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Kami looked back and forth between the two guys. Wally was on one side holding a balloon filled with creamy jelly and Patton was on the other side holding a water gun that was most likely not filled with water. "You wouldn't dare." She cried.

"Oh, but Kamilla… try us." Patton smirked, squeezing the handle a little. Luckily, nothing came out.

Wally lifted his balloon a little higher. "Yeah, Mate, that was a real uncool thing to do."

Kami crossed her arms. "So, I might have let it slip that you two cried during the ending of Power Rangers Samurai when Mike said he was going with Emily. So what? I did too!"

"You're a girl! It's appropriate!" Patton yelled before adding, "And I did not! I told you I had something in my eye. I was at the Artic Base!"

"Whatever you want" Kami said, "just sit the balloon and gun down!"

Patton and Wally exchanged glances before laughing.

"Like we were actually going to hit ya!" Wally laughed hysterically, dropping the balloon, and falling to the ground.

"You are so easy to trick!" Patton chuckled.

Kami just smirked and walked over to the two dropped weapons. She picked them up and aimed them at the two laughing boys. "Really?"

"Yeah, Kam. You are such a cruddy girl." The Aussie said, barely looking up at her.

"Well, okay." She laughed as she through the balloon at Patton and the sprayed Wally with whatever Patton put in the water gun. By time the gun was empty and both boys were soaking wet, Kami's step mom was already outside.

"What in the world?" Mrs. Drilovsky asked, looking back and forth between Kami and the two shocked boys. "Kamilla Melody Drilovsky, apologize right now and you're grounded for two weeks!"

"But mom! They were going to get me!" She cried. "That's not fair!"

"Just say you're sorry and come inside." She demanded.

Kami rolled her eyes and turned to Wally and Patton. "Sorry." She grumbled before stomping inside.

Wally and Patton exchanged more looks before bursting into laughter.

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