A/N: I got sick of the whiny Zelgadis so many people write, sooo . . . behold Zel with the attitude I think he'll have if he ever gets over his damned skin. I drew a nicely slutty piccy of him to go with this, but I don't know how to post it online.

"Look At Me"

Look at me now

Straight into my eyes

Can you handle seeing

My essence undisguised?

Hello to the world,

Welcome to my life,

Where I'm often living

On the edge of a knife.

Look at me now-

Tell me, what do you see?

Am I a beautiful freak,

Or am I just me?

Do you get it yet?

I refuse to be a sham.

This person that you see-

This is who I AM!

I'm tired of hiding

Behind metaphors and masks,

When I could have anything

If I only asked.

So enough of hiding,

Enough of these GAMES!

When they talk of history,

They'll remember MY name.

* ende *