge grin. Just like that, he left.

Guess it was time for dinner.

"JAMIE," Sophie yelled. Oh, and play with her.

The school bell rung again, signaling it was time to leave school. Jamie was the first one out of his seat and out of the room. After Jack's promise to him yesterday, all he could think about was talking to his friend.

He got onto his bus and sat down, fidgeting the entire time.

'Does it really take this long for kids to get on the bus?' Finally everyone got on and the bus started. It wasn't snowing outside, but there was a lot of it still on the ground. It was the perfect snow for making snowballs.

The bus came to his stop and he ran off again, ready to spend the day with Jack again.

"Jamie," someone yelled from behind him. He turned around and saw his group of friends coming towards him.

"Hey guys," he said waving at them. They all came up to him.

"What are you doing today," one of them, Carlos, said to him.

"We were going to plan on having a snowball fight. Boys versus girls. Wanna join," a girl, Maria, said.

"I would, but I have to get home."

"What, do you have to play with Jack again," Caleb said, emphasizing Jacks name. Jamie instantly bristled.

"You still go on about that," Cupcake said. "Come on, that was so long ago. Grow up."

"What are you guys talking about," Jamie asked, going on the defensive.

"Do you really still believe in him? Come on it's a fairy tale!"

"Seriously, we are in high school Jamie. Time to grow up."

"What, do you still believe in Santa Claus?"

"Bet you he still needs a night light whenever he sleeps."

The kids started laughing, and Jamie blushed. They kept talking and laughing, making jokes at his expense. He blushed out of embarrassment. He didn't want his friends doing this!

"Guys be quiet!" They all stop talking and looked at him. Some still smiling from their jokes. "I was just going to say I have a lot of homework. Do you guys seriously think I believe in all that stuff? It's kid stuff."

"Dude, it's Friday! Do it over the weekend!"

"Okay, sure." Jamie shrugged off his book bag and threw it onto the porch of his house. All of them started running towards the open field, ready to have their all-out brawl.

Jack looked inside of Jamie's window. There was no one in there. Odd, he should have been home by now.

Jack floated away from the window, trying to think about where Jamie could be? He could have gotten held up at school.

Laughter could be heard from somewhere close.

'Investigation time,' Jack though as the soared through the air, going to find the source of the noise.

He didn't have to look for long. A stray snowball made its way over to him. He barely dodged it, moving to the side quickly. Looking around, he saw a snowball fight in the middle of the field. One of the kids in it was Jamie. He smiled. Time to have some fun.

"Jamie watch out," he screamed as he wailed a snowball at his face. Jamie didn't take notice to his warning and got hit. He laughed, turning around and throwing his own snowball right at one of the girls.

"I'll get you back for that Kate," he yelled. Jack smiled, but it was out of curiosity.

"Jamie, I threw that!" Jamie still ignored him and instead kept throwing snowballs at all of the girls. Jack, confused, started running over to him.

"Jamie, what's up with you," he asked when he got right next to Jamie. "Why are you ignoring me," he asked.

Jamie didn't answer. Instead, he turned around and faced Jack. He didn't answer though, he instead ran, trying to get away from the barrage of snowballs coming at him.

He ran.

He ran right through Jack like he wasn't even there.

Jack's eyes went wide as he turned around and watched Jamie run away from him. He was still smiling and laughing as he played with his friends.

Jack looked in horror as Jamie continued to ignore all his attempts to talk to him.

'No… No he didn't forget me,' Jack thought to himself. 'We just talked yesterday! We said we would talk today!'

No matter what he did, Jamie continued to ignore him. Jack started to hyperventilate. The first person to have believed in him, his first real friend, had just forgotten about him in a heartbeat.

Jack backed away from the snowball fight, shaking his head.

'This couldn't be happening. This couldn't be happening.' That was the mantra going through his mind as the wind took him away. He needed to be anywhere but there.